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Salem, New Hampshire

Instagram photos and videos at Salem, New Hampshire

For my New Year’s resolutions every January, I aim to do three things I’ve never done before. Usually, they are things that scare me a little. So, this year I am vowing to teach myself to sing and play “The Bergen,” which is one of my favorite songs by Cherish the Ladies. My mom (who was not Irish, but my Dad is) loved this song, so this is for you, Mom. In a year, I hope I will have the strum pattern down. Hope I can look back on this clip and appreciate how far I hope I will have come.🤣Forgive my shaky, off-key warble. I usually cannot handle singing and playing simultaneously, but I want to get better at both (and braver). Happy belated St. Patrick’s Day! #ukulele #ukulelecover #notmusicalbutlovemusic
¿Les conté que en mi cumpleaños 🍰 no. 19 me la pase brutal festejando como niño pequeño😂? Did I tell you guys that my 19th birthday 🎂 was bomb though I spent it celebrating like a little kid?  #birthdaycake #lastbirthdaycelebration #bomb #tb #littlekiddo
One last headcrack??
#alena #alchemist @tommcintosh was this yours too?! 😂😂
Sorry for annoying you with my friendship  #hapbirth
GIVE THIS A READ 🚨🚨 Well might as well get it over with. Took these today shopping for work cloths and just thinking about where I’m at in prep. My weight has dropped past where I wanted to be on stage. With 6 weeks to go I be dropping at least another 10lbs with water little more fat. So talking to my coach and best bro mark. Just said this to him about my weight. He said I did rush into doing a show because I put on so much new muscle mass and then started and diet my body didn’t have time to get use to holding on to it. No need to rush into a show. Also I had more fat to lose then anticipated to so that’s why my weight dropped a good amount. We wanted me to be in light heavies because it was time to move up. And at the rate I was going was going to be a middle weight. So to sum up a lot of this. I won’t be doing the cutler in April. We got me dieted down and now going to get back to building and putting a lot of lean mass on. No it wasn’t a waste to prep now we know where I am and just build from here. It was a huge choice and hard one to make I never back out but I wouldn’t have done well. So it’s back to grinding still to get everything back and rebound. No I don’t know when my show will be next. It will go by how everything is going and if I’m ready.  I go on stage to win not just be on stage fuck that! Hope everyone had a great Sunday! . . . . . #manofsteel #shyftnutrition #beardgang #motivation #bodybuilding #fitness #fitfam #fitspo #lifestyle #muscle #training #fitnessmodel #healthy #health #fitnessmotivation #strong #fitnessaddict #gymlife #exercise #instafit #gains #abs #instagood #eatclean #bodybuilder #diet #cardio #train #determination #cleaneating
Prepping to jump from my snowboard to my SUP... #epicfail . . #snowboardtosup #lakelifefail #failingatlife #happysunday