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T H E  W O U N D  It's funny what can trigger you  The smell of a meal cooking in the oven  Taking me back in time  I feel myself falling  Into the deep alone  After all the work done to date  It's this I've been preparing for  To heal the deepest wound  I'm pacing the house. Uneasy. Unsure what to do next  Past fixes come to mind  I steady myself. Conscious  New, more powerful rituals take over  Sage.  Candels. Music  As I stand in front of my alter, I feel the energy rushing through me  And an embrace  From someone I'm yet to meet  So I sit.  Still. Waiting. 📷 @farahmsiddiq  #theconscioustribe #conscious #consciousliving #consciouscollective #healing #wound #love #openhearted
Via @universalconsciousness.1111 #kingashlon
The phrase ,live everyday like it's your birthday' was always somethig that seemed in my eyes kind of obscure... Wouldn't it be boring to celebrate every day? To make every day a ,special day' I totally couldn't gasp that kind of utopian world  Until yesterday. For the first time in my life I felt like: Wow ... this day is no more or less special tha any other day I experience, because I indeed came to the point of celebrating each moment, hour, day to the fullest. A strange feeling, but that is the feeling of ,being ALIVE'. The feeling, where my actual birtgday or any other celebration is as vivid and wholeheartedly lived as any other day.  peace~  #conscious #heretocreate #now #day #live #awakenings #dance #celebrate #art #spirituality #sunlight #kidofmars
Rosenstein, Heubach. Germany📍 #germany #travel #hike #nature #conscious travel #advebture #view #bridge #forest #spring
#sundaythoughts #sundaywhispers  #life has a natural tendency to become filled with more.  Unfortunately, this inclination to #wantmore, to #add, #upgrade and #accumulate can end up clouding out the #thingsthatreallymatter.  We are rarely inclined to #downgrade, to #simplify, to #eliminate or to #reduce.  Doing this requires #conscious #effort and #choice.
(Gnostic Prayer)  Praise you, Mother Sophia; Praise you, Great Goddess -  Hail to you Aset, Holy Virgin, Mother of God;  You who birth souls to the Infinite and Eternal,  Whose grace is the Light of the Day of Be-With-Us!  Yea though I walk in the day of your mourning,  Yet with your Forethought I behold your joy,  And with your Afterthought I gaze into your heart -  The perfection of Light and Love, Life and Liberty!  Placing lotus blossoms upon your alter, and making offerings of incense and lights;  Envisioning the offering of everything good, in the heavens and on earth,  I worship in your Light-presence and call forth your Light-power,  Send the Opener of the Way before me,  Let the Spiritual Sun shine from within me:  O Mother, give birth to your Holy Child -  Empower me to go forth in the Divine Light!  There is Light and there is Fire, and your Great Spirit passing through;  One Aeon dissolves and another arises, but all is in you as in a Holy Womb - You,  the Portal of All-Worlds; You the Life of All-Worlds: You giving birth!  I pray, Holy Mother, that you might part your veil, that I might see you in all your forms,  And perchance glimpse into the In-between to behold your True Essence;  Such is my prayer, such my inmost heart's desire,  To know you and to love you,  To be at-one with you!  Ave Sophia!
Hey you,  Happy earth day. 🌍 Isn't it incredible to be living on such an incredible planet. Every day the earth, the sun and the moon provide us with all we need to have an incredible sustained future and wellbeing.  However, the Earth is suffering. Did you know that Australia alone would need 5.2 Earths to be able to sustain our way of life?  Now more than ever we have to collectively take action to reduce our INDIVIDUAL impact. We don't have anymore time to turn away from the problems, ignorance isn't bliss when we are out of resources, and the planet is inhabitable.  Sometimes the weight of the problem is so massive we don't believe we can individually have any effect on the recovery, because no, one person can't save the planet. HOWEVER, if each individual on Earth took responsibility for their OWN actions, and educated themselves we would be living in a completely different reality. ⚡ It's not your responsibility to change others actions, however it is your responsibility to be aware of your own.  So how can you help? You can: - STOP using single use plastics and pick up any litter you see (especially near the ocean) - Buy local sustainably sourced products - Project love, not hate * Avoid negative energy as much as possible and make a conscious effort of not contributing negativity to the world and others. - Reduce/eliminate your consumption of meat & dairy - Practice seeing yourself in all of Earths beings 🐢 + most importantly, open your mind and heart to the suffering the Earth (land + ocean) is enduring, the more you are aware the more you will be able to see where you may be contributing.  Lets make Earth Day every day. ❤  @boomerangbags x #earthday
When you are going through difficult times and wondor where spirit is.  Remember the teacher is always quiet during the test.
Orders💎 @laboo_myers 🌸 get your crystal order in today and raise those vibrations and energies 🦋
The Way of the Warrior  I See through different Eyes. I See a Bigger Picture when Others See Grey Skies. Though Many cant Conceive it, I Stand... facing the Wind.  My Bravery not from Fighting but from My Strength Within.  I Am A Warrior. I will Walk the extra mile, not because I have to but because its Worth My While. I Know that I Am different when I Am  Standing on a Crowded Street. I Know Fullness of Winning; I have Tasted the Cup of Defeat. I Am A Warrior. They Say I Walk with Ease Though Trained for Bodily Harm, My Intentions are for Peace. The World May Come and Go, But a Different Path I will Choose. A Path I will not Stray from,  No Matter... Win or Lose
Oh, Great Spirit,  Whose voice I hear in the wind,  Whose breath gives life to all the world.  Hear me;  I need your strength and wisdom.  Let me walk in beauty, and make my eyes ever behold the red and purple sunset.  Make my hands respect the things you have made and my ears sharp to hear your voice.  Make me wise so that I may understand the things you have taught my people.  Help me to remain calm and strong in the face of all that comes towards me.  Let me learn the lessons you have hidden in every leaf and rock.  Help me seek pure thoughts and act with the intention of helping others.  Help me find compassion without empathy overwhelming me.  I seek strength, not to be greater than my brother, but to fight my greatest enemy Myself.  Make me always ready to come to you with clean hands and straight eyes.  So when life fades, as the fading sunset, my spirit may come to you without shame.
Sun child ~
It’s scientifically proven that speaking to plants with kindness makes them grow! Can you imagine what speaking kindly to humans does!! So simple and so true! Build people up, don’t drag them down!! 💖 ✅#positivity #wordsofwisdom #lawsofattraction #innerchild #thoughts #thoughtprovoking #universe #onelove #awareness #awaken #spiritual #spirituality #gratitude #happiness #kindness #knowledge #love #life #conscious #consciousness #secret #mindfulness #namaste
Sometimes we have to have breakdowns to have a breakthrough. It’s called Transformation. #transformation #consciousness #conscious #consciousaware #shaman #shamanichealing #shamanicjourney #shamanism #liveyoursoulstruedestiny #activateyourmastery
When you have shifted out of the illusion of ‘will power’ and ‘control’, allowing ‘Life to Live You’ ... When you have released a personal identity back to nothing-ness,  The way forward is often foggy – even blank.  Echoes of the false self plead for another chance to ‘make things happen’ even things that bring stress and heart ache. It is its final grasp for any straw to hold onto ... it wants to live again.  But stand fast in your determined Intention to express only Joy with every breath. In the meantime, remain Still and Silent,  The Great Designer Knows what is Perfect for You ... All is well have a little faith.  Grant Eagles