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You are not mine, You are mine. I don't know what it is. We talked, we laughed, We had spent time together, I fell for you 1,2,3... infinite times. I don't know what you feel for me. I don't know when we will meet again. I wanted to wish you this special day of yours by calling you but  sadly I don't have your number. So I choosed the way of wishing you by my heart. Forever Yours, A one sided lover. . it's not of uploading story with our picture and wishing you happy birthday, rather I would like to send you messages from my mind and heart with love. . JUST A STORY - may/may not be connected to me.
Did you know: Even though they are protected by law today, number of Humboldt penguins continues to decrease due to lack of food, climate changes, habitat destruction and accidental entrapment in the fishing nets.
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HaaRne Ka #dar Nahi HaR #baar Toh JEETu Mai .#Kaarname💀👇 GaLat❌❌ Baki TheeK Hu Main..👍
Yei ena ladies pakkam poitruka thondar padai adhu #vijayakanth #thalaiva
At Industrial training institute shahpura
@melody__boy_143 playing with comb in childhood days
*_।।कौन कहता हैं साहब,, की नेचर और सिग्नेचर कभी बदलता नही।।_* *_।।बस एक चोट की दरकार हैं।।_* *_।।अगर ऊँगली पे लगी,, तो सिग्नेचर बदल जाएगा।।_* *_।।और दिल पे लगी,, तो नेचर बदल जाएगा।।_*
ना gaadi🚘… ना bullet🏍 … ना ही रखे हथियार 🔫 … एक है सीने में जिगरा 😈 और दुसरे ✌ जिगरी 😉yaar 👬