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Thank you Daniel & @iunik_official for giving me the chance to experience one of their new product Centella Calming Gel Cream (I love Centella!) which just released on 29-March this year. Together they sent me Propolis Vitamin Synergy Serum (Surprise this is my first Propolis skincare product). . 🍀Centella Calming Gel Cream🍀 . According to the brand, this light and moisturizing gel cream can help to make sensitive skin blemish calming with 70 % centella asiatica leaf water and 10 % tea tree leaf water 10%. Spotted Niacinamide as 5th ingredient! In short, it claims to be light + moisture + fast absorption + oil free + skin cooling. Sounds perfect, right?! This gonna be helpful now because I got 2 bumps (due to trying new products from another brand, I will update how I caught these bumps soon) . . 🐝Propolis Vitamin Synergy Serum🐝 . According to the brand, this serum contains 70% Propolis and 12% Vitamin C (Hippophae Rhamnoides Fruit Extract). It claims to calm and brighten skin. I knew Propolis is great for soothing, calming and healing but I never try any Propolis skincare product, this will be my first! . . 💛 I just unboxed it today. Since I have emptied my Black Snail Restore Serum and The Ordinary Niacinamide + Zinc, hence I will use this Propolis Vitamin Synergy Serum.to replace these 2 serums in my morning routine. I will try to post a first impression for both products soon and the detailed reviews maybe in May or Jun. Stay tuned! . . . . #abbeatthealgorithm #abcommunity #iunik #iunikpropolisvitaminsynergyserum #iunikcentellacalminggelcream
Hello wonderful people😍!!! A very weird thing happened today. Last night at around 2:00 AM I placed an order through Nykaa website & made a payment.When I wokeup in the morning, half awake, I instinctively reached out to my phone to check my order history😪. To my horror😰 I saw no email, no message or any order record of my order😲Trust me, it scared the shit out of me & suddenly  I was wide awake😨.I panicked, mostly because I had already paid for the product😊. Lets cut the chase, all is well now! After a phone call my issue was resolved immediately!! 🤗🤗 : This incident made me think, why not show you all my most recent @mynykaa haul, esp. to mark this day 😄. Btw has anyone else faced such issue before 🤔? : I have already used some of these products a couple of times but its too early to review them. Though I can share my first impression at the moment: : 📌#klairs gentle black sugar facial polish : So far, I have used this twice & my sensitive skin has loved it.😍 : 📌#innisfree green tea mineral mist: I have used it a lot in last 3 days as my skin was sore due to the sun exposure & I found it soothing & hydrating💦 : 📌#innisfree triple care sunscreen in SPF 50+PA+++ : I have used this twice so far & it dried my skin. Rest, will have to use more to completely form a definite opinion🌝 : 📌#kiehls turmeric & cranberry seed energising radiance masque : Haven't used this yet. : 📌#innisfree bija trouble kit : Their facial foam is quickly becoming my favourite❤ : Let me know if you guys have any favourites from these products❤or any product/s you dislike🚫 or any you want to use 🤗 : #skincare #skincarecommunity #kbeauty #abcommunity #kbeautyaddict #instaskin #instagramskincare #abbeatthealgorithm #skincareroutine #asianskin #brownskin #acneproneskin #hydration #facemask #instablog #instablogger #skincarejunkie #kbeautyindia #nykaa #skinsta #koreanbeautyproduct #koreanbeauty #letskbeauty #kbeautyreview
NEW #cosrx products in stock at @aland_store Myeongdong✨ 🌬2 in 1 Poreless Power Liquid 🌬Cooling Aqua Facial Mist(literally NEW) 🌬Blackhead Remover Kit 🌬Low pH BHA Overnight Mask 🌬Portable Pad Container
SUNSCREEN IS A MUST! 👀 to our story to see why YOU need sunscreen ASAP! - 10% off on ALL suncare products ends tonight 11:59pm. Use the code SUNSCREEN10 at checkout.
Tak fordi at I har taget så godt imod de nye sheet mask bokse 💕 Det flyver ud af døren med lækre fugtgivende masker 💦 Så lette og lækre at anvende! Link i bio. #surisuridk #koreanskhudpleje #hudpleje #beauty #skønhed #hudplejeprodukter #ansigtsmaske #sheetmaske #koreanskincare #koreanbeauty #skincare #abskincare #abcommunity #kbeauty #letskbeauty #innisfree #tonymoly #helloskin #benton #cosrx #leaders #sheetmask
Favorite of all time: Rice as food and rice for the skin😃 💦Skinfood Rice Brightening Scrub Foam: youre 2 in 1 cleanser that scrubs and cleans. Has tiny bits of rice brans which exfoliate very gently. Tip: to use as scrub, apply as is on the skin without foaming it first. As a cleanser, foam it first then apply. 💦Missha Pure Source Cell Sheet Mask Rice: hydrates and smooths rough skin. Use it after your scrub! Wish you all a nice weekend! Check out the shop for new stuffs➡️☘️boOon.ch☘️ . . . #zurich #instablogger #koreancosmeticswiss #koreanskincare #blogger #ricecosmetics #suisse #skincareaddict #skinfood  #scrubs  #koreancosmetics #weekendtreat #missha #schweiz #koreanbeauty #blogger #kbeautyblogger #cleanser #gesichtspflege #hautpflegeroutine #genf #swissblogger #sheetmask  #lausanne #geneva #switzerland #basel #bern #luzern #lugano #abcommunity
The cutest B.B. cushion set is now complete! Change your air puff and refill your #klairs Mochi B.B. cushion in just a few steps. So easy.  Klairs mochi bb cushion offers natural coverage that highlights your own beauty. Refills available from tomorrow 💛 #veganskincare #bbcream #friyay
💆Bonjour Extreme Spot Serum💆 °°° HA, I tricked you there! I bet you guys read that as Bonajour!! Anywho, @bonajour@official Extreme Spot Serum has been changing my skin in ways I didn't realize it could. Who knew that a spot serum was that importantly potent °°° 🤳I'm going to skip all the boring mumbo scientific ingredient jumbo and get straight to the point. This Extreme Spot Serum has not only helped my skin heal, but it's been significantly reducing the hyperpigmentation and redness from my face. NOW YOU GUYS ARE PROBABLY THINKING LIKE "Brah, how can you even really tell?" I've had these uneven grey-ish, dark brown-ish spots on my skin from poppin' my pimples back in the day. Unfortunately, I get the occasional pimple or two that goes away, but it quickly adds to the never ending dark colored collection on my face. BUT ADDING THIS TO MY ROUTINE EVERY NIGHT HAS REALLY HELPED. I used one of those teeth shade check strip thingys and dude, my skin really has been lightening up. NOT A WHOLE LOT (cause this aint cosmetic surgery), but I'm seriously surprised how well it works °°° 🤕Now one thing I have to point out is the tingling. Soooo when I first used this, I put it on my entire face. I'm PRETTY sure you're not supposed to do that but I did it just for the sake of trying it and um.... YEAH IT STINGS DUDE. However, in Bonajour's defense, they did say the first couple times you use it, you could feel a heating, tingling, stinging, interesting feeling on your face. To fix it on my end, now I use it on spots of my face... AS THE NAME INTENDED lol. Just be careful and test it on a small part of your face first °°° 🌟You guys should check out Bonajour's website for other people's testimonials because their experiences are seriously very very very similar to mine. THREE CHEERS FOR BONAJOUR 🎉 °°° #yayayayoung #love #bonajour #extremespotserum #beauty #skincare #kbeauty #koreanbeauty #asianbeauty #abcommunity #clearskin #healthyskin
Wow can you believe Gary and Lary(other snail) have been fighting over Benton's high steam content snail cream?! But I can see why! I love it! It's moisturizing but not too heavy and has been making my skin smooth snd soft. I use it at night and there's a visible difference in the morning! This is a bit heavier than the lotion which is why i use it at night to let my skin soak it all in while I sleep! #beauty #abcommunity #08l #benton #bentoncosmetic #snailbeehighcontentsteamcream #snailbee #steamcream #brightening #antiaging #kbeauty# #beauty #abcommunity #08l #benton #bentoncosmetic #snailbeehighcontentsteamcream #snailbee #steamcream #brightening #antiaging #kbeauty
🌸 #shareyourspringskin hosted by @kimono_kat & @vlin_ 🌸 . 🌸 DAY 8 SLEEPING MASK 🌸 my skin type : normal (I already reviewed it but I will repost 😁) . 🍯 Prreti - Honey & Berry Sleeping Mask 🍯 #review . 🌸 Description : 1. Contains acacia honey that creates barrier to protect skin from outer environment and gives it shine. 2. Vitamin C and a variety of antioxidants rich in berry complex, revitalizes the tired skin. 3. Natural moisturizing ingredients such as Betaine and Trehalose form moisture barrier to prevent moisture from escaping and keeps skin moist while sleeping. . 🌸 How to use 1. Before sleeping, take an appropriate amount and massage gently from inside to outside of the face except the eyes. 2. Use it 2-3 times a week after toner, serum and base care. 3. Take your sleep as it is without cleansing, and lightly wash your face next morning. . 🌸 My opinion : It's moisturizing very good! My skin looks really better and feels so smooth and soft! I like it! Im still testing it but I see good moisturizing effect 😊 Im satisfied 🐝 Isn't sticky. No blemishes, didn't cause any skin problems. Didnt leave dirts on pillow. 🌸Texture : Very creamy 🌸Scent : Pretty honey 🌸Packagings : Adorable, easy in use . 🌸 Rate 4/5 ⭐⭐⭐ . 🌸 Repurhase : I don't know, I want to try other sleeping masks but I recommend it to try! 😊 🌸 @prreti_beauty #prreti 🌸
🌸Skin update from last post. Pictures from bottom is past and top is present. Basically first pic is about the difference between these past 2-3months. And then last pic is recent to what it looked like in the beginning. I have a bunch of photos of my face on my phone and I just decided to just post these instead. Too many photos 😵 anyways I am shocked and surprised at myself that I have made it this far and I’m just really thankful that I got into kbeauty LOL shit saved me hahaha after so many products I tried some fail and some work good. I’m really thankful for all the support. Thank you~ until the next skin update! #abcommunity #acne #kbeauty #skinupdate #kskincare
For #flashbackfriday here are some my favorite blushes from when I started getting into makeup: #maccosmetics Flaming Chic, Seduced at Sea & Bad Girl Gone Good (Riri collection) #milani Baked Powder Blush in Berry Amore #sleekmakeup Blusher in Honour (LE 2012) #tartecosmetics Amazonian Clay Blush in Prim #catrice Defining Blush in Rose Royce #clinique Cheek Pop in Peach Pop #illamasqua Powder Blusher in Ambition #bareminerals blush in Golden Gate ...what were yours?
#skinappetitxlaneige  PRE - ORDER  LANEIGE Multi cleanser 100ml RM62  Saiz asal 180ml mungkin agak mahal untuk anda cuba jadi saiz medium ni adalah pilihan yang terbaik bagi mereka yang nak cuba dulu. Dalam cleansing foam ni ada manik2 halus (sgt halus) yg membantu membersihkan kulit secara total. Selepas bilas, terasa segar, kulit yg berminyak jadi tak berminyak tetapi langsung tak terasa kering/tegang. Memang best.  Kulit pun jadi lebih licin, bersih, masalah blackhead/whitehead pun berkurang.  _____  Item adalah 100% original, diimport terus dr Korea & tidak melalui mana2 medium distribution di Malaysia.  Harga tidak termasuk pos. ____  All items are ready stock unless stated otherwise ____ Caj Pos: •SEMENANJUNG• Beli 2 item ke atas : free postage Beli 1 item : RM7 •SABAH & SARAWAK• Beli 3 item ke atas : free postage Beli 1 item : RM10 ____ Untuk pembelian sila whatsapp admin pada no 017-4129868. ____ For security purpose, pesanan melalui insta DM adalah tidak sah. Terima Kasih.  #skinappetit #skinappetitreadystock #skinappetitpreorder #originalkoreancosmetic #kpop #koreancosmetic #koreanskincare #koreanshopmalaysia #koreanshop #bazaronline #kosmetikmurah #original #skinappetitlaneige #cleanser #facecleanser #laneigecleanser #facialfoam #multicleanser #laneige #laneigemalaysia #laneigeglobal #laneigekorea #laneigejapan #abcommunity #laneigemulticleanser #한국스킨케어 #한국화장품 #한국가게
#skinappetitxthefaceshop THE FACE SHOP Rice water bright cleansing foam 300ml  RM52  Double the size! Ini 300ml tau memang jumbo size sebab yang asal 150ml, boleh tahan 4 - 6 bulan bergantung pada pengunaan.  Mengandungi rice water (seperti kebanyakan produk sk2) untuk mencerahkan kulit secara semulajadi. Pencuci muka berasaskan air beras ini sangat efektif dalam mencerahkan muka dan mengembalikan seri agar muka kelihatan bermaya semula, ianya juga sangat lembut pada kulit. Kulit kusam pon boleh guna!  Item best selling SA! Kejap je dah sold out. So cepat2 grab tau!  Harga tidak termasuk pos. ____  All items are ready stock unless stated otherwise ____ Caj Pos: •SEMENANJUNG• Beli 2 item ke atas : free postage Beli 1 item : RM7 •SABAH & SARAWAK• Beli 3 item ke atas : free postage Beli 1 item : RM10 ____ Untuk pembelian sila whatsapp admin pada no 017-4129868. ____ For security purpose, pesanan melalui insta DM adalah tidak sah. Terima Kasih.  #skinappetit #skinappetitreadystock #skinappetitpreorder #originalkoreancosmetic #kpop #koreancosmetic #koreanskincare #koreanshopmalaysia #koreanshop #bazaronline #kosmetikmurah #original #skinappetitthefaceshop #ricewater #cleansingfoam #ricecleansing #thefaceshopricewater #ricewaterbright #ricewaterbrightcleansingfoam #thefaceshopmalaysia #thefaceshopglobal #thefaceshopkorea #thefaceshopjapan #abcommunity #thefaceshopricewaterbrightcleansingfoam #한국스킨케어 #한국화장품 #한국가게