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What a confidence boost in the beginning stages of my #recoveryrevival Obviously its bikini season (which I thrive on) ☀️ However, I wont lie that i'm nervous as well. Body dysmorphia is scary and bad body image days can really kill a mood for the entire day/week/whatever. I'm learning to get out of those funks as fast as I get in them. Anyway, I decided to walk into @aerie and this is what I walked into.... how freaking empowering. I love women. Y'all rock. 🤘🏼
Another super cute custom order! This blue shirt color is sooo pretty! ✨💙
Let's talk about the personal growth that can come with weight loss. Let's talk about the increase in happiness and security with oneself. I've learned that's the biggest change!  Let's talk about taking back our respect and pride. Standing up for ourselves. Being proud of yourself, and the skin you live in. I'd like to give a big ✌🏻to the people in my life who force me to look closer at myself through their hurtful, thoughtless, and difficult behaviours. You make me be better. To act in a way that is civil and kind is harder than being vicious, and petty. Fifty pounds and six months between these pictures, but what you can't see is my personal growth. It's there. It's the real success in this story. . . . #deepthoughts #keto #ketogenic #ketodiet #ketotransformation #riseup #bekind #bekindtoyourself #meanpeoplesuck #lchf #personalgrowth #betteryourself #youwillnotbreakme
(Long post: if you want to skim look for the "🔵") . . This month has been brutal mentally🤯. At the end of March a stated slacking a bit and I kicked myself in the bum this month to try and reach my goal. 💪 Between making sure I hit my protein goals🍛, increasing water💧, and lifting more often🏋️‍♀️ i'm retaining water and I bloat easier. -- You can imagine my disappointment to have the scale not reflect my hard work because of it. . BUT, the scale👏 isn't👏 the👏 only 👏 way 👏 to 👏 track 👏 progress👏 My genius self remembered this🤓 so I pulled out my measuring tape. . . 🔵From last month I'm down 5.25 inches!!!! (torso and extremities) 🔵That makes a total of 23.75 inches lost!!! (just torso: chest,  bust,  under bust, waist,  belly/hip) I'm amazed!!! . . . ❌Don't get discouraged. ❌Don't beat yourself up when you don't see the change you want to see right away.  Your body is amazing and is always changing to adapt to what is asked  if it. ◾You're getting stronger. ◾You're getting more energy. ◾You're sleeping better. ◾You're cravings are changing. . . . >>Also another non scale victory is this picture,  taken last week while I was making a titanic joke because of the wind... I don't hate who I'm seeing.  Not just because my body has changed but because my mind is more kind. 🧠🌼❤
#innerpeace #bekindtoyourself yourself
And never forget it! 😉
Thank you to Masters Of Health magazine for featuring my article in their April edition.  Thanks to @ak.toronto for her contribution to this piece! Check it out in @lifepower1320 (link in their bio). 💙 💙 💙 💙 💙 #foodforthought #peacewithfood #stopdieeting #healthyattitude #healthybody #bodypositivity #bodypositive #healthyisnotasize #drnina #qotd #quotestoliveby #liveauthentic #healthymindset #livewell #healthandfitness #bekindtoyourself #healthymindhealthylife #healthybodyimage #instagramwellness #womeninbusiness #psychoanalysis #innerpeace #mindbodysoul #radiohost #authorsofig #goalgetter
Day 7 of walking and I walk for 2k at 9am. On two of those days I walked 4k. I’m taking it slow and trying patience on for size. I’m not looking ahead, and I’m not looking back. I’m trying to live right now. It doesn’t mean I don’t have goals, it just means every good choice I make in this moment will pay off later. Just like my ancestors, I will mind what I do in every moment, mindful that my choices will have consequences, and I just have to do the best I can to make those consequences positive. My new motto (borrowed from someone much wiser): If you are dealing with depression, that means you are living in the past. If you are dealing with anxiety, you are living in the future. It is only when you are living in the present, that you will be at peace.” I hope this helps some of you.  #liveinthemoment #dothebestyoucan #worktowardsahealthieryou #loveyourself #selfimprovement #walkingtohealth #walking #healthyliving #livehealthy #bekindtoyourself #begentleonyourself
Good morning lovelies! Don’t forget to remind yourself of all the ways you are wonderful and worthwhile today!  #givethanks #bekindtoyourself
Are you smelling the roses today? 🌹 It does not have to be a real rose (although I do love them 😍)! You can be smelling the roses by taking a moment to enjoy yourself and life! Take a moment to reflect on something you are grateful for or a little victory you are proud of 💫 Share and inspire in the comments 👇💙✨ . . . You have reasons to be grateful and you have little victories to be celebrated! There is NOTHING to small to be proud of or grateful for 💫Getting out of bed in the morning is a victory and a blessing! Being able to be honest about your feelings, either talking or journaling, is a victory! Keeping a positive attitude or having faith tomorrow will be better is a victory! Staying hydrated is a victory! There is nothing too small to be celebrated ✨ It is time to celebrate your little victories ✨ . . . I had a little victory of stretching this morning! I’ve been having a hard time lately and my body is definitely carrying those stress and emotions! It would be easier to lay in bed longer or to simply not stretch, but I DID. Stretching may not be a victory for everyone, but it is MY victory and I AM PROUD that I made that choice to stretch my body! 🧘‍♀️✨🐻☀️. . . What is a little victory of yours? 🎉✨ . . NEWEST ARTICLE ON BRIGHTISDE BEAR  ALL ABOUT LITTLE VICTORIES AND BIG REASONS TO CELEBRATE 🎉 ✨💙🙌 I celebrate all kinds of victories for myself- some days getting out of bed is a victory for me and today posting this article is definitely a victory! Check out the link in bio or go to http://brightsidebear.com/little-victories/ to read my article about WHY we need to celebrate our little victories and how to do it! . . . . Sending love and positivity always 💙 I cannot thank you enough for your support on Brightside Bear- I would NOT be doing this without you! Now I need to go celebrate my “little victory” and keep having more🙌✨ . . . #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealthawareness #roses
Learning to focus your mind, while meditating or in any other area of your life, is just that: something you are learning.  Be gentle with yourself.
“It is not your history, but your presence on your mat that matters” -Pattabhi Jois • • • • • • • • • • •  Day 5 of #babygotbackbending challenge #wheelpose or pictured here my new love...#threeleggedwheel #chakrasana.  I have a hard time with things that I don’t progress at pretty quickly, so this pose has been a sore spot in my practice. I often find myself trying to control what’s happening in this pose with every part of my body, which means effort fighting effort, so I give up easily. This challenge has helped me realize there is so much ease to be found here and so many benefits! Here’s a few... 1. strengthens and lengthens the vertebrae, which increases elasticity and flexibility of the spine.  2. opens up the chest and strengthens the lungs allowing increased amounts of oxygen into the rib cage.  3. Yogis believe it counteracts stress, depression and anxiety. This is due to stimulation of the thyroid and pituitary glands when engaged in the posture.  4. ignites all seven of the chakras, keeping all the processes of the body in harmony with each other.  #babygotbackbends  SPONSORS: @nectarflowyoga @nectarflowclothing @ericavetrayoga
This Sunday we will be celebrating Earth Day. 🌸 Climate change is REAL people. If you’re from NY like me you can really see it. 80 degrees one day. Snowing the next. WTF! 🙀 It is threatening and deforestation is devastating with 15 billion trees lost every year, accounting for 20% of greenhouse gas emissions! It is the responsibility of OUR generation to act now to save our planet. And we, strong women, have a leading role to play! 🌸 Strong women lead the world and have the power to advocate and create the change we ALL need in creating a better planet. When brands and industries are so powerful, we should stand behind environment friendly companies who lead by example. That’s why I am proud to be the Ambassador of a company who does that, acting for the planet every day and not only on Earth Day! I not only love what @freskincare does to my skin but also what is does to the planet. 🌸 All year long, for every skincare set sold, FRÉ @freskincare plants an Argan Tree of Life in Morocco to help fight deforestation and empower the women’s communities who harvest the Argan oil. 🌸 To make an even stronger impact on Earth Day, FRÉ will not only plant a tree in Morocco, but also in America with the @arbordayfoundation. And, if as a community, the #frewomen reach 500 trees, FRÉ will double its commitment to plant 1K trees! 🌸 To further make it impossible not to join the #plant1ktrees movement, enjoy 25% OFF discount on the 123FRÉ set in the next 48 hours! So head over to freskincare.com now (link on my bio) and use my code TAJ to join the women who act to save our planet and enjoy the BEST skincare for us, strong women who sweat. ———————————————–— Learn how to build a sustainable healthy lifestyle with my 12 week program. DM me if you want a free coaching consultation! ⬆️⬆️⬆️ #trainwithamandajane #frewomen #plant1ktrees #earthday #reforestation #freskincare
Sunlight is a beautiful thing. The perks of being an early riser. You get to be awake as the sky changes from its grey and eerie mood to light blues full of warm orange tones. I love that the day seems longer and more productive. There is such peace in the way the sun shines in through the windows and leaves subtle shadows across the wood floor with an orange glow. The morning is the perfect time to reflect, find some positivity and maybe even set some intentions for your day. Take the time to read a book, journal or focus on some meditation and breathing. Happy Thursday and I hope everyone have a gorgeous morning ☕️