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How pre-workouts go when you have a family. 💪🏼 _____________________________ It’s really tough to set apart time, but sometimes the best time is when their little eyes are watching you. Littles have the amazing ability to soak in things they see without officially being taught it. Today, they saw that Mommy had to stop a workout halfway for safety because of elbow pain. But instead of quitting, we are switching the workout with outside activity. Kids are always watching. What am I teaching my kids?
Avez-vous entendu parler de Yuka ? Cette application mobile révolutionnant notre quotidien alimentaire. Elle a pour but de prévenir les consommateurs contre tous produits dont l’impact sur la santé serait bon ou mauvais. Il s’agit du projet de trois jeunes startupers, travaillant en toute indépendance. Julie 30 ans, spécialiste du digital, Benoit Martin, diplômé d’une école de commerce, et son frère François Martin, développeur informatique. L’aventure est lancée en janvier 2016, lorsque les deux frères tombent sur un bouquin recensant les bons et mauvais produits pour la santé vendus en supermarché. Trouvant le principe génial, les deux frères décident de rendre plus accessible le principe de ce livre. Un an plus tard l’application voit le jour. Lire cet article; Lien dans la bio… ———— Si je mange avec actions de grâces, pourquoi serais-je blâmé au sujet d'une chose dont je rends grâces? Soit donc que vous mangiez, soit que vous buviez, soit que vous fassiez quelque autre chose, faites tout pour la gloire de Dieu. [1 Corinthien 10 v.30-31 La Bible] ——— #communication #community #glory #glorytogod #glorydays #love #loveislove #lovelife #lovemusic #lovelyday #god #thanksgod #praisegod #godbless #leader  #leadership #management #entrepreneur #entrepreneurs #entrepreneurship #france #father #fatherhood #musically #musique #music #redeemed #son #saved
🚨 Special Guest Alert 🚨 Last night I had the pleasure and honor of recording a conversation w/ @malikkmurray That would be available on Reload Mondays May 7th #specialguest #newepisode #parenting #fatherhood #leadership #transparency #men #mentor #inspire #reloadmondays
I'm back to work again and my co-worker is juggling a ton of projects. It's so competitive here.
Waiting for God @rogerwaters at one of his concerts in Milan.. • The feeling is impressive as unfortunately I don't share a lot of moments with my father.. but this is our occasion!! • I know @pinkfloyd thanks to this man!! • ... and an important event deserve a VIP package 😎 • #rogerwaters #usandthemtour #fatherandsontime
Sometimes my little bear 🐻 wants to be a little shark 🦈.. • I strongly believe that babies should join water asap, it’s good for them but it’s amazing also for parents 😁😁
With warmer weather finally here after an endless winter, here's a little throwback to spending TIME with the family, being active, creating memories and being a great role-model for the whole family👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 - If you live in a colder climate❄️, then you're probably used to dressing up your kids with layers, gloves, hats, etc...Not to mention, the challenge of fitting them in their car seats with all that extra fluff😤! This all takes up a lot of TIME! - Time being the #1 excuse for not exercising or making better lifestyle choices, I always wonder what happens to that "TIME" when the warm weather's back. Does it disappear? Does it also get lost in Sock Land? Where does it go? - I find this a perfect example to highlight that it all comes down to priorities! We find other things to "OCCUPY" ourselves and once again we're stuck again with no time. Maybe we justify this by saying that all of our time goes to the KIDS! - Have you ever asked yourself what really goes to the kids? What your supposed self-sacrifice for their benefit really teaches them? Do you actually think that your kids are saying to themselves: "Well, daddy is abandoning is health....but, I'll definitely be the one to BREAK this PATTERN🔨 somewhere down the line!" What are you teaching them really and what will they remember?🤔 - By the way, these are all questions I frequently ask myself....yes MYSELF because it is all about ME in reality. At end of the day, I don't remember all the times my parents let me play video games or watch TV. I grew up with divorced parents and although my dad went through some tough times living in a one room apartment with an empty fridge in a poor neighbourhood, some of my fondest memories are of him and me smacking a tennis ball on a wall with some beat up rackets🤗🎾 - Comment below on what you think really matters at the end of the day and what creates the best impact for the family!
Doesn’t matter how hard it’s the path.. ⛰👨‍👦 • for you I could climb walls!!! I love you my little bear 🐻🐻 • Follow my profile @m.manzoni89 and share your experiences!!
I was so sore and tired when I got back from workin some cattle I didn't think I could stand anymore let alone roll down the hill with my son..but I remember when I was told I wouldn't be able to do this ever again. So I do. I still think It's amazing this is the same world I've experienced such alternative realities in. A land of hidden death in every shadow, brutal things done to people you bare witness to while you walk past to close with and destroy the men responsible. Sitting in a pool of my own blood with my bones sticking out in the middle of a street off base in Columbus Georgia....using a walker at 21 ,crawling to bathrooms, sickness for years...but here...this little moment and others like it are why we can live in a world or life that can at times be so painful, scary...chaotic. It can be so hard and brutal and you'd think god shoulda sunk Noah's ark. But remarkably life has enough little moments like this that will get you thru the other 90 percent that isn't so magical. I try and put myself in as many of these moments as I can because I know life will always throw you curveballs no matter how well you train or safe you try and be. So..take every moment you can to hold onto life's magic. That magical feeling is peace and happiness . It's elusive and fleeting but it's there for the taking right in front of us sometimes. Those are the moments that get you thru. #moments #life #fatherhood #warriors #lifeafterwar #peace #happy #mentalhealth
Welcome To My World 🌏 Good Morning 🌅 Stay Blessed 🙏 Stay Positive ✌ Just Me, Just Johnollie This one is called: Blessed Always Smile😊 and Enjoy Life👌 📸 credit anonymous 👔👖 by @macys @levis #singledad #iamjohnollie #dadlife #dadonduty #instadad #instagramdad #fatherhood #parenthood #parenting #actor #rapper #fatherson #jt2ou #awesomedad #singleblackdad #headshots  #stayfocused #father #actorslife #castingdirectors #casting
Lil Miss Annie look looking super freshhhhh in the Bantu Kids version of FAITH > fear.... Inspire faith by ordering  one for your baby, niece/nephew or grandchild .. The perfect gift for bundles of joy 6months and above. Clothing with a message .. DM for sales and enquiries on how to become an official distributor.  Photographer : @thebantuqueen  #cutebaby #africanchild #mompreneur #instagood #kidsfashion #clothingbrand #clothes #children #businessowner #bantukids #swag #priceless #motherhood #fatherhood #photograpy #instababies #instababygirl
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Never thought I’d be playing house and dolls in the little free time I get but whatever makes her happy.  #fatherdaughter #fatherhood #kids #family #lifethrowscurves #house #dolls