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Mum is super pleased with me today. I’ve been extremely good on walkies, I didn’t pull on the lead and I came back when she called me in the fields. I’m definitely in the good books!!! ๐Ÿ˜† - - - - #dogsofinstagram #doguedebordeaux #ddb #instadogs #doguedebordeauxlove #doguedebordeauxpuppy #love #dogsofinstagram #doglovers #christmas #puppy #likeforlike #lfl #l4l #frenchmastiff #beautiful #followme #f4f #follow #mastiff #bigbreedlovers #likeforfollow #dogs #dogslife
Hey little love bug. Do you want me to be your mommy? ๐Ÿ‘ถ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ’™ #loveatfirstcuddle #berneselove #babybernese #puppucuddles #newmom #puppylove #bernesemountaindog #mommyandme #dogmom #keeploving #gentlegiantpuppy #bigbreedlovers
Warning, PREACH ahead โš ๏ธ I talk a LOT about how important training is for a big dog. Till now I thought it was great because it lets Cash live his best life, running in the park, romping through creeks, having the freedom to just be a dog.  Seeing my big boy and his (heavier, bigger) un-trained twin is nature vs. nurture eye opener. It's also shown me that the benefits of training are exponentially greater than the (only!) six 'commands' Cash knows. Sit, Stand, Down, Stay, Come, and Heel aren't tricks. They're the touchstones of a dog that pays close attention to his person, knows that a command is not an optional request, and can contain his energy as he moves through a space. The learning process imbued him with patience, confidence, and focus, plus apparently the ability to entertain himself. It also made us trust each other. I can leave Cash off leash surrounded by kids and tell him to stay put while I go inside a building and know that he'll be there when I come back – and he knows that I'll *be* back.  Meanwhile, sweet Titan is tethered to our kitchen island because he destroys everything in his path – not maliciously, but because he doesn't have awareness of his size or strength or movements (that tail!). He can't go on a walk because he doesn't know how to walk on a leash – he is too big and strong even for someone who outweighs him to handle. He cries when I go out of his sight because he doesn't trust that I'll be back. His life couldn't be more different from his brother's and the only difference is training. Cash has clear boundaries and direction and is safe and happy. Titan has neither and is in desperate need of a home.  Cash is NOT perfect, but his social butterfly failings are a result of my own inconsistencies in training (well, that and the people who STILL won't listen when I ask them to not reward him for bad manners). Training him has been the most frustrating and difficult thing I've done, but now that I see what the alternative
This sweet big boy needs a family to love after his owner abandoned him. Can you adopt Titan? bit.ly/titanneedsahome
Couple of good girls doing what good girls do ๐Ÿ‘ฏ‍โ™€๏ธ . . . #rottiecenter #rottweilerpuppy #rottweiler #puppiesofinstagram #puppies #sisters #rottweilersofinstagram #dogistofdogs #dogsofinstagram #toungeout #bigbreedlovers #bigbreed
Wow! My mom can’t believe I’m 4 months old today. In honor of that let’s get to know me a little better. -I am a 4 month old English mastiff puppy. -my full name is sweet Georgia Louise often called Georgie, George, Lou, lou dog but mostly Georgie porgy -I weigh 58 pounds. Don’t judge -I live in Iowa with my mom and dad and two human siblings -I like to eat furniture and shoes if no one is watching me -I like to attack my brother and try to smother him with my love -I still have all of my puppy teeth. My mom hopes they fall out soon -I am really good at bringing all the sticks in the backyard to the door -I like to go on walks with my mom -I eat a lot and wish my mom would give in to my demands for people food -I picked up this awesome habit of sitting on the coffee table and have figure out I’m already perfect height to counter surf. So far I’ve spilled 7 gallons of milk,eaten some delicious veggie lasagna and a bag of carrots  Whew! That’s a start. Tell me about you!? #sweetgeorgialou #englishmastiff #mastiffsofinstagram #bigbreedlovers #mastiffpuppy #englishmastiffsofinstagram #englishmastifflove #mastiff_feature
Titan is a handful but with some work and time he can behave like his brother. โžก๏ธ He learns fast and has already picked up that the way to get pet is to lie down quietly and to get out the door he has to sit and wait for an OK. The right person with time and patience can have an incredible dog. #adoptthisdog
Brotherly pillow #mastiffsofinstagram #bigbreedlovers