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Rocked my new #advocare shirt tonight and I felt it's super powers activate.  Though I wish it were that easy to transform into a #supersaiyan, #o2gold and #musclefuel has helped me overcome and completely surpass my recent barriers, both mentally and physically. Day 30 of my #one80 challenge and I'm down 8.1 pounds of body fat and have gained 5.7 pounds of lean mass.  I am exclaiming to all of you still reading, from a personal training and nutritional background standpoint, that these products DO WORK. This company has time and time again proven to be good/loving people that want to help enhance OUR populations wellness and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Not only are the products cheaper than other supplement industries, but you are also able to return any products you're dissatisfied with for a refund. What are you waiting for?  Don't cry out, "why me?" Demand, "try me!" Hope everyone has had an amazing weekend and safe St. Patrick's Day. IT'S SPRING BREAK YO
I friggin' LOVE this!!!! Mindy and I met Faith a little less than 2 months ago. For anyone that thinks that what we do is all about weight loss, think again. We help people reach their health goals! This is what our sweet friend had to say about her journey so far... “3 months ago I weighed 110 pounds. I’m 5’6 and 21 years old, and even though I didn’t necessarily look unhealthily skinny, I weighed incredibly less than I wanted to (noodle arms & legs weren’t super cool). Backstory: I started working out with a good friend of mine in February of 2017 at the gym on our college campus and I put on about 8 pounds in about 4-5 months just drinking protein once a day and eating larger portions of food. In May of that year, this really odd thing happened where I for some reason could not eat 3 meals a day, often times I could only eat one very small meal each day. It went undiagnosed by all the doctors I saw. They gave me a prescription medication to help me eat more often because I was losing weight so fast. Taking that medication and finding out that I was allergic to certain foods helped me get back on track to eating 3 meals a day. I obviously stopped working out in May when everything started and didn’t workout again until January this year! When I started Crossfit this year, I weighed 110 pounds and had a goal set to gain ten pounds by my wedding day, which is in June!  Upon starting crossfit, I met an awesome couple who almost immediately started giving me tips for my workouts, diet, etc. and after talking to Jason about my goals, he invited me over to a mixer at their house to learn more about how to reach my goal to gain muscle weight. They showed me great Advocare products to help me reach my goal and I later ended up signing up as a PC and ordered Catalyst and Mass Impact which really help with my recovery, maintaining body mass, and fueling my body before a workout. They were so generous and let me try the Post-Workout Recovery drink mix which
E no final do dia, agradeço a força que Deus me deu para fazer tudo que me propus no dia de hoje, e não ter desistido em cada obstáculo que precisei superar. E a conclusão? Valeu a pena! Aprendizado! 🙌🏻🙌🏻💪🏻💪🏻#gratidão #vivenciajuridica #advocacia #vidareal #advogadacomestilo @advogadacomestilo
Na última quarta-feira o Reis advogado teve a honra de prestigiar a Solenidade de Outorga de Título de Cidadão Honorário ao Dr. Cláudio Pacheco Prates Lamachia, na sede da OAB Uberlândia.  #reisadvogados #oabuberlândia #oabmg @cfoab  #advocacia #ordemdosadvogados #direito #vivenciajuridica #claudiolamachia
Terça-Feira! 💪🏻💪🏻✔️✔️ #advocacia #gestaoempresarial #vivenciajuridica #advogada #advogadacomestilo #gratidão @advogadacomestilo
E tem a correria do almoço!! Pausa para ser mãe.. #amotudoisso #maesquetrabalhamfora #advocacia #teamadvocacia #advocaciacivel
Segunda foi assim, com foto no elevador e muita correria. #vidadeadvogada #advocaciacomamor #advogadacomestilo #advocacia #lookadvogada
#casualwear Casual Day para uma sexta chuvosa! E sim, apesar de escuro, estou de Jeans!! Só eu que tenho dificuldade em deixar o social de lado, mesmo na sexta feira?? 🙄🙄👩🏼‍💼👩🏼‍💼👩🏼‍💻 #advocacia #escritório #vivenciajuridica #advocaciaformal #casualday #lookadvogada #advogadacomestilo
Today I finally achieved my goal of running 26.2 miles in under 4 hours! It was awesome to be able to ring the PR bell at the finish. Honestly, I wanted ring the hell outta that damn bell, but the nice lady said it would break. 🤷🏻‍♂️ None of this would’ve been possible without the unwavering support of my wife and family. @kawuethrich you have been my number one fan and supporter and I cannot thank you enough for that. I love you to the moon and back babe! 😘😍 ❤️ I would also like to give a big shout out to my runner peeps that have always had my back through rain,snow, and dark of night! Y’all are awesome! @virginiatrimom thanks for the tough love and the push at the finish! I live to run another day! Onward and upward!! • • • #runner #runhappy #runnerpeeps #ironsharpensiron #tobaccoroadmarathon #runnersofinstagram #runnerscommunity #runnersrepost #saucony #gu #flipbelt #advocare #advostrong #ineednewshoes #marathonpr
A serenidade de uma quarta-feira! Será?! 🤔😂🤓 #vivenciajuridica #advocacia #teamadvocacia #gestaoempresarial #advogadacomestilo @advogadacomestilo
Em sintonia com a querida estagiária! @mariacarolcerqueira 👩🏼‍💼💅🏻 #equipetop #advocacia #vivenciajuridica #direito #escritorio #gestaojuridica
É sono e dor de cabeça que fala?! Não temos tempo para isso. 😂💪🏻 tomar um ☕️ e partiu #2ºround 🤓#sexta-feira #advocacia #advogar #gestaoempresarial #empreendedorismojuridico
Dia de deixar a pequena em casa, e retornar ao trabalho. #maesquetrabalhamfora #advocacia  #teamadvocacia
300 squats that moment you regret the deal you made to your team... #gayboy #instagay #getfitordietryin #advocare #100squatchallenge #sweat #nopainnogain
Kkkkkk realidade purinha! #advocacia #teamadvocacia #mulheresnodireito #vivenciajuridica
Whats better than a Pug wearing a Hawaiian shirt?..... not much,  but how about a YEAR of tanning in ANY level bed, a FREE lotion of your choice, and 3 Pura Sunless sessions, only $299! and you can tan a both locations!! Wow!!