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Instagram photos and videos at Hornstrandir

Boot packing up Einbúi couloir in Lónafjörður. Below the sounds of laughter and cheers echo through the fjords. @auroraarktika  #iceland #westfjords #icelandskiing #freeskiing #mountains #mountainlife #ocean #skitouring #skiing #mountainguide
Imagine wqlking to the edge of these sea cliffs (some of the tallest in the world) and lowering yourself down on a handmade rope that's been dug into the soft dirt as a ground anchor. Your job was to collect bird eggs for food & trade with neighboring farms.With falling rocks, vomiting birds & failing anchors...death was common. Until the 1940's this was a normal way of life for inhabitants of Hornvik bay, until it was deserted and nature once again took over.
#tanec #hornstrandir #dance #icelandic #popular #move @misarazdikova @pavelbabovic
A happy Arctic fox enjoying the cold breeze. The Arctic fox is an incredibly resilient creature, and can withstand temperatures of -50 degrees Celsius (-58 Fahrenheit) without having to alter its metabolism. It created a comical contrast, the fox happily smiling and us wearing three insulating layers, plus gloves and hats... Hope you guys are enjoying the takeover!  @marinstf
Someone asked me yesterday,"with so much trave, where do you go for inspiration?" We all have that one place...the one we look forward to going to year after year. With one of the greatest populations of arctic foxes & seabirds in the world...and zore human inhabitants the Hornstrandir Nature preserve is the place l go to disconnect.
Hey, @marinstf here. Pictured is the charming Kviar lodge, lost amongst the fjords of the Hornstrandir reserve. Life up there feels simpler, more essential. No wifi, no signal, and the only electricity is provided by solar panels and a generator. Instead, books, a sauna, gorgeous views, and the only other residents are tiny furry Arctic foxes. In quiet places like this, you have time to slow down, rest and appreciate beauty, things we hardly find time to do in our ever busy city lives...
Komdu fljótt sumar ☀️⛰
Hello guys! @marinstf here, taking over the account for the next few days. I was in the Westfjords three weeks ago to photograph the elusive Melrakki, or Arctic Fox, with @explographe and @boreaadventures. On our first day in the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve, we met this little fellow. It's a blue morph fox, wearing his brown winter coat. In the summer, its fur will turn bluefish grey. While they are present around most of Iceland, the foxes are commonest in the Westfjords. Getting to share their habitat for a week was a surreal experience...
Just about now, the Arctic fox cups - known as yrðlingar are being born. But it’s not until a few weeks from now that you can see them out in the  wild. Can’t wait! #iceland Photo by- @icelandic_explorer . . #fox #landscape #portrait #iceland #naturephotography #nature #natureza #animal #animals #wild #wildlife #photography #photo #photoshoot #photographer #photoofday #photooftheday  #adventures #sunrise #stayandwander #finland #optoutside #ourcamplife #ourplanetdaily #earthofficial #bestvacations #roamtheplanet #theidyllicwild
Just about now, the Arctic fox cups - known as yrðlingar are being born. But it’s not until a few weeks from now that you can see them out in the  wild. Can’t wait! #iceland
Throwback to wandering around in 66N Latitude.
freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose
Raphy SUP'ing to shore for a little afternoon ski in the sun.
Views from the edge of the world // more to come, I’ve been busy
Not much skiing on a day like this. But a good time to explore the book and movie collection onboard.  And look forward to go out the next day and enjoy the fresh snow.
Under The Lights  @auroraarktika