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Wrangell-St Elias National Park

Instagram photos and videos at Wrangell-St Elias National Park

More beautiful Alaska.
This guy. Happy 30th my babe — I’ll remind you how much you dreaded turning 30 when you’re 50. ❤️
Wow!  What a shot over Wrangell St. Elias National Park! 📷: @zacharykellyphoto ・・・ Flying into the week like this almost like it’s not even Monday. | Somewhere over the Wrangell St. Elias National Park, Alaska | ©Zachary A.M. Kelly 2018 | . . . #alaska #thealaskalife #wrangellsteliasnationalpark #nationalpark #mountains #snow #snowcappedmountains #alaskaairlines #mountains #iflyalaska  #aerialphotography #airplane #sunrise
O "Reino Montanhoso" da América do Norte é uma região selvagem espetacular, vasta e acidentada. Wrangell-ST. Elias National Park também é o maior parque nacional dos Estados Unidos.  A imensa área selvagem permanece quase intocada desde os tempos em que era habitada pelos indígenas das Primeiras Nações, os tlingit e os chugach. Os povos indígenas viviam em harmonia com a natureza, adorando seus deuses em "templos" de rochedos, abetos vermelhos e nuvens.  Seus xamãs, curandeiros e guias convocavam os espíritos da terra e dos animais. Seu mundo era feito de dicotomias naturais ainda evidentes hoje: terra e ar, floresta e mar, fogo e gelo.  Elias evoca em você uma sensação de isolamento absoluto e a oportunidade de se aventurar completamente em uma terra pouco descoberta.  Pense diferente! Contacte-nos para descobrir uma nova maneira de viajar: WhatsApp: (85) 9 9656-2682 ou ligue grátis 0800 0381437 ou (85) 3268-3416 ou se preferir envie um e-mail para: contato@girassolviagens.com #girassolgroup #viagenstemáticas #prazeremviajar #amoviajar #diferencial #turismo #viagenstour #turismocomconsciencia #alasca #usa #eliasnationalpark
In the middle of a white-out with @borgeousland whilst crossing the Wrangell-St. Elias ice cap in 2016. We can just about see my ski. The fast changing weather conditions mean that during expeditions we may find ourselves with limited vision; seeing your partner one moment, but not the next! The terrain here was solid and safe, however we decided to rope-up as the density of a white-out on ice caps can increase without warning. Even at a 20 metre distance you can lose your partner. My advice for anyone attempting to navigate across the Polar regions and who finds themselves in such precarious conditions, is to rope-up to avoid any risks. If leading on expedition in a team we focus heavily on navigating, if we are not fully concentrating, our sense of direction can go off track. To avoid this happening, being attached to our buddy will alleviate the stress of losing one another, leaving us free to guide the team safely.
A cosy room for two with a view! @leabrassy and I took a trip to Alaska. Found this perfect spot to pitch our tent in the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park on the Miles Glacier, after a demanding day of pulling our sleds wearing crampons. We wanted to find somewhere with snow so that we could boil water. As this photo depicts, everywhere around us there was raw ice which is impractical as you have to dig out the ice to create a more comfortable pitch! Then we got lucky and came across a little patch of fluffy snow which became our home spot for the night. This pituresque and untouched space is a pure example of remote land rarely graced with human footprints! We left itas we had found it, in all it’s splendour!
Copper River
Mount Drum. Incredibly beautiful.
2013 Burbin hunting
Imagine a place of 13.2 million acres covered with mountains, forests, glaciers and lakes - this is the same size as Yellowstone, Yosemite and the whole country of Switzerland combined...and this is the only road in the whole park: the legendary McCarthy Road. Wilderness at its best #alaska #wilderness #roadtrip #mountains #wanderlust #discover #travel #landscape #photography #wildlife #forest #nature #naturephotography
When you are blessed by the sun while you are attempting to play Icarus. Kiting has been of great help to move fast across these endless frozen flatlands of Saint Elias glacier. @icelegacyproject on the 🎿 @vincentcolliard
The St. Elias Mountains in their eponymous national park need to be seen to be believed. Every park lover should make a pilgrimage to the country’s largest park when they can. 📷: Bryan Petrtyl, via @wrangellstenps’s Flickr page. . . . . . . . . . . . #nationalparktripsmedia #wrangell #stelias #wrangellstelias #steliasmountain #clouds #winter #glacier #alaska #nationalpark #nationalparks #nps #outdoors #outdoorlife #outdooradventures #landscape #landscapephotography #photography #photographer #hiking #hikingadventures #backpacking #camping #mountains #mountainview #roadtrip #travel #travelphotography #nationalparkstravel #wilderness
FROZEN BEACH If you ever wanna feel isolated in nature, then @WrangellStENPS is the place for you! No trails, no roads, no crowds of people - just glacier after glacier and peak after peak! You’ll have to be flown in to explore the largest U.S. National Park! Photo by @bemytravelmuse #radparks #findyourpark