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Super grateful and thankful for those who have bought from me recently. Literally just got hit with a financial burden, but instead of freaking out I thought "ok payment plan" and "thank God for those sales this week". I am a believer in divine timing and last night when I was thinking about how lucky I been - getting my third sale this week, I thought, this is for something. I am being taken care of. Today was my answer. I am getting what I hope is my last test for my heart and didn't expect an expensive payment upon arrival. Thank goodness for payment plans. My art is more important to me than I thought. Not only my mental health but physical now haha! When I finished setting up a payment plan I asked if that surprise could count as my stress test....hahahaha!!! .... it doesn't btw... So thank you thank you thank you to those who have bought, shared, commented etc... I am beyond grateful for the support and love ♡  #grateful #thankful #supportsmallbusinesses #artistmom #twinmom #hippiemom #arttherapy #artbeforemeds #artistswhosellonetsy #namaste #meditation #mala #abstractpainting #acrylicpainting
Day 22 of #100daysoflidipie. ✨✨✨ We had our first run in with those annoying, nearly invisible little pests that run amuck wherever kids touch heads: lice. As a little psa: When/if it ever happens to you, don’t freak out (like I did), instead do some good research. There are lots of myths about lice. It’s certainly a pain, but if you know what you are dealing with, it’s actually not SO bad. I was talking to a friend who lived in Russia as a child, and they just didn’t have access to the resources we have so they had two options: shave the head or, get this, douse your child’s hair in benzene (!!!), cover it with a bag, and wait. She said she could still remember the burning.😳 So anyway, this is just to say, we are pretty lucky. The morning after this whole ordeal, I’m sipping my coffee and just sort of wondering out loud where on earth we managed to pick it up, since apparently we are the first in the kindergarten this time around (I know. How To Be Popular 🙄). I’m feeling kind of annoyed, since I went out of my way to tell anyone we could possibly have passed it on to, and CLEARLY some other PERSON did NOT do us the same courtesy. Harumph. Alida, playing nearby and apparently listening, pipes up: “I dot my itch from a dinosaur.” We all look at her. “A dinosaur?” I repeat. She nods, deadpan. “From a pink dinosaur.” And obviously, we all laugh. And I think maybe she’s got the right idea. Let’s just blame it on the imaginary pink dinosaur. He’s just as guilty as anyone else. ✨✨✨ As you see, I tried something different with this illustration, little less literal, dipped into the imaginary realm a little. 💭🦕✨ It was fun! Will do again. . . . #the100dayproject #100dayproject  #personalproject #dailyart #dailyproject #lifewithkids #momlife #motherhood #parenting #realtalk #thisistwo #twoyearsold #artistmom #carveouttimeforart #cotfa #cotfa100days #cutpapercollage #kidlitart #kidlitartist #illustration
To live is the rarest thing in the world, most people exist, that is all. - Oscar Wilde
René François Ghislain Magritte 🍏☁️ Knew I had this somewhere... someone was talking about Magritte this week at the art studio and how he should be a must have exhibit @agotoronto, I totally agree... in the meantime I think I’ll make this sketch my next artist to join my “Frida & Co. “ collection. . . . #magritte #myfavorites #museums #museumlover #artanddesign #surrealart #inspirationalart #artscommunity #torontoartist #artistlife #textiledesign #fabricdesign #artistmom #torontodesigner #torontolifestyle #sketchingdaily #doodleoftheday #illustrationart #illustrationdaily #illustrationofinstagram #instagramartists #sketching #artonfabric #throwpillows #upholstery #magrette #renemagritte
19/100 Battling a nasty cold which is messing with my #100daysoflittlepaintings (and other things) but I’m trying to rally! #the100dayproject #kidlitart #tw
ADAPTING TO THE SITUATION  The second week of my #arim working period already passed. I started observing Lieve her behavior and especially her drawings. I find that very interesting but that is probably because she is my daughter, so I' ll skip that part.  _ Laura schippers schrijft over haar ervaringen tijdens de AIR in Motherhood _ Link in bio 🌿  _ #artpractice #lauraschiplers #witterook #breda #kunst #artworldtoday #motherhood #contemporaryart #artistmom
Hello friends! It’s been awhile but here’s why.... We had baby no.3, meet Navy Grace!! 🤗 She was born on 4.16.18 at 8:41pm. My heart is full & our family is complete! Not sure if I can balance a newborn, 3 kids & an Art career but I’m sure gonna try! I do have lots of ideas I’m ready to paint here in a few months, stay tuned! 📷 by @squaremouthstudios #navybean #babynavy #partyoffive #stephaniecarignan #artistmom #artmom
Tomorrow at 1pm EST I will be chatting LIVE with the amazing, wonderful, talented @katrina.berg. Don’t miss it! You can watch right here on Instagram in my Instagram Live Story tomorrow.
Here’s the other hat pose I promised to post from Tuesday night’s Figure Drawing session at the @esartcenter.  Right now, it looks like she is sitting on an invisible chair. Ha!  I’ll add add a line or two next week to give her a little spatial context.  #tuesdaysareforfiguredrawing #hatandheels #floatingonair
I wasn’t kidding when I said things might get a little crazy around here.
I'm currently bubbling over with ideas. There is so much going on in my head that I want to bring to the canvas. But as I'm a full-time mom there's always too little time. . .  As of September my kids will be going to the daycare 🤩  then I will finally have plenty of time to paint. Until then I'll keep enjoying the short yet strenghtening time-outs from motherhood in my studio 💕💕💕 . . Are you a mother, too? What do you do in your free time? . . . . .
Clementine.  I have been busy finishing up some details on our pet portraits for our show @lumestudios - I still need to work a little bit on these flowers. @rainbowsparklemagic
Is it a galaxy? Nope! Just a sticky, messy, painting coated in resin! This coat needs to dry and then I'll put a second coat on. The resin is really bringing out all the depth in the painting! I love it! ❤️