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You’re being brave. I see you. You see yourself. Every day. In the mirror. #mondaymotivation
That was the weekend 👩🏼‍🎨 #theritzparis @lisahyde_ 💞
My Sunday wish for you 👉 Show Up For Yourself, Please. 🔗 in bio. 📸: @dylanspitz . . They say that the greatest distance we’ll ever travel are the 18 inches between our mind and our heart. On any given Sunday, I’m about 900 inches in and thousands of thoughts deep on that particular highway. . . I drive through the best I can and go up and down depending on my heart’s mood and inclination. There are moments though when we’re stuck in traffic smack dab in the middle of those 18 inches, somewhere right next to the lump in our throat and so many inches away from any kind of positive butterfly in our stomach. . . Loving isn’t easy, living a full life that does justice to your wants and needs is even harder. The more life you live the more you realize that those 18 inches are riddled with “what is actually good for me?” questions and “am I doing this right?” doubts and "crap, this is magic" feelings. More often than not the questions are spoken into the quiet of rooms, of bathrooms, of airplane cabins. The quiet doesn’t tend to answer back often, so on we go — up and down those 18 inches. . . The gasoline that powers those 18 inches traveled, back and forth, tends to be pain. More often than not we’re at war between familiar, certain pain and unknown, potential pain. We ask ourselves if it will hurt more to stay exactly where we are or if the momentary jump and stomach in your throat feeling is worth it because what’s on the other side of it could be all we’ve ever wanted. . . You keep on putting one foot in front of the other though because while the present version of you may want to throw up, the future version of you is thanking you incessantly for never giving up on yourself and for leading yourself to all that feels right.
Exploring old cities on hilltops and drinking Italian wine from the local bar. 🙌🏻 let’s road trip forever 😘@jesselabauve
But I’ve already got it pretty good. And who am I to ask for more? And I know people who have it a lot worse/harder than I do. . . I hear these phrases a lot. And I get it because we live in a “who do they think are asking for more when they’ve already got it pretty good" culture. But really, when ya drill down, these responses are just fear wrapped in hunks of privileged bullshit. . . Fear of taking a leap. Fear that the grass isn’t greener. Fear of being called selfish. Fear of locking eyes with deservedness and self-worth and what they’ll say when they see ya. Fear of unleashing yourself. And finally, privilege that you can ignore all of that and stay where you are without immediate consequence. . . But there is a consequence. It’s a fully blown break. Later down the road. And we choose this route over the others, because let’s face it, a fully blown break is hard, really fucking hard, but there’s an obvious-ish path forward. And people get it. They understand. They won’t call you selfish if you take that route. They’ll call you brave. . . The other routes, the Fuck ‘em I’m Worth It, and the I’m Gonna Move From Good To Great, and the I Don’t Need To Be On My Knees Seeking Approval and Validation from Others To Make A Change routes are excruciating because on the surface nothing’s wrong. Explaining yourself to the world when the cracks aren’t visible yet is damn near impossible. . . But I have good news - YOU DON’T HAVE TO EXPLAIN YOURSELF. At least not to me. I believe you are capable of creating change from the place In which you stand. Right now. With no other reason than the fact that you want to. . . It’s time to move from strong to stronger, from relative wholeness to holy wholeness, from "everything's good thanks" to "I'm looking to launch myself into the stratosphere cuz this year’s my year". It’s time for THE GREAT BIG JOURNEY . . The April 8th intake is open. There are 24 hours left for EarlyBird enrollment.
fawkes has resting “this is incredibly boring” face but thankfully amanda has resting “this is the BESTDAYEVEROMGWILLYOUBEMYBESTFRIEND?” face.
Is it a work or play type of weekend? Maybe both?! 👩🏻‍💻@trendenser #steadfastsociety
For St. Paddy’s day the only greenish color I had on was my ShadowSense... It was kind of cheating but that was all I had! 🤪 . On my eyes I did #mocojava in my crease. Outer corner I did #smokedtopaz. Inner lid I did #mocajavashimmer. And to blend I added a little #smokedtopazshimmer. . Bottom line if you haven’t tried ShadowSense we need to chat! . . . . . . . . . . . . . #bandofun #becomingwild #bloomyellow #consciousculture #thatsdarling #darlingweekend #curatedlife #findingmagic #thehappynow #choosey #peoplescreatives #bedeeplyrooterd #huffpostgram #gritandvirtue #petitejoys #seeksimplicity #coachingbusiness #coachfromanywhere #communityovercompetition #creativeepreneur #createcultivate #creativebusiness #dreamchaser #desiremap
Guys I am exploring Rome with my stud of a husband! 😍 And Tomorrow we rent our car to travel to Tuscany! Let the adventure begin 🙌🏻
Magical Roma 💫
I was at a dinner party last week in Seattle and the host, @montagnavita of @collectiveseattle, asked all of the attendees to introduce themselves without saying where they were from or what they did for a living. . . On a side, this is the only way I want intros to work going forward. . . Every person in the room said something profound but one person’s response stood out for me. He talked about his belief in levity. He talked about loving humor and light heartedness. And then he said, “because the other thing I believe in is gravity.” . . Archetypally I’m about 37% court jester so I felt this in my bones right away. And it felt like relief - knowing that someone else saw these two things as intertwined. The idea that they both have their own place but are also side by side. The idea of levity and gravity dancing together, being graceful with one another. . . Most times, I think we get this dance wrong. I think we laugh things off that we shouldn’t. And I think we have stiff upper lips when laughter would help. I think take ourselves too seriously, and also not seriously enough, like not even close. And I wonder what would happen, or could happen, if we were all “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” about getting this balance just right. . . Yours as I spend my morning pondering this while simultaneously sending a psychic message to John Mayer about penning lyrics for Levity, an obvious follow-up to his 2006 smash hit, Xo S
With critically acclaimed author, lawyer and music talent manager, Steve Eggleston just before I introduced and questioned him as part of the “What’s Wrong With Men?” Debate in London.🦋
It’s true, you are your only limit. 🚪  Get out of your own way and change that right now. ☄️ And the best way to do that is to get support. Because support helps you see those blocks you can’t see yourself, it helps you think bigger, it helps you move beyond your self imposed limits. 🌞 And when you do that, everything changes. 🥅  What you believe changes  What you can conceive for yourself changes  How you show up changes.  In short, the game changes. 🥅  It was a big investment working with my current coach to get the support I needed. . I had so many fears and limiting beliefs come up. Am I worthy of the investment? what if I invest and don’t get it back?  what if I fail? . But if there’s one thing I know now, its that having support feels incredible. . No successful person gets to the top by themselves. All the top athletes and business owners have coaches and mentors on an ongoing basis. .  It’s not a treat or an indulgence. It’s a NON-NEGOTIABLE for stepping into the woman you’re meant to be. .  Who do you lean on for support?  If you’re ready to feel supported, join my community of like minded women for sisterhood and support. Link in bio . . . . . #soulpreneur#businesslife#inspireothers #thatsdarling#buildyourempire #bossbabe #lifecoach#businesscoach #personaldevelopment#theeverygirl #flashesofdelight #supersoul#livethelittlethings #seizetheday#dreamchasers #thefutureisfemale#makeadifference #bethechange#consciousculture #savvybusinessowner#pursueyourpassion #createcultivate#girlboss #bossbabe #hersuccess#flashesofdelight #becomingwild#bloomyellow #risingtidesociety#womenempoweringwomen
The city of lights 💫and love💞 With love, from Paris xo (@amanda_julca makeup @beautyluxeprouk)
For so many reasons, we are such big believers in brides and grooms taking time for themselves on their wedding day, and gorgeous portraits like this might just be one of those reasons 😉😁😍 [Photo Cred: Wedding Villa]
Congratulations to all of the beautiful brides who find their dress this weekend; and best wishes to all of the brides-to-be who will get married! 🍾🍾🍾 We love the weekend so much! P.s. we still have 1 appointment available next Saturday and 1 next Sunday. Let us know if one of those is yours 😁😁