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Instagram photos and videos at Disneyland

34 and barely legal
I really needed a day like today. It sounds kind of stupid but I feel myself relax and feel more carefree when I’m here. I never feel like I’m going crazy the way I do when I’m sitting at home. I feel like I’ve been really hard on myself lately. It’s been hard to let myself be human. I keep thinking I need to have all the answers and then everything will instantly be okay. It isn’t going to work out that way and I need to accept that. Sometimes it’s nice to spend a day at a place that reminds you of simpler, more innocent times to get out of a funk.
And good night folks!
Happy Birthday Aries!!! Even though we only met for a bit before parting ways, hopefully we can hangout sometime this weekend. #8yrsold #19minslate #ariesviyoh @kellychhoy @jazminey11 @savymoreno
Another pair of Disney ears added to the collection 💓