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Waterfall today
~ Had to do it to em ~
Belize is an amazing country & I highly recommend visiting. But this post is a cautionary tale about not engaging in risky physical activities when you’re nowhere near a hospital.  I had signed up for a lazy river rafting trip.  We made the almost 3 hour trip to the river before finding out it was closed due to rains making the water level too high for tourists to safely pass through the caves.  Our guide suggested we try zip lining since we drove all this way and there were no other nearby attractions. At first I passed but after the rest of the van encouraged me saying how fun and safe it was I agreed to give it a try.  Lesson 1: know your limitations and don’t get swept up by the excitement of others.  I did the trial run without errors, but on my second line it started raining heavily.  I was a little nervous but the guides said it was perfectly safe. I jumped off the platform and I again tightened my gloved hand around the zip line and pulled down to stop, but the line was wet and I couldn’t get the friction to stop.  I kept going at top speed, flying towards the platform at he next tree.  Everyone on the platform was screaming for me to pull harder.  I did, but nothing helped.  I slammed face first into the metal stopper on the zip line as my ankle struck the tree with such force the pain made me scream.  I couldn’t put any weight on my foot and it swelled up like a balloon.  The guides told me that the only way down was to finish the course.  The rain cleared and through tears, I took on the next zip line.  Unfortunately, I was now so terrified of not being able to stop that I pulled down like I had never pulled before.  I stopped in the middle of the zip line and dangled there screaming for help in massive pain. One of the guides had to crawl out on the line and pull me into safety by my foot.  For the next 5 zip lines I was belted to a guide and completed the course with my eyes closed.  Once safely on land, I begged to be talked to a hospital.
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