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Roger Mathews


Lost in my own head. New contact info for business opportunities and inquiries. Therealrealitynj@gmail.com

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Shout out to Nxt Level Guys @sledneckdan @dhaapala717 @sinisterab666 for the great weekend and slowing up for my old ass.
The missing scene from the movie Fargo where Bubby Badass explains who the killer is by examining the evidence he has found in the snow while channeling his inner detective. Watch and learn.
The boy hates anything on his head. Anything BUT his Elmer Fudd hat. He’s enjoying his snow day and is fully expecting to be run over at any moment by his sister on her snowmobile. He’s a realist like his daddy.
#repost @eham819 with @get_repost ・・・I always help to spread Wyatt’s story and help his cause. Good should always over come evil.  Sharing about this again! I wrote a song with the amazingly talented @feralground . They wrote the music to my lyrics. This song “Dear Mr. Politician” is about not only what happened to Wyatt but my constant fight to try and keep children safe. Because this hasn’t been an easy fight. And I’m still battling for Wyatt’s Law. All proceeds from the song purchase is going to the Care House of Macomb. They provide services at no cost to abused children and their non offending family members. I want to thank Feral Ground so much for bringing my vision to light. I hope this song changes the world. Find the link to it on iTunes in my bio :) #warriorwyatt #wyattslaw #feralground #dearmrpolitician #noexcuseforchildabuse
Check out those moves in the beginning.
So G he’s almost H. Photo by @aserrantonio
Had a blast in Wyoming. Amazing country out there.
Looks like I'm not the only one who's excited about our new @lullbed! We have been getting the best nights sleep thanks to this mattress! It showed up right to our door and only took a few minutes to set up.  You can get your own @lullbed for $50 off with free shipping when you use my exclusive link: lull.com/roger #getyourlullon #ad
At this point in the day I had already bent an A arm clipping a tree on a turn that Stevie Wonder could have made. This reentry was the day ender for @ktenan12 through. Mangled an A arm and we limped them back to the trailer. Thanks @dhaapala717 @Sinisterab666 for the great day and big shout out to @nxtlvlclinics for the great weekend. We’ll be back when I get a new set of lungs and step up my game.
Kyles tree service. $15,000 per tree. No job to big or small. Call today don’t delay.
Another shot from the end of the day at the Next Level compound with Dillan @sledneckdan and @ktenan12 . Looking into renting oxygen cans for tomorrow. I was left for dead twice today. They came back for the sled and put a steak inside my jacket as my wife requested cause the bears are prevalent in this area.
Great day riding with @sledneckdan . @ktenan12 was really impressed with the new @polarissnow SKS 850. I was even more impressed I was still breathing at this point in the day. It felt like I was sucking air from a hot sauna full of old man balls through a drinking straw with a raisin stuck in the end. #firelungs #9000ftelevation
Just landed in Jackson Hole Wyaaaming ???? to do some backcountry riding with @ktenan12 and @sledneckdan well beyond my learning curve. Sink or swim. Thanks @jwoww . #dadgetaway #alreadymissthekids
Rogers Ramblings. Might make this a weekly thing. Hey people listened to Marshall Applewhite and David Koresh and thought they were intellectuals with sound advice. I can’t be much worse and I won’t convince you to kill yourself I promise.
We all go through some shit then you see a meme quote and your like “Hey, that person went through my same shit” but they didn’t cause we are all very unique creatures with unique circumstances. Sometimes no words are what’s necessary and you just need to give your wife a hug.
3:12 am. Been up since 1. Hanging with my buddy reflecting on life wishing I could sleep as sound as he. May our lives be a reflection of our choices, virtues, and values and may we all be judged on on those things and our character merit as a whole. This little guy is gonna be a fine young man one day. I’d bet my life on it. #castironstomach #howdoidevelopheartburnat42?
He doesn’t speak but I know my boy. That look at his sister says “All you do is talk about this bunny but I know a weirdo when I see one and this guy is a creep. Where’s the chocolate I was promised before I poop on this guys leg ?”
When did she get so big ? Be teaching her how to drive real cars soon and bury boys in the back yard.
Kids Cribs. She took the Mercedes today. When I was her age I got a huffy bike with no seat and a sharp post. My dad would dare me to jump it as high as I can while my mom taunted me with a big grin and shaking a bottle of rubbing alcohol. They were fucked up serial killers.
Throwback to Blake’s birthday. @jfraz14 @flavafraz21  #innocencepersonified #mylovesmylife
Sometimes you just gotta send it. #airbubby