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Purpose before anyTHING else. Personally, I’m tired of seeing my peers waste their talents and gifts on things that don’t matter. We choose to make everything else our BAE’s expect what God has called us to do. The time for change is now not tomorrow or next year. Tired of not walking in your purpose? Well you need to be at the Purpose is Bae Mixer 👉🏽 Link to tickets is in my bio.
Do you describe yourself as a 'creative'? On our latest boss talk with @krissdidit, co-host @ohioryan opens up about his struggle to acknowledge his work & gifts as being a 'creative'. Having creativity comes in so many different forms of expression. So what does it take? How do you own it? Tune in to the conversation on #itunes & #soundcloud now. 🎧⚡️
Today one of my clients paid for her publishing package in full and another one called me to put the deposit down for their fall 2018 release. So what makes somebody you’ve never met electronically send you thousands of dollars to your bank account and continue a relationship with you afterwards? It’s called the Know, Like, and Trust Factor. Join me on live tonight at 8:30pm EST to learn how you can create this and get similar results! Set your alarm clock and bring a friend. NO REPLAY!
Hella congrats to our #hellahappychallenge winner, @ms.evans1385!!! 💫💕🙌🏾 • • & a special shoutout to everyone who shared their #happy with us yesterday for #internationdayofhappiness ✨ You guys are #helladope!!! 🙌🏾💫 #thehappypopup
Supreme Alien Goddess Vibes ✨✨ • • • I’ll have you know getting the okay to take photos in a gas station is NOT EASY. the attendent at the first station told us no with the quickness.  At the second location we just walked in and I ducked down in the aisle & started shooting. I guess it really is better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done without permission?! Comment below! • • • shot by #ladyflexdaily  Muse: @starqualitymusic • • • #melaninart #melaninfeed #trynewthings #blkcreatives #photographyoftheday #atlantaphotographer #vsco #justgoshoot
I used to think bravery meant being fearless..until all my fears caught up with me and I realized that they were just trying to keep me safe.  _ I talk about the new way to brave that includes owning and being in relationship with our fears.  _ As always, follow the writings link in my bio to Medium and check out my latest post. Enjoy. Lemme know what you think. And if you like it, clap for it so ya girl can get some coins. ☺️ _ #writersofig #daringgreatly
Issa beautiful family! #toddtucker #acewellstucker #kandiburruss
giving myself permission // ✨🍃
found some dope art today at a queer owned thrift store while running errands. made my day. that’s all. 😎 // 🍃✨
Happy #wrapitwednesday loves! Today we have two simple Headwrap tutorials. The first tutorial is showing you have to create a bow with an Afro puff and the second tutorial is showing you one of my favorite styles that I’ve dubbed the “Bun Bun”. I’m using our Vivrant Thang Headwrap in Purple (that we’ve just restocked). #headwraptutorial
NEW BLOG POST! Impression Building: Tactics for Managing How You Make People FEEL • "Optics can be misleading. Sometimes, the person with a flawless image and online identity has some serious deficiencies when it comes to social literacy. We should remember that audiences will “like” content, but they’re loyal to people." Read it now on brandingbybri.com #brandingbybri #brandonpurpose
A snow storm don’t stop no show. #productionmeeting
✨NEW Leopard dress with yellow detail • Size SMALL & MEDIUM • $25
@hibeautiful1029 LOVES my biz planner!!! She used it to launch her first product and sge earned $$$ If you are a speaker, coach or consultant... Purchase and learn how to: Define your nice and ideal customer Identify Your Ideal Client Create Digital Products Figure Out Pricing Learn How To Automate Your Business  Purchase here: bit.ly/bizlauncher
*LIFE UPDATE*  Sometimes life has a way of shifting before your eyes without you even noticing. Until one day you do. About a year ago, Steven and I finally noticed the shift. It was subtle. It was just enough for us to pause and look at each other the way you do when you just experienced a small earthquake. “Did you feel that?” We both swore we did, but weren’t too sure about it. We shrugged. We threw up a quick prayer for guidance and off we went. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  In September of 2017, my husband broke his hand in a freak accident. Just like that he was on disability and home for 3 months. None of this made sense. Especially when we had been feeling so much good was right around the corner. Frustrated, while on a drive by myself, I decided to pray. It was one of those silent prayers. The kind where you are too angry for words so you just let the tears do the talking. And as clear as day I heard it in my spirit “Megan, this is the start of something good.” My heart believed it. I dried my tears, went home, looked my husband in the eye and said “ We’re gonna make the most of this season.” He nodded determinedly. Turns out that time with him home was sacred. This gave us the time and space to connect deeply, revaluate our life, listen to our gut, and feel that shift again. This time we paid attention. We let out a bolder prayer “God if this is you, make it obvious and confirm it.” And over the past 6 months, that He has.  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  March 2018 and here we are. Next month our family will be leaving Washington. This is definitely bittersweet for us as we love Seattle and the people we have come to know here. But it’s important that we practice what we preach. And that is to follow the whisper. To listen to your heart when your head says “that won’t work.” It’s taking that risk. Trusting your instinct. It’s daring to run past comfort zones. It’s saying “yes” in the beginning when you aren’t sure of the ending.
MINIMALIST Styled and shot by me. • • • • #chaneladdict #chanellover #slaytheflatlay #picbyme #styledbyme #photobyme  THIS PHOTO WAS TAKEN BY ME. DO NOT COPY/ USE PHOTO WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.
Gorgeous grey vintage neck tie blouse • Size 11/12 or 13/14 • $20
Wigs anyone 😙😙😙
Thanks @alldatnoise X @dezjermaine_urbanposse for featuring myself and @bombandbossy on your blog! Find out why they are naming me the top new #socialmediamarketer on the rise by clicking the link in my bio. ❤️ #bombandbossy APPROVED 💣