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2 weeks to go and he'll be home 💕🐾🐾❤️ . . #americancocker #americancockerspaniel #americancockerpuppy #cocker #cockerpuppy #americancockerspanielsofinstagram #puppy#dog#doglovers #dogsofinstagram
Day at the office today. This is during our break (which I really needed after all impressions) #americancocker #cockerspaniel #spaniel #spanielsofinstagram #cockersofinstagram #dogs #dog #americancockerspaniel #doggy #dogoftheday #dogsofinstagram #happydog #hond #lovemydog #cutedog
Trixie has come a long way from being a “re-homed rescue” who was crippled with anxiety and stressed whenever she was outside her kennel. A few years later and now she’s the head of the household with 58 acres to roam and call home. This girl is one of a kind and I’m proud to have her influence on our puppies.  #americancockerspaniel #cockerspaniel #cockerspanielsofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #princeedwardisland
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And this is another video that we made mid 2015 to be uploaded on facebook. Mama taught Pluto tricks and Uto was complaining because it takes too much tricks for him just to get a single treat 😂🐶 he definitely know more tricks now, but those are the ones that really sticks to his brain 😄🐶 . Ps: his ears were tied up coz this vid was taken shortly after mealtime
Meara at 4 weeks old. Meara’s name means “merry” in Gaelic. Cockers have always been known as the “merry cocker” for their upbeat temperaments and little Meara certainly lives up to her name!  #americancockerspaniel #cockerspaniel #cockerspanielsofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #princeedwardisland
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This is another video that mamapluto made on late 2015 to be uploaded on facebook early 2016. We didn’t really use instagram much back then. And mama wasn’t as busy as now. We made lots of photos and some videos... It’s been a while since we made a video. Hopefully we’ll be able to make one soon 😄🐶 and hopefully you find young Pluto cute!
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Bae watch 😎
Murphy enjoying last year’s 70 mile yard sale in Murray River at 5 months old  #americancockerspaniel #cockerspaniel #cockerspanielsofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #princeedwardisland
This is the original video that we made at 2015 and uploaded at mama’s facebook. We just found out that 2 years ago someone stole our video (downloaded it, cut it shorter and replaced the audio&music) and uploaded it to youtube without any credit. . Mama had filed a report to youtube and hopefully the edited video will be taken down; however we do not know whether or not the modified video had already been shared throughout different platforms on the internet with credit to the thief or without any credit at all. 🙁🙁🙁 . If you see shared videos similar to this one, please kindly inform us! Mama shot and edited this with her own hands. Thanks to auntie @kenandkimtreats that informed us about the stolen video and thanks to friends who had helped by reporting the account to youtube 😘🐶