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Modern & colorful jewelry ✴️


💚•➖Fresh & bold colors➖ pop & graphic• ➕ Creative • happy • good vibes • 💐 🌵• #iwearpopaporter ➖ Amsterdam, the Netherlands.•🚲• shop online⤵️

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One of the good things about going on holidays is getting back home!😁 •I've been watching some great online classes for creative business @tizzit.co. ➡️( I recommend that you have a look if you're a maker and you're selling what you make) I'm now super motivated to improve my website and my collections to a more cohesive whole. •The sun is shining ☀️ ➕ and later on at 5:00 there will be an online workshop from @tabathacoffey on @creativelive on 'How to be Bold, Resilient & Better Than Ever' •Such a great program for a Monday don't you think? Have a good one! •#mondayfunday #motivationmonday #entrepreneurlifestyle
Let's go back home✈️• I am alway so amazed by the beautiful shades of blue that we can see from a plane!💙😍✴️#upintheair #bluesky #abmtravel
It's raining today in Bretagne and I'm going back to Amsterdam where it's polar cold!❄️ Blue earrings seems appropriated!💙#colorblockearrings #graphicearrings #iloveblue #modernjewelrydesigns
March meet the maker -day 12- postage and packaging. •I love to beautifuly wrapp my orders. ✴️🎁➕ I have different type of packaging depending on the type of jewelry. From cartons boxes to paper bags, I love to personalize it with a die cut or an etiquette or a wax stamp before i place it in an sending box📮. I always add a little confetti inside to make it extra joyful!😀✴️ #marchmeetthemaker #marchmeetthemakerday12 #packaging #wrappedwithlove #beautifullywrapped
✴️Spring Break!✴️ I will be back on the 17 to take care of all your orders . But for now let's enjoy Bretagne ( France) and my family 😀 •Have a nice Monday!•ðŸŒ·âœ´ï¸#springbreak #crocus #springflowers
A bit later for #marchmeetthemaker day 11 -Branding- I design my logo back at school in 2017 and I still love it, the modern line of my leave/ bush / tree still represent my brand, with a timeless modern design with a botanical touch, I also can change the colours once in a while•ðŸ’šðŸ’›•. I have a stamp of my logo that I can use to stamp everywhere, on boxes or letters or in the beginning on business cards. 😀 #branding #logo #marchmeetthemakerday11 #graphicdesign
it's the week-end, YAY 😀 #marchmeetthemaker day 10 -time to relax- on my weekends if the weather allows it I love to garden in my little garden, or I stay home chillaxing, watching youtube videos, taking pictures, baking, or scrapbooking. #weekendvibes💕 #decoration #witwonenmetkleur
✴️ - Work in process - ✴️ I haven't work with Fimo clay in Forever,  I wanted to try again, let's see how it goes! #woringprocess #inmystudio #onmytable #fimoclay
Day 8 of the #marchmeetthemaker challenge - Flatlay- I made a blue & yellow flatlay with a brooch, a necklace, a pair of earrings and a trio of rings (from@andotherstories). And you What's your favorite type of jewelry to wear? 💎 #marchmeetthemakerday8 #flatlay #bluesandyellows #colorpalette
I missed the #marchmeetthemaker chalenge yesterday, day 6 -workspace- I work from home where we have a working room with several desks. I share the computer with my boyfriend ( who is a computer visualizer so 2 screens are a must!😀)p, I also have a desk for my jewelry works, putting all the elements together, like I told you in a previous post, I go to some place for my laser cutting, and to an other one for the screen printing. We have a big Ikea shelve for all papers/ notebooks/ wooden beads, stamps, boxes, etc...and I have a second hand shelves where I keep my jewelry components and stock. On top of it, I installed a painted pegboard to keep the finished pieces while they wait to go to the shops, so it feels like a little shop /exibition at my own place. I think that the phrase "I' m not messy, I creativity organised" applied to me!😂✴️♥️ I envy all the empty desk we've seen with just a notebook and a plant but I can't get to that result! #yesitriedkonmari #marchmeetthemakerday6 #workspace
➕🎁Late birthday present, A new toy camera! 🎁A Brownie Scarlet camera! My father knows me well! 😀 I can't wait to try it! Just need to buy some 127 film rolls!📷#vintagecamera  #browniescarletcamera #127filmcamera #photographylovers
Meet the maker challenge day 5 • - photography- 📷 I'm a Polaroid / fun toys cameras collector! On the picture is my current collection. They almost all works ( the two zip polaroid on the middle shelf, I haven try because there is no film available anymore for this 80 type, what a pity! ) but all the rest are good. I enjoy taking pictures of my city, plants & flowers and getting excited about an unpredicted result! The Polaroid ones are immediate, seeing the picture appear to you is magical. The analog ones require more patience because you need to 1- finish the roll before sending it to develop 2- wait for the film development process... But more practically talking, I shoot all my product pictures with a Canon camera  50mm with a lens f/1.8 so I can have a blurry background. And of course, I have my phone on me if I need to make a picture. I use @acolorstory to edit my pics on Instagram. #marchmeetthemaker #marchmeetthemakerday5 #photography #polaroidcamera #polaroidcollection #analogcameras
good music ➕ warm thee ➕ an inspirational magazine and a matching blog note to prepare all the to-dos for the coming week! 😀👌#sundayfunday • And you what 's your favorites on a Sunday? #chillax #weekendvibes
Day 4 of the #meetthemaker challenge • -Favourite to make- There is a lot of things that I like to make, from drawing to outsourcing my materials, from wrapping in orders to photo making and editing...✴️♥️ but at the moment, what I like is to paint my wooden beads, findings and pairing colors together to let them speak in a creative harmonious way ( yes colors are speaking) !See the quote: . 'Colors have their own distinctive beauty that you have to preserve, just as in music you try to preserve sounds. It is a question of organization, of finding the arrangement that will keep the beauty and freshness of the colors'- Henri Matisse  #colorlover #marchmeetthemaker #colorfulbeads
✴️Is red your favorite color? ✴️Imagine this statement necklace on a black pull-over!♥️👌 I love how a statement necklace can turn any basic outfit into an 'evening into town' one! 🎆🍸Happy Saturday! #statementjewelry #ropenecklace #rednecklace
Friyay already? where did the week went ? Are you planning to go ice scatting on the canals? ⛸( I'm not but will make a picture for you!) ❄️-📷 #friyay #wordlettersaddicted  #typographylove #flatlayoftheday
Day 2 of #marchmeetthemaker challenge •-where- • I live and work in Amsterdam the Netherlands.  I move several times in my life for my studies. From Auray in Bretagne ( France ) where I was born, to Brest in Bretagne, then I study in Paris, then I went to Rennes, also in Bretagne to finally found a city that I like to call 'home' To me, Amsterdam is beautiful with all the 'puppets home for giants'. Every house looks so pretty, perfectly care and decorated with taste! Amsterdam is a city where there is a lot of originals, ( which I love because I consider myself being one of the free spirits), there is also a Dutch phrase saying: 'In Amsterdam, alles mag! Meaning everything is possible in Amsterdam. If you want to bike in your speedo in the summer, you can!😂 And of course, you have all the museums that  a big city will provide without being a too big city. And you can bike everywhere! I love to be able to sport without noticing it :-) #iamamsterdam #amsterdamlove #cutehousesofamsterdam #dianalomography #analoguephotography
Day1 of the  #marchmeetthemaker  challenge •- YOU - let's introduce myself: My name is Patricia, I'm half French, half Dutch, living in Amsterdam with my boyfriend/ partner. I'm the maker behind Pop-a-porter, my modern & colorful jewelry brand.  Pop-a-porter is a mix of 'pop Art' and pret-a-porter'( ready to wear in French). On the 'pop' side of my jewelry, I love to work with a large range of materials and techniques like plexiglass, felt, wood, paper, I use the laser cutting technique on (mostly)  all of them to give them the form I want. I also love to screenprint.  On the 'pret-a-porter' side, I like to combine various beads ( that I buy or make) with chains or ropes into a pleasant mix.  I work from home where I combine all my elements together ( I go to a special place for laser cutting, to on other to screenprint, etc...) The common things in all my jewelry is color. I just love bright and trendy colors. Mixing them together.✴️➕💚💙💛✳️ I also I'm a plantlady, and I love gardening, I find nature beautiful, a dazzling chaos of shapes and colors where my mind can get lost for hours! #marchmeetthemakerday1
Yep March is here! ✴️💛➕💚#newmonthnewbeginnings #march #graphic #colorpalette
oh! I found a big Snowflake on my garden bench today!😀❄️💙 Brrr, it's cold outside! ➡️Wishing you could put this laser cut brooch on your jacket?✴️💎 The link is in profile! #snowkristal #snowkristalbrooch #snowflakes❄
Giving my shop a little update, ➕ adding the new colors of the popular colorblock earrings collection✴️. We have (almost) all the colors! 😍👌💛#colorblockearrings #colorblockvibes #boldandbright