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Life after a miscarriage doesnt have to stop just makes you appreciate the little things more, it was a terrible thing emotionally and physically has forver changed me and i miss him dearly but slowly adjusting back to normal life for my own sanity and the people around me,  remaining positive & hopeful we will get our baby one day. 💙💙 #miscarriageawareness #1in4 #19weeks
These are true and hurtful, although we realise they aren’t said to be hurtful but to trying and make us feel better, but unfortunately these are the most common and most hardest things to hear during the worse experience of a couples life. We may not show it but these things are what we question and are thinking ourselves and it’s hard enough to get over the situation without these constant reminders!! #1in4 #miscarriageawareness #thinkbeforeyouspeak #weknowyoumeanwell
Needed to remind myself this today... It’s ok to have a bad day. Feel what needs to be felt. Just don’t get stuck there.  #pcos#pcosawareness#1in10#infertile#infertility#infertilityawareness#infertilitysucks#clomid#ttc#ttccommunity#ttcsupport#miscarriage#1in4#recurrentmiscarriage#rpl
More for #nationalinfertilityawarenessweek... Also known as...things NOT to say when someone chooses to share about their struggles with infertility. Yes, I have been pretty open about our struggles since our miscarriage, because I want to help #flipthescript regarding the conversation and stigma surrounding infertility. But that doesn't mean that many times comments (even though people usually mean well) aren't hurtful, frustrating, or just plain not helpful.  A few that are the hardest for me to hear: • "You're young! You have plenty of time!" - Thanks, but that doesn't take away from the desire we have right now to be parents. And if there are physical problems that prevent people from conceiving, age doesn't matter. It typically only makes things harder. • "Just adopt!"/"Have you considered adoption?"/"So many children need loving homes!" or any variation of this - Yes, we have considered adoption. We have been discussing adoption since before we were married and before we realized we were struggling with infertility. We're still considering adoption. Adoption isn't some magic answer. It's still incredibly expensive and not without heartbreak and disappointment. Also there's nothing wrong the desire to have biological children and to grieve the fact it may not be possible. • "Just relax!"/"Don't stress"/"It will happen when you least expect it" etc. etc. etc. - Thanks, but I've had plenty of relaxed days. Again, if theres something physically affecting conception, no amount of relaxation will fix it. • "Just get drunk and have sex! Worked for me!" - See above. Trust me, we've tried that method a time or two. • "But you still have a lot to be happy about and/or look forward to!" - Thanks, I know I'm blessed to have what I do. Doesn't take away from the fact that we're longing for something, especially something so many take for granted. • "Enjoy your time together as a couple!" - Again, see above. We are. I enjoy being able to spontaneously take a
This week is National Infertility Awareness Week; a week that always holds a special place in my heart as it brings awareness to the disease that we’ve been fighting against for the last 3.5 years. 💔 1in8 couples struggle to conceive. Chances are you have more than a few people in your life who are fighting this battle and you don’t even know it. Infertility is an invisible disease that hides in the shadows of shame, but we can change that. The silence needs to be broken. It’s time to flip the script and change the conversation about infertility.  Brad & I have always been quite open about our journey, and will continue to do so because this is us, this is our story, and breaking the stigma is important. We are 1in8 who struggle to have a baby & 1in4 who have lost babies, unfortunately multiple times. I hope that anyone reading this that’s struggling in silence knows that you are not alone. We are warriors & we won’t stop until our rainbow babe is in our arms. 🌈👼🏻❤️ #flipthescript #niaw #resolve #1in8 #infertility #invisibleillness #nationalinfertilityawarenessweek #breakthesilence #1in4 #angelbabies #ivfjourney #ttcsisters #infertilityawareness #keepcollective #mystoryinjewelry #prayingforourrainbowbaby
• National Infertility Week •  After years of buying baby gifts for others, 1 in 8 couples wonder if it will be their turn... 1 in 4 couples have suffered a loss.  After 3 unexplained IVF failed transfers and many months of injections, patches, and pills we don't have a baby to show for it. The heartbreak and disappointment is overwhelming. The reminders that sneak up on you in the most inappropriate places catch you off guard. You leave grocery stores bawling, you hide real feelings that no one else understands just to guard your heart. You’re truly excited for all your friends that are getting two pink lines, yet deep down you want it to be yours.  Your bank account has much less in it due to the treatments you continue to pay for even tho you have nothing to show for it.  I have been overwhelmed by the amount of encouragement that this week brings to couples like us who have been struggling. The success stories, don't lose hope posts, and you are not alone comments are nice to see; however, I don't have one of those posts to share this time. But what I do have is a "Still Waiting..." post.  We are still waiting to be able to share our success story with everyone. We are still waiting to be able to hold our little one with tears in our eyes knowing we beat infertility. We are still waiting for that next round of daily infections, patches covering our stomach, and not being able to participate in life as we know it. We are still waiting to hear that our numbers look good and the next transfer is a go. We are still waiting to hear that beautiful heartbeat... But in this waiting season I am reminded that even tho this last year has been extremely hardbreaking, my marriage is stronger than ever. That God is still good. And that one day our "Still Waiting..." will turn into "Worth the Wait..." #infertilityawareness #infertility #niaw2018 #1in4 #1in8 #nationalinfertilityawarenessweek #breakthesilence #infertilityjourney #infertilitywarrior #stillwaiting #ivf
My friends, it's National Infertility Awareness Week. We are part of the #1in8 who struggle to have a baby and the #1in4 who has lost a baby. No one talks about this topic but we need to. If you need an ear or a shoulder, hit me up. #flipthescript #niaw #niaw2018 #infertility
This is the type of tattoo I want to cover the scars on my arm one day. It’ll be expensive but I’m ready to save. It’s called “bio-mechanical tattoo.” Anyways, another skin infection, in my umbilicus. Ever said I had surgery through it a year ago it gets infected. The same process happens and twice it’s gotten in my bloodstream and made me vomit and really sick. We caught it early this time and started an antibiotic and a new cream like bactraband to help keep further infections at bay. #scarsarebeautiful #scars #chronicillness #biomechanicaltattoo #beauty #chronic #coveruptattoo #coverup #awareness #selfharmmm #warrior #mentalhealth #warriors #fitchick #mentalillness #invisibleillness #spoonie #depression #psychosis #anxiety #1in4 #recovery #recoveryisworthit #morethananumber #medicallycomplex
today i took a break from my regular job as a policy nerd and did a day-long training session on supporting mental health in the workplace as a manager. the course had lots of thought-provoking ideas, but i guess my main takeaway was p basic: the way the workplace treats mental illness really isn't going to change until there are more people with mental illness in positions of power--and more specifically, people with mental illness in positions of power who are willing to show leadership and challenge the current way of doing things. it takes a lot of strength to carve out a different path and empower employees to work in different ways that support their wellness. it takes even more to challenge the stigma, prejudice, and attitudes around mental illness that still pervade our workplaces and beyond, which IMO act as the biggest barrier to supporting people with mental illness succeed in the workplace. we know better than anyone that change is possible, feasible, and the smart thing to do. we know that the impact of that change can be life changing. i still don't really know what i'm doing with my life, but regardless of my job title, i want to be a leader on these issues. achieving progress on building workplaces that accomodate and support people with mental illness requires a fuck ton of advocates 💁💪🏻 p.s. despite some desires to bail on the session this morning, i survived the eight-hour day with minimal anxiety 🏆  #anxiety #anxietydisorder #agoraphobia #panic #panicdisorder #panicattacks  #mentalhealth #mentalhealthrecovery #mentalillness #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthintheworkplace #mentalhealthatwork #workplacewellness #breakthesilence #endthestigma #storiesnotstigma #1in4 #itsokaynottobeokay #anxietyblog #blog
Best Untold Story Ever. 🌿 These are some tanks I created to honor those who have lost a baby. Ours was supposed to be a November baby in 2016, so there’s a little chrysanthemum in there as well. Every mama who I’ve talked to who has lost a baby, mourns that baby still. When I think about the little one we’ll never meet; the birthdays we’ll never see; the first steps that’ll never happen; the middle of the night cuddles that are met with empty arms; and the graduation that invitations will never be sent out...I am overwhelmed with emotions. I know that baby would have had a wonderful story, but on this side of heaven, it’ll remain untold. 🌿 If you’ve seen my stories, you know that I printed a handful to sell as well... if you’re feeling like it speaks to you, just send me a DM. This isn’t something I normally do, so I’m not going to set up a shop or anything 😂 this was just something I felt like I needed to do. • • • • • • • • • •  #bestuntoldstoryever #letthembelittle #candidchildhood #childhoodunplugged #motherhoodunplugged #momofgirls #thisismycommunity #wildandfreechildren #trending #letthekids #momswithcameras #documentlife #spring #postthepeople #heaventhrumylens #chasinglight #thesincerestoryteller #holdthemoments #toddlerfashion #motherhoodalive #infertilityawareness #charlotte #iamthe1in4 #miscarriage #1in4 #infertilitysucks
Today’s follow-up left me angry and bitter. There are no answers, there is no this will/will not happen again. I left there with all the same questions I went in with. I watched the ultrasound so empty and still. I broke down. I think you all should know the rawness of pregnancy lost. It’s not just sadness but also anger and confusion. #miscarriageafterivf #miscarriagesurvivor #1in4 #miscarriagesupport #miscarriageawareness #2ndtrimesterloss
Life has been hectic lately, especially as we start this iui process! Our trigger shot was delivered today and I’m so glad it got here before Thursday. On top of that, I just found out that my workouts could harm our chances of getting pregnant, so I’ve decided not to focus on them as much. My primary concern right now is my nutrition and doing all I can to prep my body for 👶🏽 I gotta get in the right headspace so that I make decisions that benefit our future kiddos! . You guys know I’m getting ready to host an awesome challenge group focused specifically on nutrition mindset. It’s all about changing your relationship with food and not worrying about having to exercise. I can’t wait for this new program to launch. It’s going to change so many people’s lives! . Can you please help me by answering the following with the appropriate emoji? 💜 - I need to lose weight but I dislike exercise. ❤️ - I exercise but struggle with nutrition. 🧡 - I cannot exercise due to injury/illness. 💚 - I love food, love to eat big portions, and I want to feel full. 💙 - I want an easy-to-follow way to lose weight without strict rules. 💛 - I want to be free from emotional eating, obsessing about food, and feeling overwhelmed by food choices.  If you struggle with your eating, which category do you fall in??
Self love is more important than anything else, don’t beat yourself up for what you couldn’t do today... tomorrow is a new day! . . . #selflove #quotes #inspire #motivation #soulsearching #loveyourself o#mooddisorder  #lifestyleblogger #lifestyleblog #lifestyle #life #livinglife #happylife #dailylife #lifewithme  #lovinglife #myday #living #positivity #dailyinspo #lifeontheedge #peacewithin #healthwarrior #bipolar #liveandlearn #wordsofwisdom