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Christ the King Lutheran Church

Instagram photos and videos at Christ the King Lutheran Church

Sermon audio available at ctksnohomish.org. See profile for link. #racism #sermon #preaching #ctksnohomish #love #sin #mlk #mlkday #mlkjrday #lutheran #justice
Please join us! #ctksnohomish
Please come in and see our #bookfair display during the month of #october. #ctksnohomish
From Confirmation, tonight. Had youth research the Reformation in groups and text in responses with polleverywhere.com. Death & Division with emojis!
We are all spacedust. #ashwednesday #lent
When a 9 year old says she wants to make you beautiful... #lifeofayouthdirector
There are often times when I doubt what I do for the church and the youth, and I question whether or not I make an impact on their lives. Then there are moments like this, when I get a text message from one of my boys, who went to DC for inauguration, and felt the need to let me know he was participating in the Women's March. And furthermore, that he wanted to get me a t-shirt. Such a simple gesture, but it means so much to me! Thanks CJ, you rock! #lifeofayouthdirector #moldingyoungminds #ilovemyjob
Merry Christmas Eve from Me to YOU.  #beblessed🙏
The average length of a youth director's time at one congregation is 18 months. I love that I'm able to say that I have been at Christ the King Lutheran Church for 5 years as of today, and I see no end in sight :) In five years, I've gone on 11 youth summer trips, I've raised over $60,000 for youth programs, I've taken on synodical leadership roles for the Gathering and as the Children, Youth, and Family Board Chair, and I've worked to create a safe and loving environment for all youth when they enter the doors of CTK. It hasn't always been perfect, but that's the beauty of youth ministry.  What started as a quick interim hire that was supposed to last about a year, has turned into a something that I believe is my life's calling. I love my youth, I love my coworkers, and I love my church family, and I'm beyond grateful that they entrusted a recent college grad with no experience and a broadcasting degree from WSU.  Thank you CTK ❤