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Shima Steak

Instagram photos and videos at Shima Steak

Beef sandwiches🌝
ความงามที่ซ่อนอยู่ 😋 #ละลาย #tokyoขำๆ #poryokonvacation
ละลาย #tokyoขำๆ #boytanmitfood
This is Shima. He cooks what is (objectively) the best steak in Tokyo. Unquestionably the best steak I have ever eaten. #blessed #satisfied #nowverypoor #pig
Contemplated for a while which photo to start my page with but seeing as I may struggle to ever beat this Wagyu & it was eaten whilst on my travels, it seemed fitting to use. The most incredibly tender piece of beef I have had the pleasure of eating! 😙😁If you're heading to Tokyo anytime soon, (owner speaks good English on the phone) make sure you visit. It's not cheap though!
I don't think I captured how large the oyster appetizer at Shima was... I needed a knife and fork 🍴
And then we realized we had a famous Spanish couple sitting near us at Shima...@dabizdiverxo and @cristipedroche 🇪🇸
And yes, I did get the famous take-home steak sandwich...
went to Shima for lunch with @tokyofixer. I got a big oyster (the other option was salad 🤔)
TOKYO DAY 16. Had my best steak dinner ever!!! 🐮🐮 Every dish cooked like a classic and only very lightly seasoned to bring out its natural flavours. The fillet steak perfectly fatty and delicious. White asparagus from their specials as my entrée and peach compote for dessert (seasonal). Shima steak is famous for their steak sandwich (only for take out), which they may or may not make for you - try your luck!!
The steak sandwich of all steak sandwiches #shima 🐄🍞 Arry takeover by @jinlovestoeat #arryjapan_takeover #jinlovestoeat_arry #arryjapan
Definitely one of those hallelujah moment! It was time stopping,jaw dropping, head nodding, mmmming, lifting head to the sky momment. So unreal!! #shimasteakhouse#sirloinsteak #crabcroquette #oniongratinsoup #mangosorbet #petitfours #steaksandwich #tokyofood #whatveraeatsintokyo