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Woke up with gratitude beside me. I open my eyes in wonderment and slowly let the beautiful energy surround me with its loving grace. It feels almost like a crime to be this happy. But I am so very happy to finally understand the intentions of my getaway. It has been an adventure. A party. And a load of fun. Also a lot of lonely nights when I miss the comfort of "home." Being out here has shown me that I have the power to choose whichever directions I want out of life and when I do, to take responsibility for the choices I make.  I am looking forward to the next adventure that awaits me. #feelingblessedbeyondwords#happyinthehereandnow#solotravelingprivilege#thailand#chiangmai#whitetemple#asiatrip2018#colorsofthailand#lifeonpause#gratitude#lovethebeautiesaroundme#chiangrai
一直相信 感謝最好的方法 是努力讓自己更好 然後回饋 #feelingblessedbeyondwords
We are extraordinarily fortunate to have so many wonderful people in our lives. 😍😍😍 #feelingblessedbeyondwords . . . . . . . #watercolor #ricekrispytreats #trynottoeatthemall #friendships #sotalented #surroundyourselfwithgoodpeople #fulltimerv #rvlife #happycampers
#postingfrenzy#mememe#feelingblessedbeyondwords.... Can't believe the beautiful friends I have. These are some random gifts from the girlfriends in my life. I look at them and get tingles in my head. They know me so well, from dream catcher to homemade natural belly balm, a kombucha kit, Vika and Linda CD and home made magnets. Not to mention the loan of a life changing book or a random text after months that is in sync with eachother, a 9 hour road trip, the sacrifice of annual leave to fly here, a stroll in nature to talk freely and just time - time to just hang and to just be. Here's to all the great women in my life. Bloody love yas!!!
Brag moment 🎤 📣  As if this business couldn’t get any better than being able to contribute financially to our family and sharing these amazing products with everyone! I had the pleasure of spending some fun time with a slice of our team this past weekend. Let me tell you it was a blast!! 🎉 I enjoyed meeting everyone and putting a face to a name and forming longtime friendships as well. I couldn’t be more greatful and blessed to be apart of this incredible team of Lippie slinging boss babes 👊🏼💋 Y’all are all beautiful, hardworking and so kind. I could not have imagined a better company to be apart of than this one 💗 Next time we all get together we need the whole entire team!! #feelingblessedbeyondwords #supportivebossbabes #lipsense #senegence
When your own babies melt your heart .... and now my babies are having babies that melt my heart once again ❤️ #grandbabiesthatmeltyourheart #feelingblessedbeyondwords #thankful #stillcantbelieveitsimetimes #famikyfirst
Happy Christmas to one and all 🎄🎅🏻💕#feelingblessedbeyondwords#joy #family
U vl never know ur limits, Until u push urself to them.. May u lose all u have..May u lose people u love... But as long as u still have Allah..U have all u need... ##gladmoments#jcujourney#universitylife#jcugrads#jcuaustralia🇦🇺#singaporecampus🇸🇬#graduationvibes🎓🎉#proudofmyself#feelingblessedbeyondwords#
Omg......its my birthday 30th of October am real grateful regardless of the trails I go thru in life,,,am giving thanks en still appreciating wat's Left is a must. Can't tell how happy I am to hv added another as many hvnt made it this far. Am humbled and here to thank My faithful God,My swt darling family, My swt huni banana bubu, My swt lovely friends en everyone who love mi. Am thanking God for giving mi life thx Almighty. #itsbirthdayofthanking everything i gat in life #feelingblessedbeyondwords #gratefulforeveryday #humbled 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 otherwise love😍😍😍😍💋❤ u all en have lovely week signing out gudnit FAM
e como 🙏🏻 #feelingblessedbeyondwords
God blessed me with an anazing gift 19 years ago today-my son, Ricky (aka Papash). I have no words that can express how grateful I am each and every day. He is my life and although we don't always see eye to eye, I pray that someday he will understand that everything I say or do is out of my unconditional love for him. Love you, mijo!! #ricky's19thbday #feelingblessedbeyondwords
Kick butt today, love what you do and repeat 💜 #feelingblessedbeyondwords 😊
*THANK YOU* from the bottom of my heart for all of the lovely messages and comments on my last post 💕 I could defo feel the love!! Guys I still can't believe it!!! When I went shopping yesterday for the first time since finding out I burst into tears and wanted to jump up and down and scream to everyone in the store "OMG I CAN BUY GIRL CLOTHES!!! I CAN ACTUALLY BUY PINK STUFF!!!!!!!" 😂  Everytime I think about it I get the warm fuzzies and burst into tears because I really cannot believe it! I can't describe how lucky and grateful I feel 😭💓 #feelingblessedbeyondwords #stillpinchingmyself #wontfullybelieveituntilimholdingher #isitoctoberyet
Mothers' Day#missingAlex Stephanie and Mandy❤️❤️❤️#feelingblessedbeyondwords
Jai Mata Di 🙏#Navratrey#Maaathome🏡 #maakaashirwad 🙌🏻#feelingblessedbeyondwords #happy Navratra to all 🙏
Happy Saturday 🌸#feelingblessedbeyondwords 🙏🏻 the Cherry Blossoms are Blooming 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 as I take this picture I realize that sometimes we may not see what truly surrounds us because of things, people or situations that may block our view 🌸 You look at this picture and you can see the Beautiful Cherry Blossoms blooming it's what truly stands out 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 or you can take a moment to look beyond the branches and see her 👐🏻 Today I'm thankful for being able to see beyond the branches 🌸 #signs they are all around us 🌸
We almost lost our little man Rico last week. I rushed him into the vet with breathing issues. Found out he had pneumonia. Our vet said if I hadn't gotten him in when I did he my not have made it. He already has chronic bronchitis that he will have the rest of his life 😞#feelingblessedbeyondwords #loveourlittlemanrico
Since I've started my journey back in October 2016 I've lost 20.8 pounds! I started at 158.6 and this morning I weigh in at 137.8! I have never seen myself ever in the 130's and never thought it was ever going to happen, so I am pretty proud and I feel amazing! I am also just about to have week 2 in the books of my new program #coredeforce ! I am gaining muscle and losing inches like crazy! Stay tuned for another transformation in a couple weeks! All thanks to Beachbody programs, Shakeology, my coaches, coach friends, my hubby and friends that have been there for my support every step of the way! #scalevictory #myhealthmatters #weightloss #weighinday #ifeelamazing #inspiration #motivation #youcandoanythingyousetyourmindto #cleaneating #iworkoutathome #whoneedsthegym #lookatmego #feelingblessedbeyondwords #healthandfitnessjourney #itsnevertolatetostart #selflove #checkthis #happysaturdayfolks
No Matter what people think of you.. Always keep smiling and walk away 💃 #happypeoplearethebest #cheerstolife #positivevibesallaroundme #feelingblessedbeyondwords