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If You haven’t Seen The @driemanskap Feat. Chase Kambi ‘Champion’ Music Video it’s Out Right now here’s the link Please Watch and Share https://youtu.be/mtcpGT0_Jvg  Another #anivorynationpictures @ivorynationpictures #ciamusicrecords @ciamusicrecords S/O my playa patna The Sauce Gawd @xolani1287 S/O My D.O.P. My big bro And business partner @goodwilln S/O my cousin @siyangcangca #sisonke #musicvideo #hiphop #champion #lights #camera #action #setlife #director #dop #businessowner #producerlife #blackdirector #blackfilmmakers #shortfilm
#filmmakerfriday #repost @anoncontent (@get_repost) ・・・ Director Dee Rees re-teams with cinematographer @rmorrison and @therealmaryjblige for @Walmart sci-fi short #thebox . . . @we.are.saatchi // @exileedit // @hellompc @mpcla #deerees #rachelmorrison #maryjblige #oscars #femalefilmmaker #woc #fun #cute
@magnum_med 🎥✨ In position 📸✨: To be featured send a DM with your picture, location, and caption. Use the hashtag #ishootblack
Will smith, Denzel Washington and a plethora of other people in show business are international stars. Kevin Hart, Beyoncé are world wide stars infusing their culrture in everything they do.  The jig is up! If you don’t want to make more diverse movies just say that.  the tired excuse of  that movies of “color” don’t have an audience outside the States is false and insulting.  Hip hop is American culture and we know who created hip hop and America holds the pulse of the world.  Boyz in the Hood premiered in France, critics loved it, then  the American media jumped on the bad wagon.  Eddie Murphy had a reign almost spanned a decade where he was that guy globally! Many people learned to speak English watching coming to America over and over.  The goal should always be vertical integration, own studios, production companies everything!  I’m interested in what motivates you when you live in Lao and you loose your job or how losing your father in Guam shaped your life.  I just don’t want to hear more stories from my community but all the voices who have zero representation in the media.
@tony_captured working on something serious 🎥✨ 📸✨: To be featured send a DM with your picture, location, and caption. Use the hashtag #ishootblack
@queensit_productions in St.Louis, MO has some serious colorgrading #skills  To be featured: send a DM with a picture, caption, and your location 🛬
Tonight is OPENING NIGHT of @lunaisamerica's Hilariously Brilliant play "How To Be A White Man", directed by @rodneyearljacksonjr.  You are ENTITLED to join us @ 8 PM at the Buriel Clay Theatre TONIGHT, March 23 - April 1, it will be our PRIVILEGE to have you! Tickets are available at: www.sfbatco.org  #howtobeawhiteman #htbawm #sfbatco #femalecomedians #blackdirector #blackcomedians #femaleplaywrights #pressfoward #representationmatters #nbt
#thankyou everyone for tuning in to the premiere of the @dearlittleproject. You can catch it re-playing every Sunday in April form 8-8:30pm at the link in my bio. [Doing my best to get it up on youtube ASAP as well!] I appreciate all of the love and support. All I want to do in life is spread positive energy.
#tbt that time I was on the set of Meteor Man with my homie Roy Fagan @zinkyroy aka Golden Lord Chief. Meteor Man had one of the greatest ensemble of black talent in a movie. Happy 25th Anniversary to a funny movie, a true masterpiece, and a timeless classic. Peep all the talent that was in @iamroberttownsend timeless classic METEOR MAN: Bill Cosby Luther Vandross Chris Tucker  Eddie Griffith James Earl Jones John Witherspoon Robert Guillaume Don Cheadle Big Daddy Kane Another Bad Creation (ABC) Naughty By Nature Cypress Hill Biz Markie Nancy Wilson Beverly Johnson Jennifer Lewis Lela Rachon LaWanda Page (Aunt Esther from Sanford & Son) Tiny Lister Sinbad Marla Gibbs Robert Townsend Bobby McGee WOW! #salute #pride #blackpride  My early nineties were the best! Peep the #howarduniversty #lid #whenlightskinwasreallyin . . . . #meteorman #roberttownsed #director #blackdirector #goat #legend #thenineties #comedy #blackhollywood #hollywood #actor #showbiz #blackactors #mypastlife #howardalumni #blacktravelfeed #blackguystraveltoo #blavity #fashion #oldschool #grateful #god #jesus
Representation matters when you come from nothing seeing yourself on screen rather big or small can have a drastic affect on your life.  When kids don’t see images of them selves in a positive light or have context to the reality they are seeing they tend to believe what they see and fall in line.  The 90s sitcoms taught life lessons that many didn’t have the opportunity to learn inside their home.  We need to bring back feeling Martin, Living single etc.
Actor Mario Van Peebles and his lovely wife Chitra Sukhu attending PAFF26 Centerpiece Film & Afterparty ‘Black Panther’ #panafricanfilmfestival #paffnow #actors #paff26 #blackpanther #blackactor #blackdirector #guru #yoga
Whats taking so long with my BLACK WOMAN SUPERHERO FILM Dark Chaos Maze Of The Universe? 😦😦😦😦
Tonight is the Pay-What-You-Can-Preview of Luna Malbroux’s play “How to Be a White Man” at @aaacc_sf at 8pm, produced by @sfbatco and directed by @rodneyearljacksonjr ❤️If we don’t see you tonight, get your tickets for this weekend and next weekend at @sfbatco (link in bio)🎟 ABOUT THE PLAY: Can a Black Woman get white male privilege? Let's find out! Michelle is inches away from landing her dream job at 'Avocado Nation' - the new SNL-like show for millennials. But as a Black woman in the comedy world, she consistently faces emerging challenges at every level amidst the pressure to be "twice as good." Determined to get ahead, no matter what, Michelle decides what she really needs is white male privilege- and she figures out one hell of a way to get it. This fun, campy, dramedy takes the audience on a wild journey as Michelle struggles to find her true self.