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So I fell off the #aprillove2018 wagon... but I did finally finish this book. 🤯 I need to tap into my creative side again! #justdothedamnthing #inspiringbook #bigmagic #andwine #becauselife 🤷🏻‍♀️
#aprillove2018 - Day 18 - #reflection For all of the water I encountered on our outing to the Boston Museum of Science yesterday, I did not  manage one successful reflection shot, just bits and bobs of light.  #boston #bostonmuseumofscience #canal #canals #charlesriver #museumofscience #bostonmos #spring #springinnewengland #bostonspring #springinboston #blooming #taleswithfriends #light #reflectlight #lightreflected #water #bitsandbobs #bostonskyline #skyline #cityscape
love {reflection} . . . #aprillove2018  #reflection
#aprillove2018 asked me to share an #inspiringbook today. This book is full of amazing, strong, courageous women who dared greatly. It keeps me motivated to keep pushing forward, to listen to my heart, and to do my best. #inspiringwomen #bossbabe #book #womenempowerment #daretocreate #womanentrepreneur
Day 20 #aprillove2018 with @susannahconway "rainbow" One of my favourite kinds... paint pens in all the colours (although this is just part of my collection). . . . . . #doitfortheprocess #createeveryday #carveouttimeforart #markmaking #artmarks #posca #poscapens
Day 16. I Live Here. This is the everyday view of my living room. Cozy, inviting, somewhat tidy. But my art table has taken up residence in the middle of the room (since I don’t have a dedicated art space) and is typically scattered with whatever art things I’m working on. Currently it’s watercolor supplies. Soon it will be bookmaking supplies as I create a couple of journals for my sister. I love this space. It is home. ❤️ #aprillove2018 @susannahconway
Day 15. Drink. Nothing fancy, just my typical glass of water. I used to hate water, but now it sustains me. I can’t imagine not drinking tons of water everyday now. #aprillove2018 @susannahconway
My heart exploded when she came into the world. 💖 My niece is an inspiration. #aprillove2018 #inspiringperson #myniece #day13  @gemmapopee728
Day 14. Note To Self. A few months back I was taking a course on body trust; an ongoing battle I have had with myself for most of my adult life. One of the teachers said this and it hit me right in the gut. It resonates so strongly for me. I have spent so much time hating my body for the things it is not, for the things it can’t do, for not being what I want it to be. This note reminds me to love myself for who and what I am, and to see the beauty in those things. #aprillove2018 @susannahconway
19. Inspiring book #aprillove2018
18. Reflection #aprillove2018
Day 13. Inspiring Person. This prompt left me struggling, and ultimately kept me from keeping up with daily posts. It is impossible for me to narrow my list down to a single person, so this will be a long post. • The first picture is of my mom and middle sister, Jennifer. My mom inspires me with her bravery and ability to find joy and the positive despite what life throws at her. My sister inspires me with her ability to show up as herself in the world, fiercely and unapologetically authentic. • The second picture is of my dad, who inspires me to speak up, care more about the world, and cherish every moment despite the hard stuff. • The third picture is of my baby sister, who inspires me with her unwavering love for her family and her zest for life. • The fourth picture is Erin Faith Allen, whose ability to see truth and speak it, inspire passion and creativity in others, and live a deeply feeling human experience (and share it so openly with the world) has inspired me in ways I cannot possibly convey. She is a soul sister and a role model. • The fifth picture is Jenny Doh, who inspires me with her intense passion for art and activism. She is bold in her words and frequently gives me pause. One day, I want to grow up to have a fraction of the boldness she has. • Not pictured are the countless patients I have cared for over the years who have impacted my heart and life in such soulful ways. Inspiring doesn’t even begin to describe what their collective strength and character has done for me. I will be forever grateful for the souls I have crossed paths with during my career. (#cancersucks)❤️ #aprillove2018 @susannahconway @thatrxgirl @lindsayjdodd @donnermcg @erinfaithallen @jennydoh
After a couple of weeks of rain this was a welcome sight this morning! ☀️🌳
I can wait no longer! We have a new logo and coming in the next week... a new website. I have been waiting and waiting and waaaaaaiiiiiiiting for the podcast site to go live and next week- new site for coaching and courses. Because- why not kill yourself with two sites at once, right? This is the light at the end of the tunnel. Sweet sweet relief. I must say that this show has put me in the line of more inspiring books than I can shake a stick at- see the rest of my feed for a barrage of amazing books. Next week, @marylauraphilpott is back on for episode 100 and she will really hit you up with inspiring reads. Plus! @sarahselecky will be on for the interview, discussing Radiant Shimmering Light, her brand spanking new novel. Today’s ep with ML Longworth talking about how she up and moved to France and then became a successful novelist is live now. Last chance for the old theme music...
I’ve been... um.. #reflecting 😉 And I’m realizing that sometimes I still need a reminder from the outside that I have permission to be myself within the roles and constructs that I occupy in my life. That I can be myself within my mothering, myself within my role as a wife myself as a homeowner, myself as an adult. It sounds obvious… Right? Especially to someone who is as inherently (sometimes stubbornly) independent and freedom oriented as I am. Who keeps their intuitive guidance as such a close companion. . And yet… paradigms seep in. Subtle (and not so subtle) messaging on the appropriate way to be a mother, a wife, responsible adult, a woman.... I’ll tell you... even as someone who has spent a lifetime intentionally opting out of the conditions and rules that don’t feel quite right or true for me.... those invasive feelings can still seep in. . One thing that has been helping me immensely lately (okay, always) is this: Surrounding myself with people (even just those few golden ones) who are able to help remind me when I’ve gotten sucked into some inner whirlpool.... Their permission is a gift. Not because you need someone else’s permission to be you. But because it rekindles that permission that you already hold within you. . I may already ‘know’ that it’s vital and life giving (to me and everyone involved!) when I am doing motherhood in my own particular way, when I am adulting in the way that feels right to me. . But it’s damn good for the soul to have those golden friends and mentors who can remind me of that in the moments that I get caught up in the conditioning. . #aprillove2018 || Reflection
#aprillove2018 inside the pages of "The Dance of the Dissident Daughter" by Sue Monk Kidd. An inspiring book I've picked up once again. This section is on our truth and the (not) speaking of it. The silencing of it. An experience many of us know intimately and certainly collectively. Those deepest, rawest, truest truths. Are you speaking yours? Are you listening and believing others when they share theirs? Here with you in hearing, trusting, and speaking what's true 💕
Day 19: inspiring book #aprillove2018  Ok— how do I choose this? So I went with a selection from those on my syllabi this term and those helping me finish my own work, plus some bonus Anne Lamott. My senior seminar students all hand in their theses tomorrow and I’ve been emailing them reminders from her book on writing. #birdbybird
19•Inspiring Book  @susannahconway #aprillove2018  #brenebrown #bravingthewilderness
Day 19. Any book is inspiring when you can sit and read in the sunshine. Basically the first time since last October. INSPIRING BOOK  #aprillove2018 #taleswithfriends #whatimreadingnow #onmydeck