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#cleavage #nude #bodypositivity
Shoutout to all the skinny girls out there, who have to take shame just to make fat girls feel better. You're sexy and amazing!  #bodypositivity #hypocracy
#cleavage #nude #bodypositivity
We all need to feel comfortable in our own skin. #nude #boobs #cleavage #nsfw #bodypositivity
This is my goal every day! Start with coffee, devotionals, read, workout, BAM! I'm awake and ready to go! Start your day on the right track! #30minutesofeverything
Let’s talk about clothes, size discrepancies, shapes, standards and how they SUCK for women with curves, quads, ass, hips, broad shoulders, small waists, big breasts, short legs, small breasts, biceps, narrow shoulders,etc....in other words...regular women of ALL shapes and sizes OTHER than the standard fit model shape (which is beautiful and “normal” and just as “real” as the rest of us, but clothes are not made for the majority.). I went shopping for spring/summer clothes yesterday because NONE of mine fit with my muscle and weight gain over the last year +. I’m thicker, curvier, and proud of the muscle I have built...but shopping and fitting rooms are a major trigger for my #bodydysmorphia. I had a slight anxiety attack yesterday after I took these pictures. I got into that headspace where I started to pick myself apart and tell myself how horrible I look and what I need to differently and better.  Then I caught myself. Realizing, I’m way more comfortable in my body in a bikini and my fitness gear than I am in “regular clothes”. I am happier with myself in clothes that FIT and don’t cut me off at weird angles and have “predetermined shapes” that are not mine!  Admittedly, I cried.  I got pretty upset with how I feel about me. I will never be completely free from this #anxietydisorder. But I don’t have to let it win.  I found some things I am content with. I will dress in what makes me happy and feel good each day.  I won’t be confined by what is “age appropriate” or what is predetermined by fashion editors as “in style” or “cool”...I like my style, or lack thereof 😂. I am also super proud of how far I have come with my health, mental, emotional and physical. I’m overcoming my personal obstacles every day and that’s something to be celebrate. Our bodies are not the issue or problem...it’s the clothes...it’s marketing...and it’s social media constantly preying on our worst insecurities, telling us that we are
#transformationtuesday . This is not a back to back photo of weight loss and gain. But these tattoo’s were a representation of a transformational mindset, of the journey to love, acceptance, living a full life 🌍 . I got the mandala and rose tattoo while going through my recovery from Anorexia Nervosa. I would of said when I recovered (as I thought I had), but now reflecting back, I was definitely not recovered 🤦🏻‍♀️ in comparison to where I am now, in 2018 🙏🏽 . My love tattoo was a tattoo I got after my worst seizure; think broken nose, fat lip, broken teeth, face in general 🤷🏻‍♀️ I managed to find acceptance and love for myself and my body, even in this broken time I found worth. If this was a 2 years ago, I would of been very likely to slip into my eating disorder mindset. My transformation has been a mental battle, but when I think back it is amazing to see how far I have come ✨ . I no longer label myself Epileptic 🧠 Yes, I take tablets morning / night. Yes, I spend time in and out of hospitals, trying to find out what is the cause. Stress levels, lack of sleep, sickness, not taking care of my health and even over training (which adds extra stress on to your body) can play impact on these episodes. But these are things a lot of us do, taking our body for granted and it shows how much love and connection to your body is vital ❤️ . 💟 MINDSET The reason I stopped labelling myself, is that labelling myself added extra anxiety. It would make me think “I have ...... so I can’t do this”. I couldn’t live my life because I was letting it hold me back. I was sticking myself in a box. Calling myself my illness 👎 . You are NOT your illness. You are NOT an imperfection. You are NOT a struggle. You are YOU. Labelling yourself just makes you worry about what you’re going through. It psychologically will make you think about it more. It can make you feel more depressed, thinking WHY ME? WHY am I going through THIS? .
Learn to explore and experience self love. #bodypositivity is the best characteristic you can learn. #differentshades #differentshapes #differentkindoflove
“To live unapologetically in a body you’re consistently told you should be ashamed of is a political act” — Stella Young #orendakickassgogetters⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 📷 @rvbyallegra via @bitsbods⠀ ⠀ [Image description: Ruby has her hands on their hips and head titled to the side with her eyes closed and a wide grin on their face. They are wearing a red velvet hair scarf and red lipstick. Their tshirt is navy blue with white capital text reading "The Future is Accessible" and they are wearing blue denim jeans]⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 〰️⠀ 〰️⠀ 〰️⠀ 〰️⠀ 〰️⠀ 〰️⠀ #thefutureisaccessible #disbabeled #disabledandcute #mybadassbody #bodypositivity #bopo #bodyconfidence #bodyacceptance #body4me #bodypositivepower #thefutureisbright #stellayoung #chronicallyfabulous #disability #everybodyisagoodbody #bodylove #babewithamobilityaid #cripplepunk #disabilitypride #dontdismyability #thefutureisnonbinary #knowyourworth #abmhappylife #thehappynow #liveauthentic #liveauthentically #intersectionalfeminist #intersectionalfeminism #bitsandbods
Today's pose for the #yoga4ourgrowth challenge is #bakasana  Hosts: @yolandahutchinson35 @evaruthyoga @karolinakost @nightmarestoreality - Generous Sponsors: @faithfoxdesigns  @boomkats_polewear  @narabellabrand @safari_blankets @joulesathletics @vibratehigherofficial .  March 10th: Halasana March 11th: Trikonasana March 12th : Purvottasana  March 13th : Salabhasana  March 14th : Padangusthasana  March 15th : Malasana March 16th : Upavista konasana  March 17th : Vashistasana  March 18th : Salambadirsasana  March 19th : Tolasana  March 20th : Bakasana  March 21st : Ardhanamaskarparsvakonasana  March 22nd : Bharmanasana  March 23rd : Parivrttaadhomukhashvanasana  March 24th : Baddha konasana  March 25th: Parighasana  ____________________________ 💜🙏🕉️ #thebrazilianyogini #brazilianyogamom #inkedyogini #yogawithcurves #curvyyogini #curvygirl #plussize #igers #myrealyogabody #bodypositivity #yoga  #yogini  #yogapose 💜🙏🕉️
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Body shaming is NOT okay! ❌ . Yeah everyone’s entitled to an opinion, and some people put their bodies out there on social media/competing etc where they’re obv going to be judged (like the photo above)🤷🏽‍♀️ but if you haven’t been asked for your opinion, and it’s a negative one, then what are you actually gaining from going out of your way to voice that opinion to said person?! 😳 . Not everyone has a thick skin. Not everyone is so comfortable within themselves that negative comments just bounce off them 🙅🏽‍♀️ you don’t know where that person started. You don’t know how far they’ve come. You don’t know their background.. So ☝🏽) it is absolutely NOT your place to pass judgment on something you don’t even know the full story of. And ✌🏽) you have no clue the extent to which your nasty, negative, unnecessary comments are going to affect that person! . Putting somebody else down won’t make you look or feel any better.. Just remember that 👀 how about we all try making others feel good and lifting each other up, instead of tearing each-other down?💕 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #bodypositivity #selflove #mindset #positivevibes #girlsthatlift #girlswithmuscles #fitnessmotivation #gym #prosuppsarmy #strongnotskinny #strength #strongwomen #womenempowerment #ukfitfam #goals #transformationtuesday
Big up these shots by @pocketsquaredesign ! Loving the lighting! Almost marble like ⭐️🌙💚
Quick update! We've had to change the date of our Info Session and Undress Rehearsal drawing session, to Saturday 21 April 🗓 We hope with all our hearts you can still come! 💕
Me jamming with my wine, as per, captured by @coloursoflazy 💚 love it
Have you ever really looked at yourself? I'm not talking solely about looking into a mirror. But looking into you. Have you appreciated yourself for what you put yourself through every day? Every moment? I have had a recent introspection of myself and I realized I have taken everything for granted. Today and everyday, look into yourself and be thankful. Or if necessary, be apologetic. I'm sure, you will understand.