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I like to cha cha eh
Honored to have @cjnsami with us this weekend at One Church Sunday. Come and hear his story live! We know it will inspire you.
ring the alarm 🚨
New York City is always a valued experience for me, whether it’s for friends, broadway shows or simply people-watching and walking around 🏙. This time around it was all of that. A reunion with old friends combines the usual hiccups plus nostalgia, loud noises and subdued drama, but you learn more about everyone you know and you grow from it and build stronger bonds (or you try at least). Step-by-step you break the cage you’ve built around yourself. That is what this past weekend was for me. I live by myself in Iowa, and I live full; focus on work and continue to travel and see new places, but seeing familiar faces is always an invigorating breeze, and makes you appreciate not just company, but also solitude. ✨💕 . (📸: @mani_kris291 ) . . #reunion #breeze #stylesense #nyc #lookdown #love #friendships #ipreview @preview.app
SEA SKY 1, Acrylic on Panel, 12 x 12", ©2018 Jim Musil 🎨 $200 Free Shipping in US 🎨  I want more color, more texture and more movement. Whenever I spend time on the ocean, I think of French painter Paul Signac. He spent a lot of time sailing in his small sailboat along the Mediterranean coastlines of France. The sketches and paintings from those travels are some of my absolute favorite. He used a hotter palette of saturated colors with clearly defined little square brushstrokes laid down next to each other -- sort of like pixels. They strike me as modern and I love the lively movement and colors. 😉 I hope you enjoy this painting as much as I enjoyed painting it! 👍 #iloveart #travelpainting #bvi #impressionism . . . . . #galleryart #contemporarypainting #contemporaryartist #artcollection #painters #paintingart #ilovepainting #artaddict #landscapepainting #abstractlandscape #landscapeart #artforsalebyartist #artistsofinstagram #doitfortheprocess #thehappynow #artistlife #artcurator #studioscenes #acolorstory #makersmovement #creativityfound #wearethemakers
Early morning feeding the ducks 🦆  #feedingtheducks
〰️ bc some days when i’m just tired or feel like i’ve exhausted every last bit of energy left, I ponder if this is all really worth it ✖️ and then I find myself reading this 💛 to be resilient, to be strong, and to keep on FIGHTING. just a little #thursdaytip if you’re wrapping up your semester or if you’re facing a hurdle in life. if you’re tired, REST but DON’T QUIT. YOU GOT THIS 💥 #motivation