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"Look at this tricep" is what it seems like I'm thinking in this pic 😂 happy #flexfriday everyone! #dlegerefitness
That fluffy offseason pump for #flexfriday with my @goldenaestheticsofficial beanie! - Eating more food and not being hungry would be fun they said 😂 - In reality the offseason is probably 5X harder than competition prep. Staying on track and motivated is tough when you go from sub 6% BF to something a little bulkier (idk where I am right now haha) - With that being said I'm learning to not stay on myself about not looking the way I'd like to cause it's all part of the process. #dlegerefitness #lionhearted #bornready
Missing the shreds 😢😢😢 #dlegerefitness #bornready #lionhearted
Weight is finally going back up after stalling post show. I don't think I was effectively absorbing all the food I was eating but after finding a good digestive enzyme that seems to be changing 👍🏻#dlegerefitness #bornready #lionhearted
Throwing it back to a much freakier look about 2 weeks out from my show! - Starting to miss the shreds more and more but gotta get that size on! #tbt #dlegerefitness #lionhearted #bornready
Caught a lift with my boy @lionhearted_physique tonight! - We hit some back and kept it pretty light with focus being entirely on form and really getting a good stretch and squeeze on every rep. - Also rocking my boy @man_of_steel48 company @shyftnutrition shirt. Go check em out! #dlegerefitness #bornready #lionhearted
And we're back to the WOW posing room selfies 😜 - Off-season look in full effect but it's time to grow 😈 plus with over a foot of snow on the ground right now I don't see the beach anywhere in my future 😂 #flexfriday #dlegerefitness #bornready #lionhearted
#transformationtuesday there's a little over a year between these pics, and a lot of #squats - If you want to make progress you gotta struggle. Struggling in this case being suffering through some intense leg days, though I don't really view it as suffering 💁🏻‍♂️ - Light easy workouts won't ever get you to where you wanna be so get comfortable with being uncomfortable! - I can recall when I first started my journey I would run home from the gym and flex in the mirror hoping to see some magical gain that happened from training one time. - Obviously that didn't happen and it can be kinda discouraging especially in the beginning. - Fast forward to now, and sure I pose in the mirror while I train, to work on posing mostly, but I don't obsess over seeing an immediate result anymore. Instead I stay consistent and work hard and I KNOW the results will come! #dlegerefitness #lionhearted #bornready
No resolutions here just the same goals I've been working towards all along 😈 Happy New Years everyone! #dlegerefitness #lionhearted #bornready
Go a great shoulder day in with @bornready_bodybuilding and we picked up right where we left off. - We always have a good workout and we're always pushing each other. We're apart for the moment but some day soon I'm sure we will be back training together regularly. - Until then we'll continue to motivate eachother a few states away 😈 #bornready #lionhearted #dlegerefitness
Well I've been in the hospital with a severe infection in my lungs since Saturday. Went in with severe pain in my upper abdomen and was sent home twice before a CT scan showed infected lesions on my lungs. After a lot of antibiotics and rest the pain has subsided and I feel much better. - This has given me a lot of time to think and at first I was devastated. Everyday I wake up and make sure I get every meal in and make sure that I have time for the gym that day. Falling completely off is something that has been hard for me to do but, health is obviously more important. - After thinking about it longer I realized a reset isn't the worst thing in the world. I'm 22 and have a lot of time to build back anything I lost and more, and in the grand scheme of things I basically got all of organs checked for free. Safe to say all my organs are healthy and the lesions will have no lasting affect on my lungs 👍🏻 - Sometimes things like this are needed to give you a new perspective on life and I'm ready to jump right back in and improve myself everyday! - I'm finally about to be released from the hospital as I write this just waiting to finish up an IV and I will be free once again! 😁 - Hope everyone is having a blessed week and is working towards making positive changes in their life! #dlegerefitness #bornready #lionhearted
Who is else is training back tonight? - Gonna crush some back with my boy @lionhearted_physique at @zoogymnh tonight! - Don't forget to enter my contest too! Check out my last post for more info and go grab some @saiseisports REKT with 20% off using my coupon code DLEGERE #dlegerefitness #bornready #lionhearted
#fbf to when I had a little more facial hair 😂😂😂 #dlegerefitness #lionhearted #bornready
When it hurts to walk... 😅😂😈 #dlegerefitness #lionhearted #bornready
Just trying to be big 😤😤😤 #dlegerefitness #lionhearted #bornready
November 3rd --> December 1st - Well here it is almost a month after my show and things are going pretty well with diet and training! - Slowly adding the weight back on and trying not to put on too much fat is the goal and we're making it happen! - Physically feeling great as well, no aches or pains, and recovery has been good too! #dlegerefitness #bornready #lionhearted
Work out world needs to clean their mirrors 😂😂😂 #dlegerefitness #lionhearted #bornready
Smashed some chest tonight with my boy @cjdemarco48 - Body fat is getting back to a normal level at almost a month post show but still staying lean, which we're shooting for! - Progress so far has been good and my diet and training have been on point! Just more of the same til I get where I want! 😈 #dlegerefitness #lionhearted #bornready
Calfs are definitely a weak point of mine, as they are for a lot of people 😂 - For some odd reason since my show my calfs have leaned out a ton and I think even grown a bit. A month ago I never would've posted a video of them but here's one now! - Honestly can't give any tips on this as this video is the first time I've trained them since my show. I'm going to be training them more routinely now for sure but I'm stumped as to why I've had good results! 😂😂😂 #dlegerefitness #lionhearted #bornready
Absolutely destroyed legs today. Hit 12 sets total between squats and hack squats so my legs were super full of blood. Did a lot of pause style reps across the board on movements today which dropped my weight on movements. All in all another solid leg day in the books! #dlegerefitness #lionhearted #bornready