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Instagram photos and videos at Sakrisøy

Tørrfisk racks in the snow. (Smells about the same.)
Not really regretting that we didn't climb the mountain today, no. #quietadventure
We'd half-hoped to hike up Reinebringen today, but the snow and wind turned us right around and back indoors. But we haven't relaxed much on this trip, so we're not too sad to have a day off. We're just here by the window, watching seagulls fly through the snow, opening Kinder eggs, and eating our Norsk meat and cheese. #quietadventure
Runda av påska i kveldssola #lofoten #fansteike #stemning #ikkjenåkkafilter #kveldssol #påloftet #nordnorge
Oh yeah, and we had to pose, freezing, with our BMaS @fangamernet shirts. (Those faces are actually because I kept messing up the camera timer.) #burlymenatsea
Moved down the island a bit to Sakrisøy, which looks even more like the game with its turquoise waters, cod racks, and yellow rorbuer. And one of those is ours! #burlymenatsea #quietadventure
Dreaming of mountains on this Monday morning. I would do just about anything to be back here for another sunrise shoot right now.
En liten øy i det vakre øyriket | A small island in the magic archipelago 😍 📷: @daveforesti 👍 #sakrisøy #lofoten #lofotenislands #visitlofoten #visitnorway #landscape #landscapeofnorway #norgefoto
Skål på den saken! 🇳🇴
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