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One by one he brought me presents and one by one we counted them 🏐⚽️🏀🏈⚾️🎾#overandoveragain #babyboo #ballcollector #thisiswhatobsessionlookslike @bostonm4230
A bit late to the party but happy national puppy day to all those little cuties out there ❤️🐶 #nationalpuppyday #puppies #loveyhem #babyboo #babybree
One of the best days of my life was the day I brought Baby home!! I couldn’t imagine life without her!! #adoptdontshop #dogmom #chiweenie #chiweeniesofinstagram #babyboo
Strongest little lady that there ever was ❤️❤️ #babyboo #alannah #mybabygirlisprettierthanyours #mybabygirlisahero #proudmomma
while those two over there look drunk af, I’m looking way too hot yay 🤷🏽‍♀️😂♥️
Salut toi 👋🏽 #babyboo#already8month
LOOOOOK AT THIS MAN JUSSS LOOK AT HIM I MEAN HE IS SUPER MULTI TALENTED LIKE AND HANDSOME TOO AND WHAT NOT? ALL IN ONE MY BAE!👅✨❤ You kinda kill me {mentally} everyday with such pics and you obviously have to stop being this handsome.🔥❤🙈 Everyday task of this man —> @uzairjaswalofficial  is to kill each one of us with such out of this world kinda looks (and he doesn’t even have to try) he looks beyond handsome.❤😍 I have never seen such a perfect human in my life. 💕✨ he stands out and every other person standing besides him just fades away 🔥❤ You are truly an art that I dare to portray. 🔥  If looks can kill I would be dead by his looks already ❤😩 HE'S SO HANDSOME! 😩💋 I can't find someone who's more perfect than him. In my eyes he's perfect. he's just beautiful inside & out. ❤👅 you know how there are so many stars in the sky and then there is that one star you can’t resist looking at and somehow feel connected to, @uzairjaswalofficial is that one star. 🌟 he really doesn’t belong here because he is something magical and so beautifully crafted.💕✨ Everything about him is just so simple and so special at the same time and I wonder how is it even possible👅❤ How does he carry off every look with such grace & elegance? Why do you do this to me everyday? I just sit & wonder how can someone be so perfect & Handsome.Are you even real? 💋  he's just too hot, handsome , perfect and what not! A symbol of PERFECTION  I'm so speechless. Look at this perfect peice of art, a beautiful creation of God,  I honestly don't know how I'm supposed to be okay after watching him slay like a KING!!!🔥💗 he looks breathtakingly stunning and he left me speechless and made my jaw dropped,Like ,how does he do it??😥👏 Every single time!!?? Such a SLAYER! I don't know why but I am in love with this picture, it just took my heart and breath away.💕✨ I swear to god , how much ever I try to describe his perfection
Any reason to post a picture of my block head is a good enough reason for me. Happy National puppy day to my girl who has mastered the head tilt and is always full of smiles 🐶💕 #rescuedliferocks #allamiles #rescuedismyfavoritebreed  #pitbulllife #agirlandherdog #mypitty #babyboo
Not sisters by blood but sisters in heart❤🌍🌍❤ #backofhaters  #weloveeachother  #babyboo #beautifulgirls  #hatersgonnahate