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Santa Cruz, California

Instagram photos and videos at Santa Cruz, California

It’s an awesome time of year to camp in many parts of the state.  No crowds and empty campgrounds !  See California from one of our restored VW Westfalias !  #vw #santacruz #california #coast #roadtrip #camping #outdoorsy #campervan #rent
At home alone in Monday afternoon.
You are darkness looking for light within.
Thank you @slctattoo_convention see you next year. By @herbxauerbach here @california_electric_tattoo 📧contact herb directly at: hja213@gmail.com
"Whats that over there?" Oh yeah, it my #future. It looks so damn sexy.  Today I had the honor of interviewing two high profile Latino leaders. Both worked in the #whitehouse as Directors in the #clintonadminstration. Last time two #latinos worked in those roles together.  Ive always wanted to be a writer. To tell stories. To encourage people to be their best version of themselves.  So a big thank to everyone who has supported me on my crazy path. 😙😙😙 #founderslife #writerslife #epifaniamag #epifaniamarketing #california #latinabosses #womenbosses #magazine #travel
I found this really helpful from #rinpoche. "We mix what is trust with what is Hope or Expectation or Belief. In Buddhism we make a huge difference between Trust and Belief. . Do you believe in that person? or Do you trust that person? . Belief comes from the intellect - comes from MIND. It is not stable. . TRUST COMES FROM THE HEART. . Trust means giving a part of your heart to that person." . What comes up for me is too often we trust thru our minds with unrealistic expectations instead of trusting with our hearts. I've been on the receiving end of this "trust" with the mind where I lived in the other person's mind as a story. The problem with stories is that when they don't match reality then they think they've lost trust. But they never had it to begin with. The mind is not a stable conduit for trust which is why we must listen to our hearts. .
Social media is supposed to be social, right? Well today I am so curious to hear how you tap into your creativity and power. . I have noticed that sometimes I enter into phases of especially grand thinking and planning. I ask myself where I should go and what I should create, and I feel a rush of confidence and exhilaration as I imagine the bigger and better goals I could attain. I love those moments, don’t you? The moonshot thinking can give you such a rush! 🌑✨🌝 But it can also be hard to sustain. . So while I love to sail through those grand ideas with the wind at my back, I also have started to practice something pretty new to me. I intentionally slow down and remind myself to be present. Simple right? But for me, it takes a lot to focus intently on the sand between my toes. But when I do, I find that I am grateful for the moment that is now, and that gives me a different kind of rush that is valuable, even though it is different than the moonshot times. ✨🌙 The more I cultivate a balance between the moonshot and the sand, the more I can get into a more sustainable power source. . Tell me, do you experience the same? What gets you into your most powerful creative space? What do you do in order to sustain it? DM me your answers! I’d love to hear! . Thank you @walnutavenue for capturing such special moments!! 🌟 . #creator #creative #entrepreneur #portraitphotography #porto #santacruz #harbor #beach #california #westcoast #wanderfolk #thevisualcollective #vogue #kinfolk #livefolk #aggielook
Por una piel de recuerdos.
В этот раз мой понедельник - буээ. Теперь я на стороне большинства😂. Исправим это вторником и океаном;). Ocean is my medicine💙