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“I understand, we’re a group of Christians. You shall not steal? Check it off the list. Done. Good. Well, there are just some details we ought to consider. After all you know what they say, ‘the devil is in the details?’ I wonder, could it be that those details could actually drive us to the feet of Jesus?” ----- Catch sermons on YouTube, Vimeo, Roku, SoundCloud, our website & the LLUC App. #theten #growingdisciples 🌱 #lluchurch πŸ™
Young Adults! You're cordially invited to attend The Gatsby Party, a 1920's era themed costume party, hosted in The Courtyard Saturday night March 31st from 7-11 PM. Please come in your best formal or semi-formal wear (tuxedos or suits for gentlemen and dresses for ladies). You will enjoy a fine night of dinner, dancing instruction, music, portrait photography, and games. A three-course dinner will start sharply at 7 PM and finish serving at 9 PM. Seating will be limited, first come first serve. Foxtrot and Swing dancing instruction will begin at 8 PM and conclude with an open dance floor through 11 PM. Games, refreshments, and socializing for those not on the dance floor. Last Day to RSVP is March 25! * We’re also asking people to bring a new or used item of clothing or blankets (under $10) to be collected for an individual struggling with homelessness within our local San Bernardino community. #praxis #growingdisciples 🌱  #lluchurch πŸ™
Tomorrow we worship and continue our series through the Ten Commandments. Bring a friend and we'll see you there! 9 • 11:45 #jackhyles #theten #growingdisciples 🌱 #lluchurch πŸ™
“That’s what God offers you; his immeasurable grace and love. And it just could be that same grace will work on a wounded spouse. That wounded spouse might find it within her heart or his heart to say, ‘Let’s try again. Let’s try to grow our marriage and guard our boundaries.’” ----- Catch sermons on YouTube, Vimeo, Roku, SoundCloud, our website & the LLUC App. #theten #growingdisciples 🌱 #lluchurch πŸ™
If you’re looking for a community to be a part of we invite you this weekend to The Bible Lab, a multi-generational Sabbath School led by Roy Ice! #growingdisciples 🌱  #lluchurch πŸ™
Coming up in a few weeks, the Colorful Candy Spring Banquet for Good News Club. Please sign-up outside the Fireside Room or call the church office at 217.429.5374 to come support our students. #decaturgrace #growingdisciples #community #decatur #children
Happy Sabbath! We hope you're having  a great weekend! ------------------- #timkeller #theten  #growingdisciples 🌱  #lluchurch πŸ™
“Somehow in the midst of a grocery store Johnny had found a way to grow the life that God had given. See this is why we are made. This is where we find purpose. This is how we love well.” #theten continues tomorrow! See you there! 9 • 11:45 #growingdisciples 🌱 #lluchurch πŸ™
If you're looking for a group to study and worship with we want to invite you to In Light, an intergenerational adult Sabbath School with Pastor Gilda Roddy! #growingdisciples 🌱 #lluchurch πŸ™
We're excited to worship with you and continue our series through the Ten Commandments with you tomorrow! 9 • 11:45 #mahatmagandhi #theten #growingdisciples
We hope you are enjoying The Ten sermon series and that you had some good family time over the weekend! ------------------- #billygraham  #theten  #growingdisciples 🌱  #lluchurch πŸ™
Join in for Bible study on Tuesday nights at 6:30 p.m. at the church. Location may vary. Study materials will be available for free to those who register on our website at lluc.org.  #ecclesiastes  #growingdisciples 🌱  #lluchurch πŸ™
“Prayerfully and thoughtfully reconsider Sabbath. I’m not interesting in your lists; what I am interested in is a sense of surrender to the work of God... He invites us into a reviving, refreshing, renewing, reinvigorating counter cultural day called Sabbath.” ----- Sermons are on YouTube, Vimeo, Roku, SoundCloud, our website & the LLUC App. #sabbath #theten #growingdisciples 🌱 #lluchurch πŸ™
Hoping you had a restful Sabbath and weekend! #eugenepeterson #theten #growingdisciples 🌱 #lluchurch πŸ™
Meet 'The Way' small group leaders of Faith Munster! . Our 5 week The Way discipleship small group series (taking place at each campus) is kicking off this week. "To walk in the Way means professing our faith and practicing it." There's still time to sign-up! Link in bio ⬆ . #theway #jesusistheway #growingdisciples #wearefaith #faithmunster #faithschererville #faithdyer #faithcedarlake #faithhighland #faithbeecher
“Don’t take my name unless you want to walk in my footsteps, align with my character and become my presence in the world. But if you want to do that… I will establish with you a covenant founded on my amazing and powerful love and goodness…. I will walk with you every step through this wilderness until we reach the promised land together… You will not take my name in vain because I will make you my own; that I promise.” ----- Sermons are on YouTube, Vimeo, Roku, SoundCloud, our website & the LLUC App. #theten #growingdisciples 🌱 #lluchurch πŸ™
Line Mountain archery tournament #ndcslions #growingdisciples #archery🎯 #linemountainhighschool
I was blessed with some pretty amazing volunteers to work with! You guys are the real MVPs! @bandnerd_7 and Jacob Knight! #blessedleader #buildingleaders #growingdisciples
"You can see God from anywhere if your mind is set to love and obey Him." - A. W. Tozer -------------- #awtozer #somethingtothinkabout #happysabbath #growingdisciples 🌱 #lluchurch πŸ™
Tomorrow we jump into a new sermon series called “The Ten” that will journey deeper into the sermon series we just completed by looking at each of the Ten Commandments. 9 • 11:45 #thetwo #growingdisciples 🌱 #lluchurch πŸ™