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Happy Father's Day

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The best book/movie
🇹🇷Yağmur sana benzer derler Ama Bence 4 mevsim sana benzer Zarif, sıcak, temiz, zülal ve güzel renkli  میگویند شبیه توست، باران من اما میگویم چهار فصل شبیه توست لطیف، گرم،خوشرنگ، پاک و زلال 🇹🇷 #turkey 🇹🇷 #surprise
don’t let heights fool you i am definitely the superior sibling
The manatee now in the number 4 spot on list of fav animals. - - - #didnthaveabadtimeatall #didnthaveonebadpotato #theyaintcheese #thatsparbaby #podsquaaaa #kiasoul #blproject2k18