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home to longcat and rabbit boi

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116: I swear the first one was an accidental discovery
115: ... a sense of righteousness.
114: this is a dog on a Mission and im ready to support him!! - based off @acoshiba . . . . . .  #shibainu #shiba
113: miscellaneous dog accounts started following me
112: fight fire with fire I guess
111: is that why we say "cheers" when we drink
110: i had to turn off my fan for this photo and i regret it already
108: highlight
107: look up look out!!
106: a room with a view
105: sometimes I tilt my head instead of the screen
104: anyone could have done it, maybe, but you didn't and they did.
103: hi i would like a new brain
102: _(:з」∠)_ @kinokuniya_singapore please hire me
101: bloom where you are planted.
101: ☀☀☀
100: flight > walking around town > breakfast at cafe crumble > first snow > kitchen.
99: the customs officer asked what was the purpose of my visit to Germany and I said "for fun" and he didn't understand so I said "holiday" instead. || kind of a solo trip, but not exactly. there were a lot of firsts on this trip - travelling around a foreign town alone, going to Germany at all, google-translating everything in a museum, seeing and touching snow!!, almost missing a connecting flight, all of that and more. i enjoyed Frankfurt a lot, and seeing things alone made the trip more exciting and nerve-wracking. maybe it's the sense of freedom to change my environment if i ever felt bored by it or to just keep going without an obligation. i think somewhere in the middle of it i realised that fun wasn't an issue on the agenda? it's so simple but so easy to forget that sometimes you don't have to follow your own schedule for a holiday to happen. that staying in your airbnb to watch fresh off the boat for a bit isn't a waste of the trip. _(:з」∠)_