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Black Anchor Tattoo Hollywood

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Start of a half sleeve project. @blackanchorworldwide @stencilanchored
Who is going to @musink_tatfest today?  #repost @musink_tatfest ใƒปใƒปใƒป @nikkohurtado and the @blackanchorworldwide crew will be at this year’s #musink. Get your tickets at musinkfest.com. Show kicks off this Friday!  #musink2018 #blackanchortattoo
Memorial portrait. For appointments email hilmarramos76@gmail.com @blackanchorworldwide @stencilanchored @saniderm
Fun memorial portrait. For appointments email me hilmarramos76@gmail.com @blackanchorworldwide @stencilanchored @saniderm
Fun arm project for appointments email hilmarramos76@gmail.com @blackanchorworldwide @saniderm @stencilanchored
Got to finish up this fun project yesterday still gonna add more stuff in the inner arm and chest later on. For appointments email me hilmarramos76@gmail.com @blackanchorworldwide @stencilanchored @saniderm
Healed video of my sister @highdesertcat cat portrait I made a couple months ago. Will be cool to continue this. @blackanchorworldwide @stencilanchored
Other side of this chest project, for appointments email hilmarramos76@gmail.com @blackanchorworldwide @stencilanchored @saniderm
Added another time piece to this chest project. For appointments email me hilmarramos76@gmail.com @blackanchorworldwide @stencilanchored @saniderm
The world misses the great Biggie Smalls.  Study from a photo 8x10 oil on wood. Title “Big Angel” Gifted to @diddy done a little over a year ago. Swipe through to see some stills.  Grew up with Biggie. Great music and always takes me back to the simple times of being a young teenager with a lot of anger in me. Times change, things change. R.I.P. #biggie #natoriousbig @blackanchorworldwide
#lostboys Sleeve I’ve been chipping away at. Done on @mrleochristensen in progress the comic and hand are fresh.  Fun fact about me I love Vampires Bram Strokers Dracula is one of my favorite movies. I have a few vampires tattooed on me and I plan on getting more.  What do you prefer?  Vampires? Zombies? Aliens? Or just plain kittens? Haha