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“can i help you?”
Isla (pronounced eye-la) is a name I’ve always liked, even though i thought it was pronounced like is-la. To me, isla sounds spunky and powerful and fierce, and that’s exactly what this little girl is. Also, my mother’s family is Irish, and I’ve always been proud of my Irish heritage, so I like that her name kinda touches on my cultural roots 😂
marleau (pronounced mar-low) came from the former captain of my hometown hockey team: patrick marleau of the San Jose Sharks. I’m not a big sports fan, but I always loved going to sharks games with my mom, so I love that marleau reminds me of home and wonderful times with my momma. plus, I think marleau sounds unique and sophisticated (especially if you say it in a British accent), and Great Danes are unique and kind of sophisticated 😂
Week 14 💪🏻 Almost 50lbs and counting down the days until these paws can hit the sidewalks! I’m itching to explore! #exoduskane
WHATTT it’s Monday?!? I don’t like mondays!!! #greatdanesofinstagram #greatdane_feature #bluegreatdane #derp