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chillin on my @51degreesnorth  pillow - iz all goooood
Tiki 😍 wenn Menschen zu machen hören sie dir immer noch zu , verurteilen dich nicht und schenken dir trotzdem ihre liebe 😊😐 #ganz #viel #liebe #mydog #tikitheamstaff #tiki #tequila #dogsofinstagram #dogsofinstag #americanstafford #amstaff #staff #love #happy #meinbaby
I am helping my sister. . Sisterly love. . Making a mama proud.
Mommy?!? . How many teeth do I have left? . ❤❤❤ .
Le doudou préféré ♥
As in ZERO 😜😎👌 @dolly_pawton  in our Pink Mesh Top Slaying as per usual 💕👑 #kween  Www.eyeofdog.com.au
Sleepy pupper with a big ol snoot. #doggo #dogsofinstag #dpgstagram #dork
hellooo human, welcome back! i've been chilling here, would you like to join me for lunch?
National Lost Dog Awareness Day Apr23.  The day before Thanksgiving of 2017 I came home from work to an empty house. Nina wasn't barking and wagging her tail by the window announcing my arrival.  There were no howls. No parkour jumping from me to the couch to the floor to me. I called from I was quickly popped into every room to include the basement and garage. Then panic hit, there was no sound, no sight... So where was the clue of what happened?  My dog, true to her breed, is a mini Hunter and known to have instinct to escape "problem solve." I trained her to do things on her own if she's trying to reach, climb, need, search, make aware. I went to my bedroom and noticed the curtain fluttered she broke thru the vent siding of the AC unit. My dog hikes and rock climbs with me, so heights are not an obstacle.  I ran outside and retraced our path we normally walk but ran, in work attire, combat boots and 5.11s. I contacted the local PD while enroute, I had just missed her. She wasn't walking our path, she was sniffing me out and my path I walk to work. Because of the hours I leave work she was turned into an animal shelter (no kill, as they realized she was lost and home pet). The shelter was cordial and confirmed it had to be her, I was still unsettled because she wasn't with me. They posted her photo on social media and there she was smiling to be in a car.  The very next day, on Thanksgiving I scooped her. They waived all cost because of how determined I was from timeline as soon as I got home to getting her. They accepted my donation instead. They asked for physical proof like photos or IDs, but when they saw her change in attitude and our connection that was proof too. They couldn't believe her age and health.  Get your dog chipped, tagged, ID'd, show unconditional love, they have such loyalty. I'd do anything for her, she's been my support from when I was transitioning out the military. It's been she and I , since 2010... Thanks to community support, instinct,
Bonne journée les copains ! Pour ma part je profite du soleil pendant qu'il est encore là 😁 #mmcreationsmodelesummer
Can't wait for mommie to finally come home from Texas! 💗💘💓💝💕💘💖💞💓💞
Today we have been in the kitchen for the first time.