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#xblhair A simple hairstyle need a little embellishment, headscarf will add your cute and charming looks 😍😍😍👯👯
#xblhair Loose wave feedback 😍😍
#xblhair Our Website is OK NOW. Sorry about that we update the website on the morning😫😫
Ciaoooo chella! This is the last shot! #coachellaoutfit #puma
We have Nothing to Lose & A world to See!!! #greece2018 #thetravellingmurze #travelgram #traveldiaries #vacation #explore #dream #discover
Én vele kezdem a napot. Agatha Raisin könyvei könnyed kikapcsolódást és szórakozást nyújtanak. Szerintem a legújabb kötetben se fogok csalódni.  #book #books #bookstagram #bookaddict #mutimitolvasol #reading #blog #blogger #zama #zamablog #bloggerstyle #bloglife #blogpost #blogspot #bookworm #menreading #menandbook #énisolvasok #könyv #könyvmoly #booklover #irodalom #olvasnijó #readingissexy #bookoftheday #readthisbook
Hoy fue noche de evento y fuimos testigos de la presentación oficial de la hamburguesa blue cheese and bacon de la línea signature de @mcdonalds_ecu 🍔; sobre los sabores, tiene crema de queso y, encima, es complementada con queso azul dándole una experiencia totalmente diferente al paladar, McDonald’s la combinó  con vino rojo y el resultado fue excelente. Una nueva 🍔 en el mercado nunca será mala noticia. ¡Bienvenida! 🤤 vayan a probarla pronto ❤️ • • • • • 📸: @tottoavilesfotografo • • • #placerencrear #hamburguesasgourmet #lifestyleblogger #guayaquil #ecuador
You call a dear Friend of your’s, who’s now working in a MNC or You call your friend who’s struggling to get somewhere or Even, you call any of your mates from school who THEN had that COOL swag and were involved in all sorts of Mischiefs.  What do you get to hear? “Hey! SORRY, I am BUSY, will Ttyl”  Everyone is BUSY.  We are minimally affected by the fact that our friends are BUSY. We are majorly depressed of the fact that what are they busy in?  What is the more productive things they are involved in and I am not?  We promised each other to walk on the road called life, TOGETHER.  But What now?  I personally feel, Being Busy is Good.  Numerous reasons to state, but I guess that is a 100% PERSONAL point of view so It won’t have much relevance in here.  For Some others like me, Being Busy is more of a Necessity.  But not EVERYONE understands it.  Definition of BUSY is different for everyone these days   What is actually being busy?  Not Giving time to other things/people or Not BEING able to Give time?  OR  Not making time for other things/people or Not BEING able to make time?  I don’t understand whether these are 4 different interpretations or 2 different versions.  For example, If i tell someone  that I’m busy.  He/She will think of 1 of these choices.  But the Choice which the person makes depends upon the way that person looks at us.  Some think Our Priorities Changed while others think that we are not Prioritizing stuff.  Everyone is so much confused and in ALL OF THEIR OWN MESS they unintentionally Pinch us too!  Anyhow we ACCEPTED our busy life, and now THOSE people are here to pinch us back into the REALITY.  But, (i know there are a lot of but’s and some unanswerable questions as well), All what i learnt from it is…  Do what you think is good for you!  #themonomaniacc #blogger #bloglife #busy #imabusybee #writer #express #wordsmatter #imbusyandiloveit #life #teenagers #teenagelife #kidults #nomoreakid #competition #race
📸📸📸 #vcrglitch #play #summersmiles #bloglife #behappy❤️
5⃣ неочевидных фактов, которые нужно знать о психологах ⠀ 1⃣ Психолог обязан соблюдать этический кодекс ⠀ 2⃣ Психолог не врач ⠀ 3⃣ Он не дает советов ⠀ 4⃣ Они тоже посещают психологов ⠀ 5⃣ Он не должен работать с клиентом со схожими проблемами  #промарафон4 с @klemina.oksana
•AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR• . . Ik ga niks spoilen, maar wat een emotionele rollercoaster was dat zeg! Marvel fans zoals ik en de meiden met wie naar de film ging snappen dit gevoel. Ik heb letterlijk de hele film zowel gelachen als gehuild. Ik ben meer dan 10 keer doodgegaan en weer tot leven gekomen totdat ik naar adem moest happen van de spanning en zo ging het de hele film door. Ik moet er nog flink van bijkomen, maar man oh man, wat een fantastische film. . . Even een leuke Thor outfitje die ik zondag aan had om in de Avengers sferen te blijven. Swipe links voor de outfits van gisteren met de leuke meiden ✌🏼we didn’t give a sh*t about our crazy fandom. . . ||📷 Canon G12 & iphone 6s||
Does anyone else here choose that extra 5 minutes of sleep over getting ready? 🙋🏻‍♀️ I’m so guilty of this! ☺️ . . . Constantly being on the go I’m always grabbing my purse and phone and running out the door, but sometimes I can be really clumsy. I have a tendency to put my phone in my back pocket and it’s constantly falling out. I just received this case from @getkroma and I can honestly say this is the best phone case I’ve ever had. Great quality and beautiful designs! Thank you again kroma for keeping my phone safe through all my clumsiness. 🤣 . . . Visit them at @getkroma and use code: takethetram for 10% off! Did I mention that their backplates are interchangeable !👌🏼📱
🌸 G U T E N  M O R G E N 🌸 . . Ich sitze mal wieder in der Berufschule und muss danach noch in die Fahrschule und dann ist der Tag auch schon wieder vorbei 🙄😅 . . Das Wetter heute ist besser als gestern, die Sonne strahlt wieder und der Himmel ist blau. Sowie auf dem Bild hier das am Wochenende auf dem Weinberg in Metzingen entstand. Dort war ich schon seit Jahren nicht mehr 😁 Aber es war schön mal wieder in meiner Heimatstadt zu sein 😊 . . Was habt ihr heute schönes geplant? . . Photographer: @tierschuetzer_2000