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Kung Fu Kenny  #illustration #digital #kendricklamar #damn #drawing #hiphopart #hiphop
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Date - a statement of the time of execution; a social engagement between two persons that often has romantic character; a period of time to which something belongs.  We met in a sketchy situation— Now, you color in my lines.  You’re a warm chocolate brownie  In the middle of the wintertime.  But, all jokes aside — You are food for the soul.  You make me feel the Sun Hovering in a world so cold And you’re like sweet  and bold— You’re not new to this.  I do things just to make you smile But you grab my face and plant a kiss.  You be like the epitome  of ignorance n o t being bliss— I fux with that.. HARD.  you got the kind of love That penetrates right through my guard.  We can pinpoint  each other’s vibe from afar— I’m talking random texts  like, “how you feel? Are you okay?” I take a towel  And wipe my face, ‘is she for real?’ She said her goal is to help me  Continue to heal— Can y’all believe she took me on a date? She be provoking me to answer  Rhetorical questions For the fun of the debate.  And her heart knows no malice or hate— I lie to y’all not, I fucking love this woman.  Know that I tolerate  No disrespect towards her So when I get irate, she’ll start hummin’. And when she’s like, “I need...” I’m already comin’— And I’m good if my baby is.  And the vibe so dope I can’t even explain this shit. -B💎🤙🏽 #poetproblems #poetsofinstagram #poetryporn #wordporn #poetry #poetrybooks #damn #date #mine