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Rene Redzepi


Chef/co-owner: @nomacph @themadfeed We also have two sister restaurants: @barrcph @108cph

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There are legends and then there’s Ali - he’s in a different realm. His kindness and professionalism inspires us everyday. Imagine that even at 63 he’s still pulling more hours than most of the rest of the team. The odds that he’s gonna greet you at the door, serve you a plate of food and also wash your dishes are almost 💯, everyday, always.  I’m mega mega proud and honored to call him my partner.
From the knife skills department: Slivers of giant squid just cooked in hot seaweed butter
Here’s our banquet room. Seats 18
King crab steamed In seaweed
Sea-cucumber is on the menu (@arwenlevyredzepi approves)
From the menu: fresh sea urchin covered with (peeled) pumpkin seeds
Sea cucumber next to sea cucumber dish
We’re ready for dinner service
View from the kitchen Into the restaurant ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Table 9
Our new home
These fish shine naturally like silver #nomaocean
Old school noma apple dessert
Fresh razorclams
Seaweed and carrot sausage
Lumpfish have jelly like skin - (They’re being moved, that’s why they wiggle) #nomaocean
Fresh lumpfish (natural flesh color) #nomaocean
Here’s a few images of some amazing times chez Bocuse. The last time I went, he was working the dining room, shaking hands, posing for pictures. Limping from table to table. The Chef whites immaculately pressed and clean, and the hat as high as ever. After the meal we sat for a brief moment in the kitchen. He looked at me and asked “how many do you do for lunch?” Around 40 pax I replied. Bocuse lifted his head and smiled “well today we did 90” -  He really was the boss to the end. - Bon voyage chef
From the test Kitchen: A mushroom & mussel broth (sifted through hay, and drunk through the hay) #nomaocean
A giant mussel😳😳😳 - (it might not look appetizing - but it’s SOOO sweet) #nomaocean
The first shoots of wild horseradish (great yellow cress): right now it’s as spicy as wasabi, but juicy like an asparagus