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- [fast forward to april 6th 2k17] ‘what would you do if you weren’t afraid? that’s what you should be doing right now.’ thursday afternoon, i’ve already spent half of my day with one of my best friends in upstate new york. you got that right, NEW YORK, yes. a lot of things have happened within the past seven months or so. after i’ve graduated from high school in the summer of 2k16 i had big dreams: going to the usa! whilst my friends were busy finding their perfect degree at university i applied for the au pair program. at first i planned on going to great britain as my trip to london a few years ago has still left it’s marks on me. oh dear am i in love with that city! but i decided to dare the bigger step- all or nothing! i’ve never been to north america and now should be the time. so here i am. i found a hostfamily in upstate new york, between new york city and albany, pretty much in between poughkeepsie and kingston to be exact. chatting with my friend and drinking tons of coffee i was busy checking my email. i got a lot of spam mail these days so i didn’t pay that close attention to my still unread emails that came in that day. ‘congrats on winning your way in to #campizze!’, *what’s camp izze?* i thought to myself. not even opening the email as i didn’t want to get a virus on my phone i moved it straight to my electronic trash section.  little did i know this could’ve been the life changing email. MY life changing email... • #shawnmendes #allwegot #bestcoversong #iheartawards
Throwback to literally the best days of our lives #shawnmendes #mendesarmy #campizze
IT HAS BEEN 73 DAYS SINCE SHAWN HAS BEEN GIVEN THIS & HE STILL DOESN'T KNOW IT WAS MINE😢  Can you guys please tag him? It would mean a ton! Ill even give u a shoutout if u want❤ @shawnmendes #shawnmendes #campizze #brooklyn
I miss this day😫💓 #campizze #shawnmendes @shawnmendes
This was from Camp Izze, aka a day that was quite unorganized.  But at least I saw Shawn though and I got some good pics of him ❤❤❤ more to come  #shawnmendes #shawnmendesedits  #shawnedits  #treatyoubetter  #stitches  #theresnothingholdinmeback  #shawnmendes  #mendesarmy  #mendes1998  #campizze  #shawnmendesvideos
(my video) listen to my cute ass scream in the background saying "oh my god i think i'm gonna pass out" | | | #illuminate #handwritten #shawnmendes #illuminateworldtour #campizze @shawnmendes
Trying to go back to the awesome day helping out @ysbnow at #campizze and getting to help interview @shawnmendes and trying to avoid thinking about my two finals today 😅😍🙆🏼
it's been 4 weeks since this day and i miss it more than anything | | | #illuminate #campizze #illuminateworldtour #shawnmendes #handwritten @shawnmendes
huge thank you to camden and joe for making this happen #campizze
Durante su presencia en el festival Camp Izze, Shawn declaró: "Nos hemos atascado con la colaboración, pero lo haremos, vamos a escribir una canción". Tags #shawmendes #benitomendes #niallhoran #campizze  #shawnandniall
I never posted these pictures. These were from Camp Izze. #girlmeetsworld #sabrinacarpenter #evolutiontour #campizze @sabrinacarpenter
#repost @shawnmendes with @repostapp ・・・ Had a great time at #campizze today launching #izzefusions & supporting @TJMartellFoundation!