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Let’s say you finally get a day off. You wake up with crippling anxiety & you can’t stop crying for no apparent reason. You’re shaking, unsure of yourself & the purpose of existence, nothing makes sense & the world seems evil. . How do you handle it? . My response: . Freak out, cry, let it all out, talk out all your feelings & insecurities and fears that are bubbling to the surface in a video of yourself in a terribly fragile state for later use. . Remind yourself that because of your affliction you get to process a lot of shit for the collective because they can’t handle it or they are blind to it. . You are like a human energetic filter & it can really suck & be confusing sometimes. . Your body and mind - when in a great state of clarity & health was built to handle the extremes to aid in the healing of the planet. No small task. . Realize your power. Thank yourself for letting it process so well today. . Get your damn running shoes on & turn on some of your favorite music. Have a good run. . Meditate when you get back. Ask for grounding & cleansing of any toxic emotions. . Get out the juicer & whip up an antioxidant potion! make sure you have some heart healing beets in there! . Make new moon intentions, release what you no longer need & remember that you are brave. . You are incredibly strong for having this gift & responsibility of feeling everything so deeply. . Go about the day like the boss woman that you are. . Part of me believes that we chose our life path & maybe even our human vehicle. . I’ve always been one for thrill rides so I guess I can see why I chose this one.
Baby Misha - I always #smile when I view this picture because it's so evident I was a happy child. Can we have a moment of silence for this shirt and the cool props 😂 We were NOT outside 😂. One of the best #gifts you can give your children is a happy #childhood. A safe space to #explore, #play, discover, use their #voice and develop critical thinking skills. A space to where their #esteem and #emotionalhealth is nurtured.  My maternal #grandmother, Crescencia LOVED my #brother and I immensely, she loved us from her #spirit and created a world where we knew we were loved, worthy and important. She did not rule with fear, she led with #love and we respected her. We both have 1 story each of when our grandmother told us she was disappointed in our behavior and for both of us, her disappointment was worst than any corporal punishment we could have received and we self implemented the necessary changes.  #respect is more effective than fear. Love is more effective than fear. 💥It is an #honor, #privilege and great  #responsibility to be entrusted with #children for what you do during their #childhood has a lasting impact on their well being. Your #words will become the loop in their #mind and your behavior will set their norms.💥 This is why we are advocates of you #investing and doing ABSOLUTELY everything to #heal your emotional wounds and becoming #healthy on all levels for you and all you will encounter.  Love is grown. Love is responsible. Love has the ability to change the #world, one person at a time. . . ✔Could your relationship use our Mother-daughter sessions? . ✔ If you are not a parent, do you have some healing to do before becoming one? Before entering into a relationship or to improve a current one? . . ➡Contact LoveGrows@MishaNGranado.com to schedule your sessions. We would be honored to accompany you on your journey. ⬅ - Misha N Granado, MPH, MS #certifiedrelationshiptherapist #lovegrows #emotionalmaturity #emotionalwellness
#truth #love #heart #emotionalmaturity love with your whole heart even if it’s broken and you’ll understand what true love is about.
Absolutely. ❤️ I don’t focus my energy on negative  thoughts, rants, trying to destroy others, being vindictive or trying to be “be better than them”. I don’t engage in fakeness, lies, cheating, stealing, or jealousy. I don’t compete against anyone and remove anyone from my life that tries to pull me into it. #block 🎯 I’ve got no time or energy to waste on toxic individuals. I’ll always do what’s right for others, and try to practice doing what’s right for myself as well. #genuine #empath
Everyone isn’t a hater or jealous. Stop projecting-It isn’t always that deep. (repost from @heatherllove ) #selflove #happiness #emotionalmaturity
Truth. Hurting others just because you’re hurt solves nothing. Your maturity is shown through your reactions to mistreatment. Stay above it, and let shit go and move on. 🎯
The mind is absolutely amazing. The way we can think of something and physically experience it. An easy example of this is to think of a 🍋, that’s right an ice cold, juicy, bright yellow lemon. What is your mouth doing right now? More than likely it is watering and it you have sensitive teeth, the ice cold may have even triggered a bit of sensitivity. . . 💥Whoa!💥 . . The power of the #mind. Traveling down memory lane can instantly drudge up emotions we physically feel. Whether it was something that actually happened or all of those 🙏🏾‘I wish a mutha *bleep* would’ shower conversations we have.🙏🏾 You know the ones where we replay something real or hypothetical in our mind and think of all the snappy, witty, dragging things we would, could or should say😩 . . Another example: you are sitting in a theater, yet your heart races, you physically jump, scream, etc. from the images on the screen. Logically you know you are not in danger. The killer is not chasing you. You are not in the situation, yet you respond as if you are. Interesting indeed. . . The mind is so powerful. Are you conscious of the #seeds you are planting and are being planted in your mind; being selective and meticulous with the seeds you allow to take root? Who has access to this #sacred ground? What type of #garden are you 🌱? A garden of… . Fear Pessimism Not good enough Optimism Joy Peace Creativity Victimization Defeat Abundance of all things good Love . . Our #intention for each of you is a beautiful, vibrant, garden of love filled with health on all levels, ah-mazing #adventures with healthy, balanced, love centered fellow #travelers. Can you 👀 it? . . Are there seeds/weeds you need to remove? Well you are in luck, we are “horticulturists” specializing in the cultivation of love. We are here and would be honored to accompany you on your journey. ➡ContactLoveGrows@MishaNGranado.com to schedule your sessions. ⬅ . . #emotionalmaturity #emotionalwellness
The type of shenanigans yours truly engages in when the ☀ is bright and the humidity is low 😂. Why? Because I absolutely adore the simple pleasures: the sun and her bright sunny rays,  beautiful art pieces, wearing big sunnies, my big, fluffy hair, the glow of my skin (#VeganLife) & of course all of the beautiful ways love continues to bloom in my life 😘 . . It is easy to feel over the 🌛for the big pots of honey such as: . ✔international 🛫 ✔new clients/job/career/promotion ✔increase in 💰 ✔new 💗 ✔successfully achieving a goal ✔conceiving/adopting a child ✔engagement/wedding/marriage, etc. . . But where are you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically in between these spaces? How is your 💗 in the absence of these "big ticket items?" 🤔 . . At #lovegrows one of the areas we work on with our clients is changing their perspective to include finding the beauty and joy in the simple, everyday moments of life. If we take a moment to really think about it, it's  all these simple, yet often ignored "gifts" that provide the quality to our life. For example: . . You enjoy a particular perfume but the gift of smell is what allows you to enjoy this simple pleasure. How different would your quality of life be if you could not smell? Physically, you would look the same; but... . . Think of all the people, places, objects, etc that you enjoy experiencing through your sight. How different would your life be without it. . . Wayne Dyer, one of my favorite authors/speakers said, "Once you change the WAY YOU LOOK at things; the things YOU LOOK at CHANGE." . . What would happen if you began to view your: 🔹#children 🔹#spouse | significant other 🔹#parents 🔹colleagues 🔹#friends 🔹domestics 🔹people in the service industry 🔹races 🔹nationality 🔹religion 🔹#sexuality, etc differently 🤔 . . Today, I implore you to begin to change the WAY YOU LOOK at the situations, people and your thoughts. There is more than the
Actual images of me trying to reach the emotionally unavailable. #me #truestory
levels and layers to this thing... #selfcarematters  #levelup  #takecareofyourself  #emotionalmaturity #akomawellness
levels and layers to this thing... #selfcarematters  #levelup  #takecareofyourself  #emotionalmaturity #akomawellness
. You. Me. We. Just Us. . No gadgets. No wi-fi. No cyber voyeurs invited into our sacred space. No curated shots for the gram. No check-ins. No witty taglines. GPS is off. . . Sun. Sand. Surf. Vintage camera to capture these moments. Moments which may never make it to cyberspace. Instead…reside Offline. In beautiful frames in our home… and intertwined within our hearts. . . You. Me. We. Just us. - 💋 Misha . . #couples #emotionalmaturity #emotionalwellness #vulnerability #transparency #lovegrows #marriage #commitment #friendship #lovegrows #mishagrowslove #mishasminute #relationshiptips #counseling #therapy #mwa
Thought of the day (soapbox moment); be sure you are ready for what you are asking for in terms of a relationship. This is such a problem in today’s dating landscape is mind boggling. People are so emotionally immature it makes one wonder how many genuine people are left out there. This immaturity leads to things like ghosting someone, even if it’s someone you are just talking to, it is an immature and disrespectful way to be. I ALWAYS will say why I would like to stop associating and talking with someone. It leads to lying, in the form of false fronts and intentions. Even lying to oneself instead of dealing with whatever demons that may be holding on. In relationships it leads to cheating, because they are to immature to address the problems before doing it. Unless you are ready to be real consistent, real considerate, and really committed, do us all a favor, go back to working on yourself until you are. *Mic drop #thoughoftheday #soapbox #emotionalmaturity #genuine #realtalk #realpeople #consistency #considerate #committed #relationshipgoals
#energyismyfirstlanguage #protectyourself #protectyourenergy 🙏🙏🙏 #energyvampires fed off of your #emotional and #psychicenergy 💯🙏🙏 They lack #empathy #sensitivitytowardsothers and #emotionalmaturity 🙏❤🎼🍵🍵🍵🌫🌫🌫 they have allowed their #vibrationalenergy to become so low, they feed off others, specifically #energysensitive #empaths and HSP's  Thank you @seebeyondtheveilart great post #shoutoutforshoutout 🤗🌞🌞🌞
A lot of times we only see a small portion of the big picture. This applies in all aspects of life; now a days we correlate attraction & value to fame, money, appearance, and social media followers. When really micro attractions/ seeing characteristics in someone that makes you think/feel like you want to spend your life with someone is what It's about, for mature & intelligent people. A person of character & integrity. Ask someone when they began to be really attracted & into someone & it will most likely be when they exhibited characteristics they admired; hard work, being considerate to others, being self disciplined etc. Someone who helps a stranger push their car out of the snow vs. Someone who can put on a good show. Just remember what really matters are the small & significant things, which aren't small at all. 😉  #rantover #bigpicture #microattractions @matthussey #inspiring #reminders #romance #realattraction #deeper #values #character #shallowsociety #socialmedia #life #thoughts #emotionalmaturity #nikes #photographerwannabe
Emotional health, I find, is rarely talked about enough these days and fundamental to our health as humans. Emotions are energy in motion so why not show how we feel? Emotional intelligence and learning how we cope best as individuals is the basis of relationships with ourselves as well as others. Working through these energies by, accepting, feeling, and letting go, come with emotional maturity. It's not always easy, but it is always relevant. We feel for a reason, so why not embrace this beautiful corner stone of being human x . . . . .  #selfdiscovery #emotion #emotionalmaturity #holistichealth #energetics #naturopathy #naturopath #herbalist #nutritionist #spirit #spiritual #letgo #energyinmotion #energy #feel #feelings #human #health #emotionalhealth #healthy #lifestyle #stressmanagement #love #compassion #empathy #empath #iamhuman
Bye Melbourne!  Many of you probably know how much  I absolutely adore 💕 this city 🏙. It thrills, inspires and satisfies me in so many ways.  The incredible food & coffee,  The art, the grunginess, The beautiful old buildings, The ease of getting around, The innovation & creativity, Quirkiness & uniqueness... Not to mention the incredible friends I have here and my sister @jadeemilyfitness #heartexplosion #somuchgoodness 💖  Every time I leave Melbs,  I feel a little bit like I'm tearing myself away from love.  I actually get tears in my eyes. It hurts,  Though at the same time,  I am also so overwhelmed  With gratitude for the fact that  I have these amazing people  in my life,  That this amazing city exists, & that I can get here  In about an hour by plane from home When I want to. 😍🙏💫💖 WHAT AN AMAZING LIFE THIS IS! 😍🙏💫💖 The positive side of me then asks: "Why are you feeling sad?  This is all so incredible!" I could easily switch off the grieving & sadness around leaving But it's so important for us to feel This whole range of emotions The love The heartache The longing  The missing The gratitude,  Awe  And wonder... Life would be nothing without contrast and change.  No one can be happy in every moment Of every day, And clinging to negative emotions  Just to experience them is not healthy either.  The emotionally mature person  Is OK with feeling and experiencing it all, Knowing that like everything in life,  The ups and downs will pass >> As long as we don't hold onto them