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Caught in the act πŸ¦ŽπŸ‘Ή
A macro shot of the incredible eye of the #giantleaftailedgecko, endemic to #madagascar.  #leaftailedgecko and #flattailedgecko are part of the #uroplatus genus of reptiles. All are endemic to Madagascar and all are cited by #wwf as being on their Top 10 Most Wanted Species List due to alarming numbers being sold on the exotic pet market. Unfortunately, it is not only the unethical and unsustainable capturing that threatens these beautiful species, but also the worrying rate of destruction of their habitats through #deforestation.  These magnificent creatures striking eyes are developed due to their nocturnal lifestyle and need to focus on their fast-moving foods, insects. Uroplatus have arguably some of the most intricate and effective camouflage of all creatures on earth, blending in so well in their habitats that I myself have been not more than 30cms away from one and was still unable to see it! Larger species of uroplatus have the distinction in the animal kingdom of have the most teeth of any living bird, reptile or mammal on earth.  #natureislit #protectourwildlife @wwf @iammadagascar
A couple Uroplatus Fimbriatus will be moving in first thing tomorrow morning... ❀🦎
“Oh hi there! I’m so happy to be part of the family that I’m gonna jump right on mom’s face!!!” 🀦🏼‍♀️ - #noname my new little girl #uroplatusfimbriatus 🦎❀️ • • • • • She’s a beautiful juvenile #giantleaftailedgecko and can grow up to 12 whole inches! πŸ’• Feel free to comment any name ideas, I’m still deciding πŸ’­ She will be in quarantine away from my other little babes until we test for parasites and illness, just to be safe! #duckythegiantleaftail
Welcome to the gecko crew, a pair of Giant Leaf Tailed Geckos! This female is beautiful. Hopefully we will be able to get some offspring from these 2 at some point. #southernbellecrestedgeckos #gecko #geckos #geckosofig #geckosofinstagram #lizard #lizardsofinstagram #giantleaftailgecko #giantleaftailedgecko
Some close-ups of Insidious interrupted during his midnight meal πŸ‘ΉπŸ¦Ž
Gecko tank complete with steps on how to build a proper environment for an exotic gecko. Dm me if anyone is curious about the specifics. #gecko #giantleaftailedgecko
We have a brand new addition to the Butterfly Wonderland family: this just-hatched Giant leaf-tailed gecko! (He's still working on the "giant" part)