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ICE NYC Upper East Side

Instagram photos and videos at ICE NYC Upper East Side

Fight Gone Bad = exactly how I feel ☠️ (side note though: when I’m tired I forget to be scared of box jumps??)
#18point4 aka NoRepWod done! . Shoulders feeling better this week. I only got 59 reps, but I beat my Friday score! Thank @3ricmejia for no repping me like 638462 times 😄 . 18.4 9 min time cap 21-15-9 (Diane) Deadlifts (225lbs) Handstand Push Ups -Then 21-15-9 Deadlifts (315lbs) Handstand Walk (50 feet) . #crossfit #weareicenyc #bemorehuman #norep @ice.nyc
Took a much needed rest day today (lol @ me thinking that 3 hours of fitness yesterday would be fine) but posting this pic from yesterday because the light makes my arms look more defined 😬
Yep, the face says it all 😂 #18point4 ••• 📸: @taylorbiegel
Back on the rope and barbell for today’s WOD: A)Back squat 10x 3 @60% focus is speed B)For time:  5,4,3,2,1 Bear complex (135/95) 50-40-30-20-10 double unders ••• #weareicenyc #bemorehuman #reebok #reebokcrossfit #reebokwomen #crossfit #crossfitgames #crossfitter #crossfitgirls #crossfitters #crossfitlife ••• 📸: @bashmayer
Does this apply to the new HSPU standard? Asking for a friend. 😂
18.4 in the books! Couldn’t have gotten through it without the help from my #fitfam. HSPU standards were no joke and those deadlifts were spicy 🌶 #rx #girlswholift #weareicenyc #crossfit #cfopen2018 #hspu #dl
Enjoying the #crossfitopen #18point4 again! thanks @kellttlebelle @veronicaalyse
I forgot to smile again 😂 This morning’s 18.4 redo didn’t go as well as Friday’s first try (2 fewer reps today) BUT today also marked my first back to back CrossFit and HIIT classes sooo you win some, you lose some 🤷🏻‍♀️ . 📸: @pechiilinda
You can’t see the spit or tears flying out of my face, but you can sort of see my mental breakdown when 50 lbs were added to my bar. Thanks for the encouragement and expert pit crew work, @allisonlauren77 and @ian_berger15
@kettlebellkitchen keeping us #kbkstrong during #18point4 // I’m still dreaming about those sweet potatoes 😍
Practicing those new HSPU standards for the 18.4 redo 💪 ••• #weareicenyc #bemorehuman #reebok #reebokcrossfit #reebokwomen #crossfit #crossfitgames #crossfitter #crossfitgirls #crossfitters #crossfitlife ••• 📸: @lisahaefnerphoto
18.4 is finally done 😅 . s/o to @paigewpassmore @allisonlauren77 @nynabeana @run_sarah_run & everyone else @ice.nyc for all of the advice before/during/after and for getting me through this one. . My goal was to just get through “Diane” scaled (21-15-9 95lb deadlifts and HRPU) in the 9 min time cap because 1) I’ve never done 95lb deadlifts in a wod for time and 2) I’ve never done push-ups let alone hand release push-ups that weren’t on my knees. . Somehow I passed that goal and went on to complete an additional 26 deadlifts @ 135lbs (PR 🌟!!) and a 50ft 🐻 crawl (lol at me not reading the rules for the crawl because I didn’t think I’d get that far...)