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Wakhan, Badakhshan, Afghanistan

Instagram photos and videos at Wakhan, Badakhshan, Afghanistan

مردم بدخشان یکی از مهمان نواز ترین صادق ترین مردم افغانستان بوده و همیشه در این وطن زحمت کشیده با امکانات کم
please read it🙏😇🇦🇫 #english#دری# The Wkhan corridor In a thin strip,wedged between Tajikistan and Pakistan,there is a village the Taliban has struggled to impose thier rule.Know as the Wakhan Corridor,approximately 12,000 villagers live at an altitude of 4500 metres,in the harsh,desolate terrain. The Wakhi people live a simple,relaxed life,with thier livestock and few luxuries.A few families are unaware that the Taliban was ever in power,or that the US army invaded. در یک نوار نازک بین تاجیکستان و پاکستان،یک روستا وجود دارد که طالبان برای تحمیل حکومت خود تلاش کرده اند.این محل شناخته شده به عنوان دالان واخان ،حدود 12000روستاییان در ارتفاع 4500متری،در زمین سخت و ناحاصل زندگی میکنند.مردم واخان زندگی ساده و با حیوانات خانگی یک زندگی کم خرج دارند،آنها اصلا نمیدانند که طالبان یک وقت درقدرت بوده یا ارتش آمریکا حمله کرده .  @afghanistan00 @afghantop @hazaragi_insta @unicefafghanistan @afghanfunnygags @afghanprobz
📡🇵🇱🇬🇧👇 📸 Zdjęcie: @paleyphoto (Matthieu Paley). Wschód księżyca nad Hindukush. Spacerując po górach Pamir po zleceniu @natgeo / @outofedenwalk - śledź @paleyphoto, aby zobaczyć więcej zdjęć górskich. 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 📸 Photo by @paleyphoto (Matthieu Paley). Moonrise over the Hindukush. Walking across the Pamir mountains on assignment for @natgeo / @outofedenwalk - follow @paleyphoto for more mountain images. #roofoftheworld #hindukush #mountainworld #pyramid #nationgeographic #smellofthemountain
Comment with what you think! 💕  @adventuresoflilnicki "Each evening as the sun began to set I noticed that all the women in the Afghan Wakhi settlements came out to milk the yaks, goats and sheep while the children all would help wrangle the animals together. Dairy is a huge part of the culture here whether it’s the milk you find in your salty shirchai (milk tea), or the sour yogurt eaten with nearly every meal, or the yak butter used to cook. The elevation here in the mountain settlements of the Great Pamir is too high for trees or vegetables to grow so milk, yogurt and butter are a means to survive in one of the planet’s harshest environments. While I was out here I even got a yak milking lesson, it’s actually easier than I thought it’d be considering I’ve never milked anything in my life. ———————————————————— Head over to adventuresoflilnicki.com to check out my latest post with all my favorite photos from my 2017 travels in Afghanistan’s Wakhan Corridor. ———————————————————— "  _____________________
Tag Someone That’s Saving to Go Travelling 🔥  @adventuresoflilnicki "Wakhi horsemen under Pamiri sunset. The Wakhan Corridor historically made up one of the many varying routes of the Silk Road, where Western and Eastern Central Asia meet. The Wakhan was an important trade route between the Badakshan and Yarkand County over in China. ————————————————————- "  _____________________
Venturing with an obsession to know the unknown. #afghanistan #genuineguidegear #arcteryx
#wakhan valley located in north eastern #afghanistan in Pamir mountains bordering with #china, almost 25,000ft! One of the most amazing views of nature #beautifulafghanistan #afghanistanyouneversee
Comment with what you think! 💕  @adventuresoflilnicki "🌌Stargazing under the Pamiri sky in Afghanistan’s Wakhan Corridor. ———————————————————- Wanna join me and @inertianetwork on our Silk Road adventure in June and July and experience nights like this in Tajikistan and Pakistan? Click the link in my bio or visit @inertianetwork where you can sign up for the trip or get updates if you’re not sure about joining yet. Borders aside, where we will be visiting in Tajikistan’s Badakhshan and Pakistan’s Hunza Valley aren’t too far from where I shot this photo in Afghanistan last year. ———————————————————— "  _____________________