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Listening to the Saturday Night Fever album whilst walking home from work the gym...it's been over 30 years since I listened to it...Ooh! took me back to 1977...I was 12 yrs old! When the 'Staying Alive' track came on I admit to doing  a Travolta strut down the street...no-one was about ! I did suppress the urge to go all disco though as I was convinced I'd be seen. I am not a natural dancer , I have no rhythm but do 'bust' a few moves in the house when I'm by myself...I wouldn't inflict my dancing on anyone sane! When I was a nipper I wanted to have ballet lessons..I wore my Maman down eventually & she found a dance school in town & enrolled me. I dragged her to the dance shop. I got a royal blue leotard & red leather ballet shoes along with a pair of red patent leather tap shoes! I went doing to the class but quickly realised I would never be a dancer...the lack of coordination & rhythm was the main factor. I imagined I would be gliding across the floor in those pink satin ballet shoes , pirouetting & pliet-ing! Not to be! I did love wearing those tap shoes though , hammering dents on the kitchen lino...drove Maman mad! I attended a few more classes then decided to hang up my tap shoes! #saturdaynightfever #1977 #beegees #discoera #discodancing #redtapshoes #balletclass #wishicoulddance #norhythm #wheniwasagirl
1977 Aerosmith 🎼 #aerosmith #aerohistory #tbt #1977 #bluearmy 💙
Happy Birthday to the coolest, funniest, best-damn-storyteller there is out there! Thank you for everything you’ve instilled in me and for being who you are. You’re a rare one, Dad.❤️
#repost @pc_divulgador with @get_repost ・・・ Mais uma #turnê #acabando com #sucesso de #crítica e #público #luansantana #luan #1977 #vamospracima #lsmusic @luansantana @kezinhobadilho @bianchinisergio
Present for bf .. vintage Playboy from the month and year he was born 🐰 #1977
شنیده‌ام سخنی خوش که پیر کنعان گفت فراق یار نه آن می‌کند که بتوان گفت  حدیث هول قیامت که گفت واعظ شهر کنایتی ست که از روزگار هجران گفت  نشان یار سفرکرده از که پرسم باز که هر چه گفت برید صبا پریشان گفت  فغان که آن مه نامهربان مهرگسل به ترک صحبت یاران خود چه آسان گفت  من و مقام رضا بعد از این و شکر رقیب که دل به درد تو خو کرد و ترک درمان گفت  غم کهن به می سالخورده دفع کنید که تخم خوشدلی این است پیر دهقان گفت  گره به باد مزن گر چه بر مراد رود که این سخن به مثل باد با سلیمان گفت  به مهلتی که سپهرت دهد ز راه مرو تو را که گفت که این زال ترک دستان گفت؟  مزن ز چون و چرا دم که بنده ی مُقبَل قبول کرد به جان هر سخن که جانان گفت  که گفت حافظ از اندیشه تو آمد باز من این نگفته‌ام آن کس که گفت بُهتان گفت  # حافظ#فال 97#شاخه #1977#1397#پیر #مراد #مرید#