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Bisti/de-na-Zin Wilderness

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Super natural beauty right here. Love it!!
Hoodoos in the Bisti Badlands, Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness, New Mexico. The formations of clay topped with harder sandstone caprock in this remote region are very strange, and very beautiful.
No wind, not too hot. Perfect day to wander the Bisti and admire weird rocks.  Largely unknown to visitors, the Bisti Badlands is a scenic and colorful expanse of undulating mounds and unusual eroded rocks left by an ancient river. It is 4,000 acres, hidden away in the high desert of the San Juan Basin in northwest New Mexico. This area is one of many badlands in the region, the remainder are even less publicized.
Hoodoo - /'hoo,doo/ (Geology), noun. : A fantastic rock pinnacle or column of rock formed by erosion or other natural agency; an earth pillar. #bistibadlands #newmexico #hoodoovoodoo
Hoodoo village
Lost boys in the land of sand and hoodoos. #bistibadlands #newmexico #hoodoo
More stormy weather settling in so it's time to move to a new location. #newmexico #highdesert #stormy