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Celebrated my birthday and a friends birthday today! Caplinger’s Fish Market for lunch. Then to The Gallery Pastry Shop for a Birthday treat. #noshame #40andfabulous #40andproud
Day 62 - Booty Day!! This booty exercise is no joke, and it burns like crazy!! The moment you want to quit is the moment you need to keep pushing!! Happy Saturday!! Enjoy the sunshine 🌞
🤘🏻#stillrocking #40andproud #idontfuckingcare
I ment to post this on Sunday my 40th Birthday selfie, at my favorite Bar. Never thought I would make it to 40. Been battling severe depression most of my life. Glad I did! #40andproud #blackmetalguy #warlock #pagan #metalheadguy #oddlooking #darkwizard #darkmage #heathen #mnartist #minnesotaartist #darkartist #40andfabulous #goth #gothguy
Day 58!! Can I tell you something I hate almost everything about today’s workout!  It’s a cardio one, and it’s probably the one that pushes me the most mentally every week!! I start out strong and then about half way through I start doubting myself, start thinking that I just can’t do anymore.  But every week I push and every week I finish, and every week I am a little bit stronger and do better!  So clearly it’s working!  Those workouts or those changes in your life that make you the most uncomfortable, even though we hate them, those are the ones that we NEED the most!! They help us get stronger in ways we don’t even realize we needed to until it happens 🙌
Day 57 of 80!! The only risk you have is not taking one!! What do you have to lose?? Happy Monday!
Day 56!! - Booty Day today!! I think most of us ladies would say that we all have a “problem” area that we dislike and wish we could change.  For most of us it seems to be abs and booty!  Trust me this program is making some serious changes in both areas!! 🙌 Booty for days with this workout 🍑  #notsureillbeabletomovetomorrow
Day 55!! It’s Friday!! 😁 Took the day off today to spend it with my girls, so getting my workout done before we head out!  Today is another cardio day, yep there’s 2 each week in this program and they’re both very different.  Felt this one all over, my legs are sooo tired.  One bad thing about working out in the basement, I have to actually get back up the stairs when  I’m done! 😳  Happy Friday!!
Day 53!! Leg Day was no joke today!  Challenged me in every way, muscles burning, heart rate up!  It felt like cardio at some points.  My legs are still sore from Monday’s workout, so tomorrow I may not be able to walk!! 😂
Day 51 Phase 3!! Arms Abs and A$$ Let me tell ya it was all about the A$& today!! Feeling the burn 🔥  Never miss a Monday!  Are you ready to join me yet?? We start another round very soon!! We’re having so much fun, message me join us!!
I’ve struggled this week with my back, I took two days off to rest and I can honestly say I hated taking the time off, it stressed me out 😏  I know it may sound weird as I that is what my thoughts would’ve been before exercising 6 days a week become part of my life.  It’s such a routine for me now, it’s my stress relief, it’s MY time everyday for ME, it makes me feel good not only physically but mentally too!  I was just going to do some yoga today, but I decided to make up my Friday workout and at some point I’ll get Saturday’s done too.  As usual I feel great and I’m glad I got it done.  Tomorrow I start Phase 3, I cant believe there are only 30 days left!!
Summer is coming!! I’m really hoping sooner than later 😎  Is your summer body ready?? It takes some time and won’t happen overnight, so let’s get started now so you’re feeling confident to rock those tanks tops, shorts and bikinis 👙 👉🏻 Accountability 👉🏻 Easy to follow meal plan 👉🏻 30 minute workouts 👉🏻 Daily motivation 👉🏻 Me as your coach  My next online fit group starts March 19th and I’m only taking 5 people to work with closely!! ➡️ Message me for more details 😁
Day 47!! There’s no shame in the modification game!! This move is also suppose to be raising and lowering your legs.  Well my back wasn’t having it today, so I opted to just do the upper body part of it.  Still felt the burn, still making progress, still burning calories!  I love that modifications are always shown in these programs, and you can use them anytime you need to.  Sometimes you’re just not there with your strength, sometimes you have an injury, sometimes you’re just having an off day!! It doesn’t mean you sit on the couch and don’t do it, you push play and do as much as you can, safely of course!! No matter how slowly you are progressing, it’s still progress!!
Hey guys!! Have you been thinking these at home workouts are just for the ladies?? Well check out this guys results in 7 weeks!!! He’s been doing 80 Day Obsession (the same program I’m doing) along side his wife.  Following the timed nutrition and doing the workouts every day!  AHHMAAZING right??? I promise you these are real results 🙌🙌 Are you ready to join us yet?  Our next group gets started on March 19th!! Message me to save you a spot. 😁
Well it’s Monday, today didn’t go quite as planned!  I was about 3/4 done my workout and something in my back tweaked! 😢 It’s nothing serious just a muscle, but I couldn’t finish my workout so I stretched for a while and took some ibuprofen and have some heat on it.  Even though I’m disappointed, I will listen to my body and do some self care to make sure I don’t hurt it any worse.  Happy Monday everyone! 😊
Nadrabiam zaległości z #wyzwaniekfs #kobiecafotoszkoła . Jestem ja i jest to, co miało być na moim instagramie, czyli o badaniach społecznych. Wyszło, jak zwykle... czyli badań niewiele, ale mam nadzieję, ze jest radość czterdziestolatki z czasu spędzonego z dzieckiem, z wyjazdu w góry, z wycieczki biegowej, z poezji i z ...nowych butów😉 #hobby #praca #work #badaniaspoleczne #pedagogika #badanianaddzieciństwem #socialresearch #pedagogy.#childstudy #normallife #happylife #selfie #instaselfie #40andproud #aboutme #omnie #kobietapracujaca #woman #wyszłojakzwykle #okruchydnia #theremainsoftheday