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Throwback Thursday: Sideburns were huge in the #fifties, with big stars like Elvis Presley and James Dean as role models. Did you know that this facial hair style was named after American Civil War general Ambrose Burnside in the mid 1800s? Now you know! . . #verandabeach #fabulousfifties #throwbackthursday #vintage
Tonight is chicken and faux rice bowl with olive oil drizzled on the spinach. The cauliflower rice tasted amazing with melted butter, garlic, and a little sea salt.  And of course the chicken breast from @acg_meats @kingjohnallnatural never disappoint.
I absolutely LOVE when I receive a memory---seeing this image brought a big grin and a warm and fuzzy feeling.  Love these positive, energetic and beautiful people.  Thank you for the memory 😁😁#peoplewhorock #fabulousfifties #sizzlingsixties #gowth #personaldevelopment #smiles #tbt
I want to talk about this man right here!  So proud to be his wife and best friend! He has took his health goals serious this year and crushed them!  He has so much discipline with eating right and exercising. He is now shopping from the other closet.  You know the one with the smaller clothes that we will “get back into”. Well he is doing it! He has lost so many inches and is stronger than he has been in a long time!  Truly proud of you my love and thankful we are doing this together!  Go Team Bowman!
I love my little Keto  breakfast bowl.  I also love this orange ceramic bowl that came in a set from Costco.  I remember when we had way more plastic containers in our cabinet than we did glass or ceramic.  But when you learn things, it’s hard to unlearn them. Constantly eating plastic or food that is packaged in plastic can leave long-term side effects that you want to avoid.  There are chemicals in plastic that can easily be transferred to your food by microwaving things in plastic, eating canned food lined in plastic lacquer, drinking bottled water, etc. The most commonly used chemical is phthalates, which makes plastics soft and bendable. This is not chemically bound to plastic, so it can get transferred to other things easily.  That's not the worst part. Some problems from ingesting this chemical are premature births, asthma, cancer, miscarriage, male infertility, premature breast development, and abnormal male sexual development. Right now, they don't seem like threats, but they will when you get older. You don’t have to do everything perfect, but why not change the things we can.  Plus these bowls are prettier than plastic ones 🤣
Have you ever met someone who lived in their past?  It makes me sad when I see people thinking about the “what if’s” from their past.  Sometimes we all live in the past and keeps us from moving forward.  I recently caught myself thinking about what I weighed at certain ages and places in my life. (Recent as this morning 😕) I realized that I was comparing where I am now with where I was at those times. (To all you younger women, people don’t lie when they say it’s harder to get the excess weight off as you get older 🤪) That is so not fair to me. I am a totally different person than I was a year ago, 5 years ago, 10 years ago, and definitely 20 years ago.  My body is almost 52 years old.  I slid through menopause pretty easily.  Thank God for Clary Sage and Progessence Plus! I am going to live in the Present and be thankful for the gift God has given me of right now.  Is there something that is keeping you from moving forward because you are stuck in the past?
Now I am ready! #daugtheroftheking #proverbs31woman
This was our “crowded gym” this evening! 🤣🤣🤣 was such a great evening for a cardio workout on the beach. #beachlife🌴
Steak and asparagus for dinner after a great workout at the beach.  Thanks @acg_meats @kingjohnallnatural for the delicious filets.
Great cardio workout at #wrightsvillebeach this evening with @husband_life_jesus_and_oils
1954 marked the first consumer all-electronic color television set coming to market. The Westinghouse H840CK15 beat its nearest competitor to the honor by just a few weeks. #television #westinghouse #colortv #fabulousfifties #midcenturymodern
This is some good truth!
Autumn ,  my heart is so full of you I can hardly call it  my own. The leaves and bark are falling from the trees without regret laying a golden carpet at my feet. You are showing me how beautiful it is to Let. Things. Go.  I love your visual energy, love the places you take me when you lead me by the hand. Along the trail of unhealed hearts, you share with me your last loveliest smile.  Beautiful Autumn, every leaf you shed speaks of your love for Me. I AM  going to make a beautiful life for myself no matter what it takes 💛 . . . #autumn #australianbush  #sunshine #fallingleaves #goldenbrown #love #selfhealing  #selflove  #naturalbeauty #beauty  #makeupfree #nofilters #overfiftyandfabulous #over50  #fabulousfifties #naturelover  #nature  #gooutside  #explorenature  #bushwalk  #fitnesswoman #rawveganlife  #rawvegan #plantpower  #loveyourlife  #mindbodyspirit #mindfulness  #motivation #wellwendyjoy  #wellnessjourney
For real though!  So thankful for this oil infused massage oil after tonight’s workout.
I love that feeling after a great workout!  Yes it’s weird. I have turned into one of those people 😂 And I am proud of it! 😁
All I can say is OH My goodness!  That was one of the hardest and best workouts ever!! #hammerandchisel
I need this. Love and pamper yourself. #selflove #sexy #fabulousfifties #beauty #flowers #candy #sunshine #miami #staywoke #silkstockings50