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This spoke to me this morning... . . . Being a single mom to a Prince.... His mental health and how he deals with emotions has always been extremely important to me.... . . . I just want to do right by him... I don't want him to ever be in a place where he doesn't feel his emotions anymore... I teach and talk to him about healthy ways to express himself.... Cry it out... Draw it out... Talk it out.... Hug it out..... etc......I let him know expressing any emotion he's feeling is always alright... And is better for him and will make him a better person as he grows up 💖💖💖💖💖 . . . Thanks to my new follower 🙏✨💖🤗 Regrann from @drjohnaking -  I don’t know  After he had told her of his life,  she softly asked “Does it hurt?” “I don’t know” he said “I don’t feel it anymore”  http://www.drjohnaking.com/poetry-and-art/dont-know/  #drjohnaking #dealwithit #poet #dealwithitbook #myptsd #cptsd #visualpoetry #romantic #poetrylives #spokenwordpoetry - #regrann
Definitely wearing bright Red lipstick today. #pullyourselftogether#cocochanel#putonsomelipstick#dealwithit#lifemotivation#dontbesad
While your hair does not define you as a woman... it certainly is fabulous to have so many options! #fauxhair #fakehairdontcare #jonrenau #toppers #makeitwork #dealwithit #options #thinninghairsolution #mindset #behappy #problemsolver #empower
Facts 😹😹 #dealwithit#lashes #lashesfordays#hudabeauty#hudaglue #girlproblems
Poste es schon zum 30 Mal, aber wen interessiert‘s🙄 #sorrynotsorry #dealwithit
Picking a dandelion's flower will not get rid of your weed problem. You have to dig the root out or it will grow right back!  This is true with our health as well. When we have symptoms, squashing them with medication will NOT get rid of the problem. We have to deal with the root!!! Plexus gets to the root. It digs it out and deals with the problem.  Simple as that!  #truth #guthealth #rootproblem #feelinggood #dandelion #dig #balance #loveyourguts #healthy #happy #dealwithit #squash #flower #roots
Red Wrench Fitness Reviews #dealwithit . William Montgomery, a former Calvary Scout, reviews #dealwithit. Get the book #dealwithit – living well with PTSD. . You can find Will on instagram @redwrenchfitness . www.drjohnaking.com . http://www.drjohnaking.com/ptsd-recovery/red-wrench-fitness-reviews-dealwithit/
M. SGT Al Bontrager Reviews #dealwithit . Al Bontrager is one of my closest friends, a really good mate, he and his unit are in Africa. Al was one of the few people who stood by me through thick and thin. .  I sent him a copy of  #dealwithit , and he loved it. The challenge now is that the rest of his unit want to read it and he only as the single copy! So for the sake of international peace, and so he can swap them out for beer, I’ll be sending a little care package his way in the next 2 weeks. .  Come back soon you ugly sod. I don’t miss you, some other guy does. .  #drjohnaking  #dealwithit – pissing people off internationally, one book at a time. .  Get the book #dealwithit – living well with PTSD. . www.drjohnaking.com . @al.bontrager.5 . http://www.drjohnaking.com/ptsd-recovery/m-sgt-al-bontrager-reviews-dealwithit/
Sharon Mashburn reviews #dealwithit . Sharon Mashburn is proof of the fact that you can make great friends that you are yet to meet, she is my facebook buddy. . She and I admin the group Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and TBI https://www.facebook.com/groups/PTSD.TBI . Thanks @sharonmashburn78 for your review of #dealwithit – living well with PTSD and your role as an advocate. . Get the book #dealwithit – living well with PTSD www.drjohnaking.com . #drjohnaking, #dealwithit, #dealwithitbook, #ptsd, #cptsd, #ptsdrecovery, #veteran, #survivor, #stress2strength, #givethemavoice, #ptsdvideominute, #dealwithitvideominute #police #lawenforcement . http://www.drjohnaking.com/ptsd-recovery/sharon-mashburn-reviews-dealwithit/
. ORIGINALLY POSTED BY @drjohnaking . . You’re Not Getting Out Of This Alive, So Enjoy It  A great friend fo mine Sharon Mashburn penned this article for the Post Traumatic Stress and TBI group on facebook. Brilliant work, it exemplifies the #dealwithit out look on life.  Feel free to join the group, its one of the better online communities for PTSD &TBI on facebook.  Here is the URL https://www.facebook.com/groups/PTSD.TBI  When you are young, you are naive. You think you have all the answers because you see everything everyone is doing and you obviously have a better idea of how to fix the issues. The problem is, is you cannot fix the problems of others by looking in through the window at someone else’s life. Until you have experienced the life, experienced the sadness that is incorporated into it, been a party to the long nights of worry and empty hope you cannot have the answers they need. .  There is a certain level of patience and acceptance that comes with age. The young want to jump in gun-ho, and then they drown, and their firing pins are now all wet. Once upon a time, I would show my hand, I would never bluff nor wait, I would run in guns drawn, fire blazing and most of the time I came up short and wanting. Now I know to wait, sit and let the answers come to me. I don’t need to expose my wild cards and show my hand early. I can sit and wait for the other person to fold under pressure just for them to find out I only had a pair of 4’s and they could have won that hand. .  None of us are getting out of this life alive, and we aren’t taking anything tangible with us in death. So, in reality, is buying that ugly statue, not buying the book you wanted to read, waiting for tomorrow to tell the person you love worth it? Tomorrow is not promised, you can’t take the statue with you after death, but the knowledge from the book, will it retai .. http://www.drjohnaking.com/ptsd-recovery/youre-not-getting-out-of-this-alive-so-enjoy-it/  #drjohnaking
. THANKS TO @drjohnaking . . Keeping Your Ducks in a Row  We never ‘get healed’ from PTSD, what we do is learn to manage it better. There are good days and there are bad days. I might have 30 great days and day 31 kicks my butt. That doesn’t mean I am a failure, it just means I have to give myself permission to ask my friends and family to give me a little room so I can line the ducks up again.  Melissa and I talk about this in our new book #dealwithit. We talk about how we as a couple work together to face the daily challenges, manage the issues I deal with and to get the most out of life and each other.  If you have PTSD of are a spouse of someone with PTSD, it might worth a read.  http://www.drjohnaking.com/shop/  #drjohnaking  http://www.drjohnaking.com/ptsd-recovery/keeping-your-ducks-in-a-row/  #poet #drjohnaking #dealwithitbook #dealwithit
Happy #improvfriday ! Jammies were too comfy. Didn’t wanna change. #dealwithit  Song is #mannequineyes by #julienk • • • #improv #dance #bellydance #tribalfusion #dreads #girlswithdreads
. REPOSTED FROM @drjohnaking . . Difficult Days  I am tired Tired of the battle Weary of the struggle Worn out Worn down by constant effort to stand  And the song of the Cheap whore of suicide Like a moist siren, wooing me to sweet repose, Calls Ever calls In a deafening whisper That bellows Drowning out the voice of hope Denying and possible future With finality pronouncing My tomorrow D.O.A.  http://www.drjohnaking.com/ptsd-recovery/difficult-days/  #drjohnaking #dealwithit #poet #dealwithitbook
. REPOSTED FROM @drjohnaking . . Five Tips to help manage stress  The effects/side effects/after effects of sexual abuse are numerous, we know that, even if we have never experienced abuse of this nature or studied it out, we can at least give mental assent to or acknowledge that it would have a profound impact.  Carol Boulaware summaries the Major Long-Term Psychological Symptoms of Sexual Abuse  as  Anxiety Panic Attacks Low self-esteem Stress disorders – PTSD Personality disorders Substance abuse Self-abuse behaviors  Not trying to be over simplistic, but we can summaries that in a single word. STRESS.  I once heard  Dr John King  define stress as  S upposed  T hreats to  R elationship  E njoyment  S ecurity  S tability  I recently read an article by the American Psychological Association, that I found very helpful, primarily because of its simplicity, it was entitled:  Five Tips to Help Manage Stress  The article starts by stating:  Stress occurs when you perceive that demands placed on you — such as work, school or relationships — exceed your ability to cope. Some stress can be beneficial at times, producing a boost that provides the drive and energy to help people get through situations like exams or work deadlines. However, an extreme amount of stress can have health consequences, affecting the immune, cardiovascular and neuroendocrine and central nervous systems, and take a severe emotional toll.  It goes on and gives what the APA calls ‘healthy techniques’ to help reduce stress in the short and long term:  Take a break from the stressor . It may seem difficult to get away from a big work project, a crying baby or a growing credit card bill.  Exercise . The research keeps growing — exercise benefits your mind just as well as your body. We keep hearing about the long-term benefits .. http://www.drjohnaking.com/ptsd-recovery/five-tips-to-help-manage-stress/  #poet #drjohnaking #dealwithitbook #dealwithit
. ORIGINALLY POSTED BY @drjohnaking . . Don’t Find Time, Schedule Time  Put the big rocks in first:  Imagine you have a large glass jar and next to it you have a pile of very important rocks, lesser important pebbles and not so important sand, all of which you have to get in the jar. If you put in the sand or pebbles first, what happens? They fill up the space and there is no room for the very important things. But if you add the big rocks first, the things that really matter, then the smaller pebbles, and at the very end, the sand, it all fits.  For anything important, you don’t find time, you schedule time. It’s only real if it’s on the calendar.  #stress2strength  http://www.drjohnaking.com/ptsd-recovery/dont-find-time-schedule-time/  #poet #drjohnaking #dealwithitbook #dealwithit
. COURTESY OF @drjohnaking . . In the moonlight  Again he caught himself staring as her dress slides from her shoulders, holding his breath just a little, as he had the first time he saw her naked in the moonlight.  http://www.drjohnaking.com/poetry-and-art/in-the-moonlight/  #drjohnaking #dealwithit #poet #dealwithitbook
. COURTESY OF @drjohnaking . . Motivation vs. Habit  http://www.drjohnaking.com/ptsd-recovery/motivation-vs-habit/  #poet #drjohnaking #dealwithitbook #dealwithit
. REPOSTED FROM @drjohnaking . . Dr John A. King Sexual Abuse, PTSD On The Doctors TV Show  On September 29th I had the privileged of sharing my story on The Doctors TV Show, here is a summary of the transcript and the video of the episode.  The Doctors  examine the shocking world of sex trafficking, something that could easily be happening in your own neighborhood. This year alone, there have been 4,460 reported cases of sex trafficking in America and that number will continue to rise. We are joined by two sex trafficking survivors, Anna and John, who share their stories.  John says his first memory as a child is a sex act with a female family member, at only 4 years old. John says that he experienced “abuse everywhere he went,” which included people from his family and their friends. “It wasn’t safe anywhere,” he tells us. Nine years ago, the memories of the abuse came flooding back to John and he ended up in the backyard of his house screaming hysterically while holding a loaded gun.  Here is a link to the episode.  http://www.drjohnaking.com/ptsd-recovery/dr-john-a-king-sexual-abuse-ptsd-on-the-doctors-tv-show/  #dealwithit #poet #drjohnaking #dealwithitbook