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When your debut novel is still getting some serious love after six years, and you feel that you have done good :) "...It would be easy to label Black Carnival merely as a sex manual, thanks to its extensive explorations of different sexual positions, tools, and “tastes” – from tender sensuality and romance on one side to near-sadistic games on the other, and everything you can think of (or haven’t, until now) in between. It is all narrated and explained in such length and graphic detail, don’t be surprised if at the end of each chapter you are in sweat, panting, repeatedly brought to climax by the spectacular depiction of the author’s imagination.  But there is more. There is art, the art of mastering the written word. Like the huge, glowing painting screen in Lukan’s home displaying a new magnificent mythical scene each time Ivory comes to visit, every scene in Black Carnival is an art tableau carefully and skillfully painted by the author. I’ve rarely read a book whose colorful settings as well as character actions and wide palette of urges, emotions, and senses are so vividly brought to life, I am immersed in the story and seeing (feeling) it unfold like a motion-picture. In fact, should I be asked to pick a book to be adapted for the big screen, Black Carnival would be an obvious choice. Just remember to bring a fan (or your boyfriend)." https://leabronsen.com/2018/03/23/review-for-black-carnival-by-katherine-wyvern/  #erotica #eroticromance #lgbtq #lgbtqromance #scifiworld #scifi #fivestars #evernight
los colores son la foto, el blanco y negro son el alma! 🌴✨🌹. . the colors are the photo, the black and white are the soul! 🌴✨🌹 . [🚀] follow us on #vero . [🐦] follow us on twitter/asktous_ . [📌] Tag someone you’de like to go here with. . [📌] Tag your best photos #asktous for a chance to be featured. . [👍] follow us @asktous
@adamtaylorsportsmassage ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review. In need of a 5 star massage? Drop me a message to find out more. #sportsmassage #fivestar #fivestars #review #rating #swinton #dearnevalley #manvers #sheffield #rotherhamiswonderful #southyorkshire #southyorksbiz
Thank you Marlisa!  So happy to help you stay pain-free through your busy days at @Pantdogcenter 😊 . . . #thankyounotefriday #phillypilates #clientappreciation #fivestars #clientreviews #movementsourcepilates #visteastpassyunk #eastpassyunkave #ipreview @preview.app
Perfect Friday, Another day, just believe, Another day, just breathe 🧖🏻‍♀️💆🏻‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️ @mltrparis
As an online business, I never get the satisfaction of seeing my customers' faces when they receive their order. So it's always wonderful to read such lovely reviews from customers like Dominique 😊 I'm not even joking when I say they keep me going every day 💪 Read all the happy customer reviews on the Facebook page: facebook.com/blissful2in1" - On a side note, the cover comes in 9 patterns, and FYI the one in the photo is not the pattern Dominique chose.
Angela didn't think she would be able to study due to her age but our student adviser, Andy, reassured her that distance learning is for anyone at any age. Thank you for the 5 star review! #openstudycollege #distancelearning #homestudy #studyyourway #maturestudent #feedback #review #fivestars
Regalos que se convierten en un verano adelantado en Semana Santa.  Presents that turn into an early summer.
For those who missed it last night (ie me!) head to All 4 to catch me at the #fivestarhotel reviewing the efforts of @spencermatthews @lydiabright @joeyessex and the gang at their beautiful boutique residence in Greece. Thanks for the hospitality guys! @e4fivestarhotel #hotel #greece #traveljournalist #fivestars #travel #wanderlust
#fivestars #남악카페  날씨도 좋고  그냥 걷기만 해도 좋은 오늘🤗
Yesterday we plan to make a surprise to our dearest Thomas. Cake, video presentation and the kids practice on how to carry the cake and cupcakes. Whilma (my eldest daughter) told Celine (my youngest daughter) to look on the window so she can see if their Dad is coming. After a few minutes Whilma saw that Thomas is standing outside the house. Omg!!!! We have rush because we thought he will come 16:15 but he come at exactly 16:00. Then I put on the video and try to hold him and said stay in the soffa. I started to put on the video on my phone so we have some memories to look back, too bad I pressed OFF and my phone shutdown and the sim is locked. Then, we have to proceed eveb without the video. I just turn on the video presentation on tv and the kids started to walked. My beloved Whilma carried cake with candle ligths where my little Princess Celine had a tray of cupcakes. We sing Swedish Happy Birthday and I tried to take a video again, I thought it was a video but then again I pressed the camera.. hahahaha  Lesson of the story: No rush, keep on focus and make sure that you press the right button.  #justsharingourlittlefun #icantmoveon #veryproudtomytwolovelydaughters #fivestars #loveyou
We’re extremely proud of our five star rating held on our Facebook page.  We’d love to put together a testimonial page for our website, so if you’ve used our service before, please send us a few words you’re happy we publish so that we can show new customers just what their in for by choosing Luxe!  #happycustomer #happybride #fivestars #review #wedding #married #luxeinvitationsaustralia
In readiness for our new breakfast and after school clubs opening after Easter we were inspected by environmental health and we got a 5..#foodsafety #fivestars #breakfastclub #afterschoolclub #new #easter